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Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Race – The Money, Pt 3


Here’s Stephen Williams’ finance report, including significant ($1000 or more) contributors:

BKM Enterprises – $1000
J&B Heating & Air – $1500
Wayne Aswell = $1000
Greg Bimle – $1000
Greg Brazzel – $1000
City Tele-Coin Company – $2,500
Mrs V. G. Clary – $1500
CTC Commissary – $2500
Patricia Doughty – $2500
John Driskill – $1200
Landon Hunt – $1000
Inmate Financial Services of LA – $1000
Lasalle Management Co – $2500
Karl Malone – $2500
Kay Malone – $2500
Duke Marcus – $1500
Don McGehee – $1000
Donna Murphy – $1000
Jackie Robbins, II – $1000
Linda Tuten – $1000
Charles H. Williams – $2000
Charles J. Williams – $1000
James Williams, Jr – $1000
Brian Woodard – $1000
James Worthey, Jr – $1000

Among the significant expenditures:

50+1 Strategies, Earl Albritton, Emprint Moran, Randall Gorman, Rapid Signs, Ruston Daily Leader, Super Sign Mart, and The Team Adverstising & Publishing.

Here’s the complete report.

Next up, we’ll report on the campaign finances of the two candidates for Lincoln Parish Tax Assessor.


Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Race – The Money, Pt 2


George Webb is the next Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s candidate we report on.

Here are Webb’s significant (over $1000) contributors:

Sidney Billberry – $1,000
Blades Electric – $1,500
Cooper Welding – $2,500
Lloyd Grafton – $1,000
Lowell Oxford – $1,000
Ruston Maintenance Services – $1,000
Ponchatoula’s – $1,000

Webb donated $1,500 to his own campaign. Oxford also donated $1,450 for NRA banquet tickets.

Significant expenditures include the Decal Shop and Low Tritt for signs and campaign management, respectively.

Here is the complete report.

Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Race – The Money


This is the first of three reports on contributions and expenditures for the upcoming election for Lincoln Parish Sheriff.

Today, we have Randall Hermes‘ report that was filed on 9/12/2019.

Among the significant (over $1,000) contributors:

Marie Braswell – $1,000
Tommy J. Folk – $1,500
Margaret Hoogland – $2,500
Michael A. Jones – $1,500

There were two in-kind contributions:

Don Cochran: $1,400
Driggers Outdoor: $1,109

Hermes has loaned his campaign $21,950

Two Monroe companies, M. R. S. and Quest Comm Consultants, are his largest expenditures. They have provided mail outs and political consulting.

See here the complete report.

Lincoln Parish Burn Ban




CONTACT: Chief Kevin Reynolds
(318) 255-1055


The Lincoln Parish Fire Protection District No. 1 has issued an emergency order banning all open-air outdoor burning effective immediately. This bum ban coincides with Lincoln Parish Police Jury Ordinance No. 276-06-(1) which authorizes Commissioners of Fire Protection District No. 1 of Lincoln Parish to impose a temporary ban on open-air outdoor burning within said district.

Due to the extremely dry conditions presently existing in Lincoln Parish, rural areas, woodlands, and forests are subject to fire. Anyone found to be violating this Ordinance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine not to exceed
$500 dollars, together with all costs of court, or a jail sentence not to exceed six months, or both.

This ban will remain in effect until lifted by the Commissioners of Lincoln Parish Fire Protection District No. 1. Anyone having questions concerning this matter should contact this office at the number listed above.

Sumlin Case Headed to Trial


After four (4) years of delays, continuances, refixes, and hearings, former Louisiana state representative William Sumlin is headed to trial.

The trial, on charges of indecent behavior with a juvenile, will be held Monday, October 21, 9:00 AM in Third Judicial District Court in Ruston. A hearing for any outstanding motions is set for Wednesday, October 15, 1:30 PM, and a pretrial conference is set for Friday, October 18, 9:00 AM.

Sumlin was originally arrested in October of 2015.

The action came late yesterday afternoon in Division B Judge Tommy Roger’s courtroom.

As Sumlin and his attorney LaValle Salomon stood before the bench, Rogers could be heard asking, “What are we waiting for, Mr. Salomon?”

