LSP General Counsel Bounced

From WBRZ-TV2 Baton Rouge – Trey Schmaltz

BATON ROUGE – The top attorney for Louisiana State Police was removed from her position Wednesday amid a handful of Chris Nakamoto and WBRZ Investigative Unit reports about State Police emails obtained by the TV station showing how top brass messaged to spin liability for the death of Ronald Greene.

WBRZ and Nakamoto were first to confirm news Faye Morrison was removed as general counsel for the Louisiana Department of Public Safety.

Multiple sources confirmed the re-assignment.  State Police have not released more information.

Morrison was assigned a different position days after WBRZ initially reported on controversial emails Morrison wrote.  She’d previously been the agency’s lead attorney, overseeing all legal matters for DPS, including State Police.

WBRZ obtained email threads showing Morrison discussing ways to spin “liability” after Ronald Greene died in State Police custody and suggested guilty pleas were important to justify troopers’ use of excessive force in any situation. 

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