What They’re Paid

Information from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s report 7/1/15-6/30/16
Information from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s report 7/1/15-6/30/16
Information from the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s report 1/1/15-12/31/15

14 Responses to “What They’re Paid”

  1. PayAndPlay Says:

    Question 1: the sheriff for example has an expense allowance of $14,193. Is this a reimbursement paid out against actual receipts, as any business would handle an employee expense account, or is it just added to his pay? The former is taxable income, the latter, not.
    Question 2: If there is an expense allowance, why is another item for travel per diem included? A typical business would either reimburse actual allowable expenses, or else pay per diem; not both.

  2. PayAndPlay Says:

    maybe so; but that is not an answer.

  3. Angry Taxpayer Says:

    Combined with the salaries of the government workers at LA Tech and Grambling (that would be everyone working at either place), all the best paying jobs in Lincoln Parish belong to government workers. If you’re a college graduate, you’re either working for the government in Louisiana or you’re moving to Texas!

    • David Says:


    • D'Arbonne Says:

      I am private sector, and vastly outearn these individuals. There are plenty of six figure jobs in Lincoln parish for professionals.

      • Angry Taxpayer Says:

        Good for you. I’m glad you found a good-paying job in Lincoln Parish and was able to live near your people. I wasn’t that lucky. I was told by my professors at LA Tech that I would need to move to Dallas if I wanted a job after graduation. After looking around for months, I was forced to take their advice. I came back to LA Tech for graduate school and earned my masters degree. I talked to everybody in Lincoln Parish from James Davison on down and never got an inkling of a job offer from anyone. I searched Shreveport, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans with no luck either. After looking for two solid years after graduation, I managed to get a low-paying state job by hiding my credentials. It was only after I moved out of the state again that I was able to earn a decent salary. I have both an engineering degree and a business degree from LA Tech, and I couldn’t even get anyone in the state to take a look a me. I don’t seem to have ANY trouble landing a job in other states. I keep hearing about all these high-paying jobs in Louisiana, but finding one is rarer than spotting Sasquatch!

        • Anonymous Says:

          You sound like an idiot. It’s no wonder you couldn’t find a job.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Wow. You called the guy an idiot because he couldn’t find a decent job in this wreck of a state? Your insightful compassion is overwhelming.

            • David Says:

              If you have a “high paying job” in Louisiana, it’s because your dad owns the company. There are none.

              • D'Arbonne Says:

                I respectfully disagree, sir. My Dad swung a hammer his whole life, outside a trip to Europe funded by the US Army. I grew up in a tiny house with no AC and rusty well water.
                I’ll repeat my statement. There are plenty of six figure jobs in Lincoln parish. It took me thirty four years to work my way into one, but it happened.

  4. PayAndPlay Says:

    Obviously David is not correct. Don’t generalize nor assume you know what people earn. Lincoln parish is not NYC but it’s well above average in income and wealth among Louisiana parishes.
    A correction of the last sentence, first paragraph of my first post: I have the taxable vs non-taxable swapped. Obviously reimbursement for actual expenses is not taxable income. But I still don’t have an explanation of how having an expense allowance, plus per diem, plus separate line items for expenses normally included in “expenses” is not double or triple-dipping.

  5. DAN M. BURSON Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Overpaid, underworked and never held to high standards, that’s government work for you, especially in Louisiana, particularly in “good ole boy” systems like Lincoln Parish. One day we taxpayers are going to wake up and demand an end to these abuses by our government.

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