Aillet: “When the phone rings on Jan 1, we’re going to respond”

Lincoln Parish Fire District No. 1 Board of Commissioners Chair Richard Aillet told this morning’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police Jury Ambulance Committee that the district’s personnel will respond to rescue and fire calls after January 1, 2023, “regardless of what takes place” otherwise.

Said Aillet, “When we do respond, all of our paid personnel, everyone of them, are either EMT’s or paramedics.” He added that most of the volunteers for the district were trained in rescue, paramedic, swift water, or other emergency response skills.

He proposed hiring an additional six more paid personnel so that the parish would have two dedicated full-time personnel for fire calls, and also two people dedicated for rescue.

The estimated cost of the additional manpower is $478 thousand/year, he said.

Aillet added that a dedicated “rescue” truck would cost about $750 thousand, but the district had previously set aside $250 thousand dedicated for that purpose. The lead time for the truck is estimated to be 2 years, it was said.

Another $140 thousand would be needed for equipment dedicated for rescue, he said.

The district now has six paid staff, and 45 volunteers, District Fire Chief Kevin Reynolds said.

Committee Chair Charlie Edwards addressed the issue of funding in his remarks.

Edwards said that they contacted Claiborne Electric and suggested a monthly fee that might be added to Lincoln Parish customers, similar to what the City of Ruston added to their bills earlier this month.

Claiborne was receptive to the idea, Edwards said, but Entergy, the other rural utility provider in the parish, was not.

Edwards said that the jury’s hospital fund that is now held in escrow might be a source, but that would require a vote from parish residents.

The committee also set the next meeting for 8/26/22 at 1:30 PM.

22 Responses to “Aillet: “When the phone rings on Jan 1, we’re going to respond””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Every time they update the public on this it gets more comedic. Holy crap this is pathetic

    • Anonymous Says:

      And more expensive.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yes it is. Reynolds is as pathetic as the rest of them. Doesn’t stand up for what’s right.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Reynolds got thrown into a bad situation because his police jurors failed him. He should ask for the moon and give the middle finger to his jurors. Not his fault, his jury has the IQ of a brick

        • Anonymous Says:

          So why didn’t he stand against them when it became obvious. He’s getting what he deserves too.

        • Anonymous Says:

          His police jurors failed him? Is that news? He supported them when they were completely amoral. No sympathy for this man.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If any of you that are commenting on things and the way they are done, why don’t you provide a solution for the situation that the Lincoln Parish Fire District and the citizens of this parish have been put into. Go talk to Mr. Reynolds and see how they operate and the funding, or lack there of, that he has to work with. All I see is complaining and no solutions or ideas from the complainers being presented from the ones posting on here.

    • Anonymous Says:

      “If any of you that are commenting on things and the way they are done, why don’t you provide a solution for the situation”

      The solution was let RFD do it for 120k

      • Anonymous Says:

        $120 K was a ripoff and it was known to be so which is why it was rejected by the PJ.
        Ruston’s budget and audit reports clearly show the ambulance service has not been a gross money loser and the rural ambulance calls are not a serious problem. Remember the PJ already tossed $30,000 into the hat for years, based on agreement in the latter 1990s and it was not mentioned again until very recently.
        The problem behind it all is the cost to operate the ball park. The mayo tried to use the rural ambulance service as a profit center to gain cash and it failed. Now Ruston is relieved of the”tremendous burden” of ambulance calls in rural Lincoln parish, but also relieved of the money collected from Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance, for those calls, so they get $5 a month tacked onto each month’s electric bill to make that up. Meanwhile the PJ has to make the best they can of a bad situation. It was all caused by Ronny Walker.

        • Anonymous Says:

          who was helped along by his friends at the pj

        • Anonymous Says:

          “$120 K was a ripoff and it was known to be so which is why it was rejected by the PJ.”

          The cheapest ambulance service in north La outside of LP is either E or W Carrol parish. Parish pays $600k for 2 ambulances, no rescue. That’s the 2nd cheapest anywhere close to us. RFD has been providing ambulance and rescue for $30k and asked for $120k, how you think that’s a rip-off is beyond any intelligent person’s understanding. City pays somewhere around 1.5 million for it’s fire department. Nothing wrong with asking parish to help cover more when 40% of cities runs are out in the parish.

