Sixth Street Bar to Remain Closed, 2nd Circuit Rules

The Sixth Street Bar, an establishment that had its liquor license revoked by the Monroe City Council in December, 2015, will remain closed, the Louisiana Court of Appeals, Second Circuit ruled this morning.

Point Proven, LLC, the operator of the bar had sued in Fourth Judicial District Court to overturn the council’s action, but Judge Alvin Sharp ruled that the council had the authority to do what it did. Point Proven appealed.

Chief Judge Henry Brown, on behalf of a three judge panel, wrote:

The commissioner found plaintiff guilty of two separate violations of selling alcoholic beverages to underage persons. Accordingly, we find that the trial court was not manifestly erroneous in upholding the decision of the City to deny Point Proven’s liquor permit.

The ruling of the trial court is affirmed. Costs of this appeal are assessed against plaintiff, Point Proven, LLC.

See here the complete opinion.

4 Responses to “Sixth Street Bar to Remain Closed, 2nd Circuit Rules”

  1. Ashley L. Page Says:

    Love it! And Mark Neal tried to sully the 2nd Circuit over a text conversation with Judge Lolley. Who knows if the text conversation was even real.

    Ashley L. Page

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Butchforlife Says:

      Exactly right Ashley. Zach is Neal’s puppy at the Citizen. Neal calls Zach and he prints what he says. Neal setup The judge and the Citizen tried to make Neal the hero. The Citizen loves the bum Neal.

  2. Bill Limond Says:

    The 6th Street Bar was meant to be a restaurant serving liquor never a bar. It was originally zoned that way on purpose as not to be a nuisance to the residential neighborhood. Hopefully the nightmare caused by a bunch of drunks is over.

  3. DAN M. BURSON Says:


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