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Sumlin Pleads Guilty to Obscenity


A Former Louisiana House of Representatives member this evening plead guilty to one charge of Obscenity with a Juvenile in Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Court in Ruston.

William Sumlin, 76, of Simsboro was sentenced to three years hard labor, suspended, three years supervised probation, and a $1 thousand fine.

Sumlin told Division B Judge Tommy Rogers “Yessir” when asked by the judge did you on or about September 18, 2015 “exhibit sexually violent material to a juvenile who was 16?”

After sentencing, Sumlin said “I’m sorry this happened.”

He served in the Louisiana House from 1983 to 1988.

The charge of obscenity is defined thus:

LA RS ยง106:A(6)

Advertisement, exhibition, electronic communication, or display of sexually violent material. “Violent material” is any tangible work or thing which the trier of facts determines depicts actual or simulated patently offensive acts of violence, including but not limited to, acts depicting sadistic conduct, whippings, beatings, torture, and mutilation of the human body, as described in Item (2)(b)(iii) of this Subsection.

The original charge was Indecent Behavior with a Juvenile, and carries a maximum penalty of seven years and a maximum $5 thousand fine.

See here the original indictment.

Sumlin was arrested in October, 2015.

Sumlin was defended by Monroe attorney LaValle Salomon and prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Lewis Jones.

The guilty plea followed an hour-long recess where the prosecutor and defense attorney presumably hammered out the details of the deal. Also, Salomon could be seen huddled in discussion several times with Sumlin both in and out of the courtroom.

Detention Center Budgets Proposed


An amended 2019 and proposed 2020 budget for the Lincoln Parish Detention Center were introduced and discussed in this morning’s meeting of the Detention Center Commission at the Lincoln Parish Court House.

The largest change in the 2019 amendment was the removal of revenues (and corresponding expenditures) for the construction of a 100 bed addition to the center.

Originally, the plan was to begin construction this year, but delays have forced the timetable over into 2020.

The addition will allow prisoners who are housed out of parish at extra expense to be housed locally. Considerable savings is expected.

Notable also is the reduction in the jail’s fund balance, a result of the higher construction cost of the new addition.

About $2.8 million of the construction cost is paid for by borrowed money, and the balance of the $3.7 million cost is paid from the jail’s fund balance. Warden Jim Tuten said the new building is expected to be occupied by next November.

Also significant was the estimated sales tax collections for 2019 were about $100 thousand less than projected.

A December 17, 10 AM meeting and public hearing was set for final approval of the budgets.

Jail Cost Overruns to be Funded by Budget Surplus


Lincoln Parish Detention Center expansion construction costs that are greater than estimated will be funded by surplus funds in the jail’s operating funds, the commission that operates the jail voted this morning.

The action came after Warden Jim Tuten said that the architect’s estimate was short almost $900 thousand for the 96-bed addition to the jail. The estimate was about $2.7 million, including furniture and fixtures.

“We were about $880 thousand short of what we needed to be able to completely finance the addition. I would like to get a recommendation from the jail commission that we transfer that additional $880 thousand that’s necessary to completely fund the new building,” Tuten said.

He noted that the jail’s operating budget had a $2.5 million surplus as of September 30.

The new addition has been under discussion for the last few years.

An average of about 30 of the jail’s inmates are housed in other area jails, at a cost of about $1 thousand/day, Tuten said.

Once the money is transferred into the jail construction fund, the balance of the cost will be borrowed from the US Department of Agriculture.

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury will have to approve the winning bid and authorize construction after funding is secured.

Mann’s Construction of West Monroe had the lowest responsive bid.

In other action, the commission set meetings for November and December to review and adopt next year’s budget.

Sumlin Trial Delayed until Next Year


Former State Representative William Sumlin’s trial was late yesterday afternoon delayed until next February. Sumlin’s attorney, LaValle Salomon, said that he already has a trial scheduled for next week in another jurisdiction.

The trial was originally scheduled for next week in Third Judicial District Court in Ruston.

The new trial date is Monday, February 24, 2020. Pretrial motions will be heard on 2/17, and a pretrial conference set for Friday, 2/21.

Presiding was Division B Judge Tommy Rogers.