          “Now Ruston is relieved of the”tremendous burden” of ambulance calls in rural Lincoln parish, but also relieved of the money collected from Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance,”

          What Medicaid and Medicare pay is a joke and hardly covers anything for ems. It is a burden, no other fire department as far as I can find in the entire south does what Ruston does, covering their entire county/parish, at least city fire departments don’t. They only did it because nobody else wanted to. Why do you think Pafford told Durrett to accept Ruston’s offer of 120k? Because nobody else is doing it this cheap.

          • Anonymous Says:

            Ruston has NOT “been providing….for $30,000…”
            The City has been providing ambulance and rescue for $30,000 PLUS collected billing of insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.
            Put the cards on the table, straight up. Let’s see the amount collected from rural calls plus the $30,000 police jury kick in (which continued for years without mention by City officials.
            The Leader hasn’t put it out there, either because they’re helping Walker, or because they can’t or won’t try to get the information.
            Likely the PJ could have stepped up their contribution a relatively small amount and kept the City financially whole. BUT NO.

            • YY Says:

              “Ruston has NOT “been providing….for $30,000…”

              You’re misinformed and unfortunately, I think purposely misinformed. City taxpayers front 1.25-1.5 million $ to the fire department, parish taxpayers have been fronting $30k. It doesn’t matter what is collected through ambulance billing, city is still the cheapest in the area for what they bill. You and the authors of these topics should actually talk to the fire chief, even the police jury never talked to him to get in depth of why they want an increase. I have called and talked to him.

              As I have stated that you and these authors completely ignore. City wants more firefighters, and another ambulance to continue running ems and rescue in the parish. Chief said he is tired of seeing the city uncovered by his FFs while running around all over Dubach, Choudrant, etc leaving half his crew out of the city. The young employees are mad about it, but the older folks at RFD mostly think it’s good they are getting out of the parish, most of them are more than likely burned out anyways. Problem, they can’t hire enough or keep their employees to get fresh blood, you still have old guys running ambulance/rescue all over the parish. Many are gladly wanting to see call volume cut down, even if that means less money. When it comes to it, it will save more than even the asked for $645k and any insurance collected.

        • Anonymous Says:

          And yet this man is running again unopposed. And probably so are most of the pj next term. Step up or stop complaining.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    If the RFD or LPFD or Pafford don’t do the EMS,Fire and Rescue WHO ARE YOU GOING TO CALL? Ghost Busters? All of these do a D~~n good job .Don’t go throwing the chief’s of the RFD and LPFD in the mix they can only do what their respective governing body’s have them to do. If you live in Lincoln Parish become a volunteer or better yet go to work for RFD or LPFD or Pafford. Or maybe run for Police Jury,Mayor or city council, or better just go vote and stop complaining!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    But at what cost? It appears the lure of a public paycheck brings out the poorest stewards among us.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Well it will not be free no matter who does it!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING IS FREE!!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Aillet: “When the phone rings on Jan 1, we’re going to respond”

    That’s great buddy, good to know they’ll be coming from Arcadia or Farmerville. Has anyone talked to citizens of Arcadia and Farmerville and asked them how they feel about losing coverage in their towns to LP like exactly what had to happen to just cover Grambling? Just a few weeks ago I passed up 2 Ruston fire ambulances and a rescue truck on I-20 around Simsboro. Bad wreck, hopefully all this works out. I’ll never forget the problems Grambling had with Pafford

  7. Anonymous Says:

    🤣🤣🤣 Lincoln Parish deserves what it tolerates.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t have nearly as much faith in Pafford as some of y’all do. Been some crazy things happen in that operation.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    News from the grapevine: wouldn’t Ruston be relieved if, once the new Parish ambulance/rescue service is up and running, it bid to take over Ruston’s ambulance-rescue service? Ruston would save a lot of money.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Theres a no compete clause in place for Ruston. Truth is, Pafford doesn’t even really want the parish, they just don’t want Acadian to get it. And if it did go up for bid (Ruston) they already proved (RFD) they’d be cheaper by a mile. Remember initially the offer was $120k, now it’s $1 million between LPFD and Pafford, let that sink in

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