Local Government Layoffs Soon?

Unlike the Federal Government, The State of Louisiana and local governments cannot print money. They must rely on current revenues to meet expenses.

Lincoln Parish local budgets, with which we are intimately familiar, rely on sales taxes for a large percentage of revenue. The City of Ruston, in particular, funds all of the new 1.5% tax on restaurants and hotels.

With Gov. John Bel Edwards order shuttering restaurants all across the Bayou State, he has vaporized a huge revenue stream for local and state governments. Tourism will go away in the blink of an eye.

The largest expense component for government is payroll, in some cases making up 85% of expenses.

Many teachers probably thought closing the schools would amount to a month-long paid vacation. They perhaps should spend their time updating their resumes.

Used to be, having a government job was seen as having a lifetime guarantee of employment. You had to really mess up to get fired. Great retirement and medical benefits, too.

That hayride is about to end.

4 Responses to “Local Government Layoffs Soon?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Walter, only you and your bitter ilk consider school teachers to be part of the “hayride.” What a pathetic crank.

  2. Heisenberg Says:

    Walt, your sanctimony knows no bounds. If you had a real job (instead of spewing bile on this hokey website) you’d understand what these folks will be going thru without work for a month. Once again you’re proving what a delight it must be to know you in person. No one likes you Walt, trust us

  3. Heisenberg Says:


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