Appearing for the state was Assistant District Attorney Tracy Houck.

Fundraisers Next Week


Letter to the Editor from Sheila Bordelon


Mays Sentenced to Two More Life w/o Parole Terms


Cameron Mays, convicted last May of the murder of Dr. Susan Hashway, was this morning sentenced to two life without parole terms, plus an additional 30 years for ancillary crimes.

Hashway, a retired Grambling professor, was found slain in June of 2012 in her Paynter Drive home in Ruston.

The sentence was handed down by Division B Judge Tommy Rogers at Third Judicial District Court in Ruston.

The two life sentences are for Aggravated Kidnapping and Second Degree Murder. The additional sentences were for Aggravated Burglary, Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, and Unauthorized Use of an Access Card.

Rogers noted that there “were no mitigating factors” in the crimes, and that these were “brutal and callous offenses” that resulted in Hashway’s death. Mays had “no remorse, and openly bragged to his friends” about the crime.

Appearing for the state was Assistant Attorney General Michelle Thompson. Also on hand was Assistant AG Madeline Slaughter-Young.

Representing Mays was Public Defender Kia Richardson.

With this sentencing, Cameron Mays’ role in the 2012 crime spree is concluded.

Left to adjudicate are the roles for three of Mays’ accomplices, Brandon Bonton, Markeva Daye, and Robert Demps.

Also unresolved is the role of one Kevin Owens in the crime spree.

At the recent murder trial, it was claimed by defense attorney Dwayne Burrell that Owens committed the murder and also committed an earlier rape and kidnapping that Mays was convicted of in April, 2016.

Mays is currently serving two life terms for that crime event.

Burrell also claimed that Owen was an informant for the Ruston Police Department.

We recently reviewed the case files at the Lincoln Parish Clerk of Court and can confirm that Owens was indeed an RPD informant.

At the earlier trial, the victim testified that there were two perpetrators and that both participated in the kidnapping. Only one assaulted her, she testified.

Mays said on the stand that Owens was his accomplice for that crime, and that he was the one who assaulted the victim.

When interviewed, Owens denied any involvement, according to the case files.

No second suspect in the first crime has ever been named.

That crime took place in the early hours of Monday, June 4, 2012. The murder occurred in the early hours of Wednesday, June 6, 2012.

Jail Addition Delays Discussed at Meeting


This morning’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Detention Center saw discussion about delays in getting approval for a US Department of Agriculture loan to construct a 100 bed addition to the local jail.

Detention Center Warden Jim Tuten noted that this year’s original budget called for occupancy of the new wing around mid-year, but that was not now possible. About $700/day is spent housing overflow prisoners in other area jails, Tuten said.

Lincoln Parish Sheriff Mike Stone asked Lincoln Parish Police Jurors (LPPJ) Joe Henderson (District 9) and Randy Roberson (District 4) “What was the holdup.” Henderson chairs the commission, while Roberson, as LPPJ President, is also a commission member.

It appears that part of the delay was because the application was sent to the USDA office in Monroe, which was subsequently closed during the government shutdown earlier this year, and the paperwork was misplaced.

Henderson and Roberson noted that the sheriff was in charge of seeing that the process is properly followed, and that they were unaware of any issues.

Henderson said that while the delay was unfortunate, the jails budget has a comfortable surplus that can handle any short-term issues.

Also, Tuten reported that the jail didn’t escape last month’s tornado unscathed, as about 50 feet of the permiter fence was damaged.

Mays Found Guilty of Murder


Cameron Mays, 33, was last night found guilty of the murder of retired Grambling professor Susan Hashway, who was found dead in her Paynter Drive home in Ruston in June, 2012.

A Lincoln Parish jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts on five separate charges: aggravated kidnapping, aggravated burglary, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, unauthorized use of an access card, and second-degree murder.

Comprehensive coverage of last week’s trial can be found in the Ruston Daily Leader’s articles by reporters Nancy Bergeron and Caleb Daniels.

Mays trial to begin Monday
Murder trial for man accused of killing GSU teacher begins
No opening statement made by defense
Testimony underway in Mays murder trial
Medical examiner: Murder victim suffocated
Prosecutors: Rape, murder cases similar

Our earlier reporting on the case can be found here.