LSP Whistleblower Talks to Baton Rouge TV Station

From WBRZ-TV2 Baton Rouge:

Nakamoto exclusive: Ronald Greene investigative notes show troopers asked for colleagues to be arrested

By: Trey Schmaltz, Chris Nakamoto & Erin McWilliams

From The Hayride:

Chris Nakamoto Is Going To Get To The Bottom Of The Ronald Greene Cover-Up

The author has this bit of commentary about Third Judicial (Lincoln, Union Parishes) District Attorney John Belton.

Oh – and by the way, Belton is also saying he’s planning on running for Attorney General of Louisiana in 2023. Because sitting on a murder case for two years and laying it off on the feds when you knew exactly what happened is a great resume-builder for statewide office.

There are lots of questions somebody might ask of John Belton. Like, for example, whether he was asked to play possum on this investigation until after Edwards won re-election.

And what he might have been offered in order to agree to that plan.

Belton just held a fundraiser for his 2023 statewide campaign, by the way, and a whole host of district attorneys around the state threw in for him. Including Jason Williams, the uber-leftist DA from New Orleans.

Belton isn’t even a registered Democrat, interestingly enough. He’s an independent. That doesn’t really matter.

Now – is Belton wrong about the feds’ involvement precluding him from being able to do anything now? No. He’s right about that. What we don’t know is when the feds jumped in. As we understand this, though we could well be wrong, it was 2020 before the FBI started an investigation into the Greene matter, meaning that Belton would have had a window of his own discretion during which he chose not to move on the case.

2 Responses to “LSP Whistleblower Talks to Baton Rouge TV Station”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    What a joke Belton Running for attorney general. But who knowns the voting machines might just elect him.

  2. Nicki McDonald Says:

    Please report on Erin Dozier. Dozier reported insurance fraud by her employer to Detective Cade Nolan. Nolan refused to take her complaint and hung up on her. Nolan was contacted by former Gazette editor, Mark Rainwater. Nolan tells Rainwater he helped the employer recover stolen items but he knew there was no fraud because the employer us his cousin. Dozier then reports same to FBI. On May 17, 2019, Dozier is arrested for theft of tools from employer who admits he gave Dozier permission to borrow and admits she returned. Nolan lies in affidavit to obtain arrest warrant. Dozier is strip searched in front of 5 people, 3 of which were male employees at the jail. Nolan’s girlfriend (who’s brother is employer’s best friend) prosecutes Dozier for a crime not committed. Dozier has been tossed to public defender #2 who won’t return her calls. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

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