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Lincoln School Board, City of Ruston Negotiating Property Deal


If negotiations are successful, the Lincoln Parish School District will donate about 8 acres of land and buildings to the City of Ruston, in lieu of about $1.8 million in cash, to help pay for the new sports complex under construction on South Farmerville Street.

Last fall, the board approved a capital outlay plan that included monies that would go toward softball fields and tennis courts that would be used by Lincoln Parish students.

The acreage to be deeded to the city is located on Mayberry Street and is the site of the old Lincoln High School. The property recently appraised for about $2 million, District Superintendent Mike Milstead said. The value differences would be worked out in negotiations, he added.

Asked about future uses for the old school property, Milstead said the Headstart Program could be relocated there from its temporary location at the Zion Traveler’s Baptist Church.

The board’s Building & Grounds Committee, and the full board, approved moving forward with negotiations.

Here’s the memo.

During the business portion of the meeting, Business Manager George Murphy noted that the employee medical plan ended the year paying out more in claims than was received in premiums by some $1.6 million.

Additional changes the program were likely in the future, he said.

Here’s the memo.

Teachers that will staff the Enhanced School Calendar program next summer will receive about $7,700 more in pay for the additional 30 school days they will be working, LPNO can report.

Average teacher pay for the 182 day school calendar is about $47 thousand/year, while those working the summer program will receive about $54.7 thousand.


Lincoln Parish School Board Tomorrow


The Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB) will meet tomorrow (Tuesday, February 6) 6:00 PM, Central Office, 410 South Farmerville Street.

The Building and Grounds Committee will meet at 5:30 PM.

Here are the agendas.

Schools Reopen Tomorrow


Information regarding the re-opening of schools, universities and local government offices for Thursday, January 18, 2018.

• All Lincoln Parish Public Schools
• Cedar Creek School
• Bethel Christian School
• New Living Word School
• Lincoln Preparatory School
• Montessori School of Ruston
• Louisiana Tech University
• Grambling State University
• Most parish local/municipal government offices are open today and will be open on Thursday as well.

Kip Franklin, Director
Lincoln Parish Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness

Milstead: Enhanced School Calendar Program First in State


Lincoln Parish School District Superintendent Mike Milstead told yesterday’s meeting of the School Board that the upcoming Enhanced School Calendar program will be a “game changer” for Lincoln Schools.

Said Milstead, “This is a game changer for Lincoln Parish. This has the potential to elevate our expectations, elevate where we are in the district related to kids that might not have the chances that we feel like are in the best interests of these children.” He added, “This will be the only one like it in Louisiana, and one of the few in the entire United States.”

The program, with about 500 students in two of the district’s elementary schools, will begin on June 11 through July 27, with a week break during July 4. Student applications will be taken beginning next month.

Milstead preliminary figures indicate the cost will run between $600 thousand and $650 thousand, almost all for personnel.

Details about the Enhanced School Calendar will be available at two public meetings to be held – Tuesday, January 23, and Thursday, January 25, 6:30 PM – at Trinity United Methodist Church. Milstead said both meetings will be the same, so interested parties could attend either date. After a briefing, a panel will available to answer questions about the program.

Milstead also told the board that two schools will have openings for a principalship – Cypress Springs Elementary and Ruston Elementary. Both have had interim principals for the past year.

Ruston High’s new football score board will cost about double what had originally been budgeted, Milstead said. $250 thousand was budgeted, but the cost will be about $500 thousand. The balance will be made up by private funds raised by the school, he said, and bids will soon be solicited.

Earlier in the meeting, the board elected officers, with Joe Mitcham and Lynda Henderson unanimously re-elected as President and Vice President, respectively.

The board also heard reports from various department heads.

Financial Report

Vermillion Parish School Board Tyranny


Outrage erupts at arrest of Vermilion Parish teacher who criticized superintendent


Two Vermilion Parish School District board members on Tuesday said they were appalled that a teacher was arrested the previous night after being kicked out of a school board meeting, apparently for criticizing the board’s vote to give a raise to the superintendent.

A 12-minute video shot by a local reporter went viral Tuesday, with about 600,000 views on YouTube as of 4:30 p.m. National outlets picked up the story, and there was swift outrage. The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana condemned Deyshia Hargrave’s expulsion from the meeting and subsequent arrest, saying in a statement the authorities’ actions “are unacceptable and raise serious constitutional concerns.”

An attorney for the Louisiana Association for Educators, Brian Blackwell, is working with Hargrave on “next steps,” the association said in a statement. The statement added that the association will honor Hargrave’s request to refrain from additional comments, since “the case is ongoing.”

Blackwell said the association contacted him immediately after the incident, and that he was scheduled to meet with Hargrave Tuesday evening to discuss what to do.

“Everything on this has happened extremely fast,” Blackwell said.

It’s not clear exactly what prompted an Abbeville City Marshal officer to order Hargrave, a teacher at Rene Rost Middle School, to leave the meeting. Also unclear is why the officer handcuffed Hargrave as she walked out, since the video appears to show her complying with the orders to leave.

“She was basically cut off,” school board member Laura LeBeouf said in an interview. “I know Deyshia. She serves in my district. She’s outspoken, she’s one heck of a teacher.”

