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  1. lincolnparishnewsonline Says:

    Walter Abbott
    Ruston, Louisiana

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Walter, I am leaving this site for the sole reason that I no longer own property in Jackson Parish and am not the least bit interested in what is happens in Jonesboro. There is one thing that I want to bring to your attention: the individual who posts as OLDMAN and several other names has slandered me with his accusation that I had sex with my granddaughter, That statement of his is why I have jumped dead on him every time he posts. He appears to be lacking in any type of educational skill and offers nothing logical to any conversation. I wish that he would be removed permanently from this post so, if I decide to return to this blog I can do so without the utterances of OLDMAN, Thank you. very much.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Today I have been attempting to search past post of mine but it seems that an awful lot has bee erased or some how been made unavailable. I accused DONALD BILLIE DAVIS of SLANDER and all of my posts seem to have disappeared or went in to hiding,

      I wrote you a letter about this subject but no response has been forthcoming. I realize that you are not obligated to answer correspondence from a VERY DISGRUNTLED patron but social correctness dictates some sort of response, DONALD BILLIE DAVIS slandered me and I get removed because I called him a GD liar, which he is.

      I would like to regain my privilege of posting on this site. I notice that the lying DONALD BILLIE DAVIS still post. WHY?


  2. Beth Says:

    An informed citizenry is an empowered one! Thanks for keeping us apprised of Lincoln Parish politics. Love it!!

  3. sam Says:

    you should be reporting the turmoil in the city police department. officers filing grievances, transfers of senior officers to positions of less responsibilityies. many officers have quit. Does the chief have a enemies list?

  4. Dave Myers Says:


    Great news review and it really keeps you up to date on what is “really happening in the area and the state” It is really impressive on what you have put together and how you can link to so many sites. Congratualtions on your efforts. I look forward to reading this every day. Your motto is great & very true.

    Dave Myers

  5. Jim Schmidt Says:


    This is a great idea and a good job. This information needs to be made known. Keep up the good work.

  6. Charlotte Garrett Guidroz Says:


    Excellent work! Keep it up.



  7. Outside Observer Says:


    I don’t know if this falls under your purview, but perhaps the general population would be more inclined to vote if there were an article showing the voter turnout for the last local elections in Jonesboro. After all, if we don’t vote how can we legitamately complain about the results?

    Again, I don’t live in Jonesboro but after reading responses to your articles, I hope the people that chose not to vote in the last election will express their preferences in this upcoming election.

    Thanks for your reporting!!!

  8. goodman1 Says:

    what is up with the town drink on the city council board the community need to know that

  9. JB Says:

    In regards to “BULLETIN! News-Star Does real reporting”

    -Heck has not been cited as the court date is not until October and this would not be listed in his record as he is not guilty yet.
    -The article mentions Heck being found with “stuff” on his shirt when obtained. This is inside information that only a police juror could obtain(shane smiley) and would not be in a public record.
    -Joyce’s record has been “wiped clean” after 10 years and this would no longer be in the record pulled.
    -It would of cost the New-Star $50 a report per person to run a record search in which I can guarantee the New-Star doesn’t run on every nomination.

    Stacey Keibler was tipped off. Please do research yourself, you could make the New-Star look like idiots and report on a good story here.

  10. goodman1 Says:


  11. top cop Says:

    now mr. abbott what is up with tery wiley now since he has been convicted,so what take place ,now does his challenger take the slot now since hes convicted,please let top cop no ,thanks for keep us informed,its time for change.

  12. jonesboro Says:

    Click to access 2706.pdf

    I wonder what this is about?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Why was Mark Treadway driving the A-1 (Mayor Thompson’s) car this morning? Who all is authorized to drive this car?

  14. concerned resident Says:

    Big changes being made at local paper mill. Employees not happy with most changes. This has been our livelihood for years, our friends and families work here. At the end of the year there will be no more nurses. They will have been replaced with Emt’s. Our safety record hassle already started downhill. Moral of employees are lower now than ever before. Employees have many concerns and issues about this place they have worked at daily for years to provide for their families and their town. Perhaps we need to get the CEO to visit the mill and talk with employees, maybe he would listen to employees since nobody else seems to care about anything but making money. Could the GM of company be trying to make this an IP mill?

  15. fed up!!!!!!!! Says:

    can you please do some reporting about Ruston Elementary. It is just vial what goes on there. A 1st grader beat up a teachers aid today. The teacher was hurt pretty bad. This said teachers aid stopped this 1st grader in the hall and she said something to him and he went after her and attacked her with his fist and feet. Once they were broke apart the 1st grade was put in a empty room with the janitor to watch him. Well this 1st grader told the janitor he had to use the restroom so the janitor let the kid go to the bathroom. Instead of going to the lavatory he went and hunted the teachers aid down and then found her and beat her up again!!!!!!!!! Cops were called. the kid got suspended 45 days and will have a aid paid for by the state teach him at this house. Does that make any sense. Or how bout last year the boys peed on the playground in front of the girls and teachers were told by the old principal not to send them to the office. Ruston Elementary is in need of reform and maybe it should start with Danny Bell!!!! If you did a lil digging on just that one school you could write a weekly article.