Stephen Williams Elected Sheriff


57 of 57 precincts reporting – 100%
absentee reporting – 100%

3,594 – Randal Hermes 31%
2,153 – George Webb 18%
5,893 – Stephen Williams 51%

Total: 11,640
Unofficial Turnout: 43.9%

McBride Wins Assessor Race


47 of 57 precincts reporting – 82%
absentee reporting – 100%

6,686 – Billy Mac McBride 63%
3,996 – Walter Pullen 37%

Cook Likely Winner for Clerk of Court


Clerk of Court
38 of 57 precincts reporting – 67%
absentee reporting – 100%

8,097 – Linda Cook 85%
1,448 – Troy “T-Roy” Hughes 15%

Campaign Finance Updates


The candidates for Lincoln Parish Sheriff and Lincoln Parish Tax Assessor have filed several new campaign finance reports since our earlier reporting.

Lincoln Parish Sheriff

George Webb

No significant (over $1000) contributions. He shows a $3000 expenditure to his campaign manager Low Tritt.

Report 10/1/2019

Stephen Williams

Significant (over $1000) Contributions:

N. Heath Miller – $2500
Tracey Wold – $2500
Hill Medical Services, LLC – $1000
Bevin Hicks – $1175 (in kind)

Williams reports $3500 spent with 50+1 Strategies, $1932 with Emprint Moran, and $3349 with Peregrine Corporation.

He also reports a new $2000 loan to his campaign.

Report 09/25/2019
Report 09/30/2019
Report 10/9/2019
Report 10/10/2019

Randall Hermes

Significant (over $1000) Contributions:

Chris Bowman – $1000
David Hermes – $2500
Susan Hermes – $16500

Significant expenditures lists Associated Business Printing, $1314.

Report 09/25/2019
Report 10/3/2019
Report 10/8/2019

Lincoln Parish Tax Assessor

Walter Pullen

Pullen reports no significant contributions, but does show $2767 in new loans to his campaign.

Significant expenditures include Emprint/Moran printing, $1294, Peregrine Services, $3349, and Ruston Daily Leader, $1684.

Report 09/30/2019
Report 10/03/2019

Billy McBride

McBride reports no significant contributions, nor no new loans to his campaign. There is one significant expenditure of $2000 to 50+1 Strategies.

Report 10/01/2019

Lincoln Parish Tax Assessor – The Money


Walter Pullen’s 6/14/19-9/2/19 campaign finance report shows contributions of $8,250 and loans of $5,902, for a total of $14,152 in receipts.

Among the significant contributions:

Bodet Place 1, LLC – $2,500
Todd Davison: $2,000
Our Plan B: $2,000

Pullen’s most significant expenditure – just over $3,100 – has been to Tommy’s Tees for signs, t-shirts and cups.

See here the complete report.

Billy McBride’s 1/25/19-9/2/19 report shows contributions of $6,025, and loans of $34,165, for a total of $42,190 in receipts.

McBride reported no contributions of $1,000 or more, but had numerous contributions in the $50 to $250 range.

His most significant expenditure – $12,500 – was to 50+1 Strategies for campaign consulting and film production.

Another expenditure of about $2,900 went to Cochran’s LLC for signs.

See here the complete report.

Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Race – The Money, Pt 3


Here’s Stephen Williams’ finance report, including significant ($1000 or more) contributors:

BKM Enterprises – $1000
J&B Heating & Air – $1500
Wayne Aswell = $1000
Greg Bimle – $1000
Greg Brazzel – $1000
City Tele-Coin Company – $2,500
Mrs V. G. Clary – $1500
CTC Commissary – $2500
Patricia Doughty – $2500
John Driskill – $1200
Landon Hunt – $1000
Inmate Financial Services of LA – $1000
Lasalle Management Co – $2500
Karl Malone – $2500
Kay Malone – $2500
Duke Marcus – $1500
Don McGehee – $1000
Donna Murphy – $1000
Jackie Robbins, II – $1000
Linda Tuten – $1000
Charles H. Williams – $2000
Charles J. Williams – $1000
James Williams, Jr – $1000
Brian Woodard – $1000
James Worthey, Jr – $1000

Among the significant expenditures:

50+1 Strategies, Earl Albritton, Emprint Moran, Randall Gorman, Rapid Signs, Ruston Daily Leader, Super Sign Mart, and The Team Adverstising & Publishing.

Here’s the complete report.

Next up, we’ll report on the campaign finances of the two candidates for Lincoln Parish Tax Assessor.