The officer providing security at the board meeting confronted Hargrave while Hargrave addressed the board and superintendent Jerome Puyau during a public comment period following the vote on the raise.
Vermilion teacher arrest: School superintendent defends pay raise at center of dispute
Vermilion teacher arrest: School superintendent defends pay raise at center of dispute

A day after the topic led to a teacher’s arrest at a Vermilion Parish School Board meeting, Superintendent Jerome Puyau spoke to The Acadiana …

The board president, Anthony Fontana, had recognized Hargrave’s turn to speak, but interrupted Hargrave when she demanded to know why Puyau would accept a raise while teachers received nothing.

Fontana interrupted Hargrave, telling her that her comments were not germane to the agends item under discussion. Hargrave continued to object, saying Puyau was “basically taking from the teachers and the employees under you,” with the vocal support of several in the audience.

“This directly speaks to what you have just voted on,” Hargrave said, addressing Fontana.

Puyau began to respond directly to Hargrave at the same time the officer walked across the room to confront her. The officer stood in front pf Hargrave, obstructing dialogue between her and Puayau, who stopped talking a few seconds after he started.

“He’s addressing me,” Hargrave said to the officer, who then threatened to remove Hargrave if she did not leave willingly.

Hargrave said “excuse me” to the officer, in an attempt to continue speaking with Puyau. The officer then moved to grab Hargrave by the elbow, causing Hargrave to jump back. A moment later Hargrave walked back to her seat to retrieve her purse and leave, pausing along the way to remind board members that Puyau had been speaking to her directly.

The incident appeared to be over, but within seconds, Hargrave, screaming in horror, was on the ground near the doorway in handcuffs.

“You just pushed me to the ground,” Hargrave said when the officer told her to stop resisting. “I’m way smaller than you!”

The officer, whose name has not been released, called for an Abbeville city police officer to transport Hargrave to the city jail, where she was booked with remaining after being forbidden and resisting an officer, according to KATC.

The Marshal’s Office did not return a call Tuesday.

“This is supposed to be a democracy. I’m supposed to allow you an opportunity to state your opinion. He doesn’t allow that,” said board member Kibbie Pillette in an interview, referring to Fontana, the president. “Before she finished her three minutes, he was busy telling her to shut up.”

Fontana did not return a call Tuesday, nor did board members Sara Duplechain, Chris Hebert and Stacy Landry.

Board members J.B. Moreno and Chris Gautreaux declined comment.

Puyau, the superintendent, referred questions regarding the incident with Hargrave to Fontana, while defending his pay raise in an interview.

See video here.

Lincoln Parish School Board, Police Jury meet Tomorrow


Two local government entities will meet tomorrow (Tuesday, January 9), but not at the same time.

The Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB) will meet at 10:30 AM at the Choudrant Elementary School, 160 Walker Road, Choudrant, LA.

Here’s the agenda.

Tuesday night at 7:00 PM, the Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) will meet at the Lincoln Parish Court House, third floor.

Here’s the agenda.

Both bodies will elect officers for the coming year.

Lincoln “Year ‘Round School” to Begin Next Summer


A long-held dream of Lincoln School District Superintendent Mike Milstead will come to reality next summer with the addition of thirty additional school days (from 180 to 210) for about 500 students in the Glenview and Cypress Springs Elementary attendance zones.

The Enhanced School Calendar is proposed to begin Monday, June 11, 2018, and run through Friday, July 27, 2018, with a week off for the July 4th holidays. The additional days will be part of the 2018-2019 school year.

Attendance will be voluntary, according to the memo.

See here the memo and proposed calendar.

Milstead told last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board that plans were well advanced for implementation.

Said Milstead, “It appears that all faculty members are in place. As far as the extra cost associated with that, we’ll have a report in January or February with what we think it will cost.”

For December, there were few personnel changes to report.

See here the list.

Lincoln School Board Tonight


The Lincoln Parish School Board will meet tonight (Tuesday, December 5), 6:00 PM, Central Office, 410 South Farmerville Street.

Here’s the agenda.

Lincoln Parish School Performance Scores Jump


Individual school scores for 2016/2017 school year

Lincoln Parish School Performance Scores (SPS) jumped for the 2016/2017 school year, enough to give the district an overall “A” grade, it was learned at Tuesday’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board (LPSB).

Assistant Superintendent Lisa Bastion told the board that overall, the district’s score increased 4.4 points, to 100.4.

Superintendent Mike Milstead said that that the process of improvement is a math problem.

“You break it down into component parts. Then you work on the parts where you have issues,” he said.

Three principals were on hand to collect performance bonus checks for their efforts in the score gains.

Pam Pruden, Dubach School Principal (8.7 point increase); Ricky Durrett Ruston High School Principal (3.7 point increase); Tony Antley, Choudrant High School Principal (9.4 point increase). All three gave credit to the teachers, pupils, and student’s parents for the improvement.

Prior to the full board meeting, the Building and Grounds committee heard from architect Mike Walpole on plans for a 10 thousand square foot STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) building planned for Ruston Junior High.

The building, primarily for the 7th and 8th grades at the junior high, would also be used for middle school student projects.

Walpole said that schedule calls for drawings and specifications to be ready for bid next spring, with construction beginning in the summer of 2018, and completion in time for the 2019 school year.

Lincoln School Board Tuesday


The Lincoln Parish School Board will meet Tuesday, November 7, 6:00 PM, Central Office, 410 South Farmerville Street. At 5:30 PM, the board’s Building and Grounds Committee will meet.

Here are the agendas.