  16. Augusta Duffer Says:

    Mr. Abbott:

    I just read where the Governor of Pennsylvania is taking over a town and forcing the town to obey his orders to clean it up. Maybe this will happen in Jonesboro. Here is the link to the story: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/10/20/pennsylvania-gov-corbett-approves-harrisburg-takeover/?test=latestnews

  17. Anita Ryals Waggoner Says:

    Walter, love your news on Jonesboro. Just wanted to tell you how much I love your info.

  18. Boro watcher Says:

    You might want to look into what’s happening in Simsboro. The mayor has been trying get a building rennovated by some shady contractor. Seems like the mayor paid the guy 26 thousand in advance, He did very little, had no permit and is now gone. It is a very interesting situation.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    The other night the Public Works Maintainence barn was mostly destroyed by fire. One garbage truck was burned up. Yet not one word has been leaked to the press? Wonder why the administration wants to keep it so quiet?

  20. Steve Says:

    Its funny that you would post a “license to print” on your blog about Lincoln Parish Affairs. Oh well, Louisiana is know to require a license to cut hair, arrange flowers and perhaps to breathe, so I guess the urge to have some kind of official credentials his natural.

  21. Claire Says:

    Is there a way to submit a question here? I am concerned about bus transportation in lincoln parish this year. Specifically, if a child was recently rezoned for Simsboro instead of Ruston city they will no longer have bus transportation to Ruston Schools. Will the state be paying for voucher kids to ride that same “no longer provided” route?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Check out the police chief of Hodge who was arrested last weeek

  23. debbie Says:

    when putting up buildings, why does lincoln parish get away with not publishing building permits and not putting up a sign as to what the building will be on the property. Hwy 33 north and frazier rd. has a building going up and no one has any idea of what it is. Some say it is going to be for sever mental patients. I don’t want that in my neighborhood. Bad enough we have a cement plant on our road.

  24. Christina Burson Shaffer Says:

    I’d like to let media like you all know about corruption here in Lincoln Parish. Starting with LPNET. They plant evidence in people’s homes as they did in mine. Luckily, a neighbor just so happened to catch them bringing it into my home. I have also been sexually harassed by one of the officers. I was arrested and put through hell for nine months only for them to drop all 6 felony charges. How did that happen? Oh because they got caught now I’m suing in Federal court. They bullied my Veteran husband and my handicapped father, also violating his rights. I hope they have money saved cause when I’m done with them, this town will be like Jobesboro!

  25. Scott C. Terry Says:

    Walter, I always enjoy reading Lincoln Parish Online News. It’s a great way for this guy in New Mexico to keep up with all the stuff going on in my hometown and the surrounding area. Thanks for doing great job of reporting the news.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    cypress springs need to do better on how they treat the parents of the students before they changed 2 years ago. we need better staff leaders, teachers ,and they do not care about the students at all, there just there to get a check.

  27. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    why is this called LincolnParishNewsOnline? Even your own frequent topics menu shows it to be more of a ouachita publication.
    617 references to ULM but not even a category for LA Tech? I guess ULM produces more dirt?

  28. John Doe Says:

    Shall we cover subtle changes in this town such as checkpoints at a peach festival that now charges the public to go to a once free festival. Sounds like the town wants to dip into the pockets a bit more. Illegal in my opinion. How about the wasted money on tornado sirens that are really here to control the people. Terrorists? Really? Fear mongering idiots. Wake up people.

    Outdoor Warning Sirens

    Thirteen new tornado warning sirens have been installed in the city limits of Ruston. “Hopefully it will provide the citizens of Ruston a level of safety. In the event a disaster, storm or other emergency occurs we can alert them more effectively,” says Mayor Dan Hollingsworth. Monthly audible testing will be performed on the first Wednesday of every month at 11:00 AM. This test will NOT be performed if there is threatening weather in the area.

    The following factors will trigger the warning siren activation, which should be followed with voice instructions or additional information:

    • The National Weather Service issues a severe thunderstorm warning;
    • The National Weather Service issues a tornado warning or tornado emergency;
    • Law Enforcement or other trained spotters report approaching catastrophic weather such as tornado, high winds with debris, or very large hail;
    • National Emergency as issued by Presidential order;
    • Local acts of terrorism, hazardous chemical release, or any event requiring evacuation of a specific area as authorized by law enforcement, fire services, Homeland Security, or other State/Federal agencies.

  29. M. Allen Says:

    I need any news artical info of

  30. Jackson Parish Says:

    Is there an update on Jackson Parish Hospital and the investigation There are rumors that those doing the investigation have released a written report to the board and police jury. If that is the case, can the public know what was in the report?

  31. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    I know Dan Burson provides some entertainment for your readers but his profanity and name calling must go. I come here because you provide a wonderful source of information and do not wish to be bombarded with the F-Bomb among other things. From my reading, these are the exclusive domain of Mr. Burson.

    A little help please!

  32. Anonymous Says:


  33. Anonymous Says:

    May want to look into a wreck that happened last night on Beech Springs road in Quitman. A big name in Jackson Parish was involved.

  34. Margi Kalbacher Says:

    Looking to submit a press release about an upcoming tax certificate sales in Lincoln Parish on June 5. Who is the best contact for this?

  35. Oldman Says:

    Walter you need to check in on Jonesboro,today. Might be some news.

  36. Doug Campbell Says:

    I have a story about about the Pleasant Grove Cemetery Association that is almost unbelievable. When people see how they are trying to intimidate me over a burial plot. I believe people would be outraged in Lincoln Parish!

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