Ruston Sports Complex relying on subsidies from other City Departments

The Ruston Sports Complex apparently cannot support itself financially and is having to rely on funds transferred from other city departments and the city’s general fund, budget documents from the city show.

In 2021, $1.16 million was transferred from the city’s general fund to the sports complex, along with $312 thousand from the electric system.

In 2022, the projected totals are $102 thousand from the general fund and $567 thousand from the electric system.

For 2023, the proposed budget will transfer $575 thousand from the electric system to the sports complex.

See here the proposed 2023 sports complex budget.

Revenues – concessions, sponsorships and rentals – have consistently fallen short of operating expenses – personnel, services, supplies and materials – for the past several years.

The electric system buys power wholesale and distributes it retail to customers within the city. The city owns and operates the distribution system – poles, wiring, transformers, substations and other electrical equipment – and must maintain the system with the profit earned from power sales.

General fund monies are non-dedicated funds and may be spent as the council and mayor may direct.

Ambulance Staffing to Double Again

Ruston’s Emergency Medical Services payroll will more than double again under the 2023 budget just proposed, documents show.

Personnel Services – salaries, overtime, retirement and insurance – for 2023 shows about $2.2 million in spending, compared to a projected total of $844 thousand for 2022.

As recently as 2020, total payroll and benefits was but $428 thousand. In 2021 that figure was just over $1 million.

See here the 2023 proposed budget.

Also notable in the budget is the reduction in revenue (about $330 thousand) from billings to insurance carriers. That is a result of no longer responding to calls outside the city limits of Ruston, and the loss of those corresponding insurance payments.

The budget shows the new $5 per electric meter surcharge bringing in about $600 thousand.

The 2022 budget shows 11 authorized positions in the service compared to 26 proposed in 2023, even though call volume should be reduced by about 40% after January 1.


13 Responses to “Ruston Sports Complex relying on subsidies from other City Departments”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Gosh; It’s a good thing Ruston threw the rural folks overboard by refusing them further ambulance service or they might have had to hire even more ambulance drivers.
    At least RonnyWorld is safe…

    • Anonymous Says:

      “Gosh; It’s a good thing Ruston threw the rural folks overboard by refusing them further ambulance service or they might have had to hire even more ambulance drivers”

      Nah, your police jury threw them overboard

    • Anonymous Says:

      Your PJ threw them out to dry. The area outside Ruston is not Ruston fire responsibility. They only did it because nobody else wanted to. Thankfully there’s a chief trying to get more than pennies from the parish and parish said they don’t have the money. Now parish really about to spend big money, get better people in your parish making decisions

  2. Anonymous Says:

    City is buying another ambulance, probably why the budget is more.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ronny World . Love it. Get ready for another four years.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Drama as Ruston slowly devolves because efforts to support RunnyWorld bleed other city departments dry.
        Question: who first threatened to withdraw ambulance service from rural LP unless money was produced?
        Do Ruston retailers really not want LP’s rural residents to darken their doors? Maybe it costs them too much to bother with rural folks.
        Not every home outside the City limits is on wheels…

        • Anonymous Says:

          “Question: who first threatened to withdraw ambulance service from rural LP unless money was produced?”

          PJ shouldn’t have lied to the city. They said they couldn’t afford $120k and only offered $60k. Now they have the money for $1million. City called their bluff and now we all know.

      • Anonymous Says:

        At least let’s replace this Police Jury. There’s still time.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Operating budget and capital budget are different.

  3. Kyle Allen Says:

    Word needs to get back to those in charge that no new projects start until this one is paid for. If we have a surplus, dump it on the bonds issued to build the darn thing.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like Ruston pays more than necessary for electricity so the City has a slush fund. Hope they are maintaining the distribution system rather than just blowing the money.

  5. RavenMad Says:

    If only we could’ve foreseen the sports complex being a money pit. #SMH

    Raising utility rates to cover the SC shortfall, Ronny?

    How much longer do we owe $34,000 a month for the Monster Moto building?

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