Lincoln School District Begins Push for April Property Tax Vote

The administration of the Lincoln Parish School District (LPSB) has begun a systematic push to convince voters that they should vote to re-impose three expiring property taxes that will go before voters on April 29th of this year. They are:

4.94 mils “for the purpose of constructing, equipping and/or improving school buildings in the District or for the maintenance thereof.”
4.94 mils “for the purpose of giving additional support for operation of public schools in the District.”
8.98 mils “for the purpose of giving additional support to public elementary and secondary schools…”

Here is the resolution authorizing the vote that was approved at the December meeting.

At last night’s meeting of the School Board, Business Manager George Murphy said he and several other staff members from the central office are touring the district’s schools and informing employees what’s at stake.

Said Murphy, “All these people around here are going – Mr. Milstead, Dr. Lewis, Mrs. Bastion, and me, we’re going out to the schools so people can talk to us and they can see us eye-to-eye, and ask any questions they may have.”

A Power Point presentation shown to the board claims that If the taxes are defeated, expect the following:

Salaries for all full time certified and support workers will be reduced.
This would likely cause a reduction in personnel.
This would hinder local teacher and support personnel raises in the future.
Less money would be available for maintenance and repair of buildings and grounds.
We would receive less MFP money from the state, since the formula rewards districts for its local effort.
Retirees will have to pay for their insurance premium.
Technology enhancements and improvements would likely have to be curtailed.
Funding for construction, operations and maintenance would be reduced.

Here is the complete presentation.

In other business, the board re-elected unanimously Joe Mitcham and Lynda Henderson as President and Vice President, respectively.


One Response to “Lincoln School District Begins Push for April Property Tax Vote”

  1. Seiu Says:

    Never ending scare tactics! If tax fail roofs will fall in, play grounds will become dangerous, might have to cut those extra pay checks, cannot build any more buildings and God forbid paying for your own health insurance. Yes, building more buildings and hiring more employees to staff and maintain, that’s just what we need. What really needs to happen, a cut back in South Farmerville for starters. Really top heavy! All for a decline in most areas of education according to la. Dept of edu “Louisiana Believes” web sight.

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