Your Tax Dollars at Work!

From the latest audits of the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA).

Sheriff 2015
Asessor 2014

5 Responses to “Your Tax Dollars at Work!”

  1. Oldman Says:

    They are the top of the food chain and we the taxpayer are the bottom feeders, Don’t fret we put them there as they have been feeding off of the taxpayer for a long time.

    • vee Says:

      For some reason, most tax increases seem to pass with a majority of voters agreeing to increases. Taxes are way out of hand.

      • cdstock Says:

        Oddly enough that’s how it works. The problem is the “majority” hasn’t voted in quite some time, because they always think, even though time and again history has proven otherwise, it’ll never pass/happen.

  2. Mr. E Says:

    I would be interested in learning if these salary and benefits packages were specific to the individuals holding these offices or just the packages assembled for each office regardless of the individual elected to fill those offices. I’m not defending the people holding these offices, but it is incumbent upon us to truly understand the problem before we pass judgement of go chasing after a solution. These compensation packages are set somewhere, and it would seem that would be the logical place to start searching for a solution. If these individuals worked to increase their compensation through cozy relationships with those who determine compensation or by undue influence, that is a situation which could be approached through law enforcement, but the compensation body is out of control, then an entirely different approach is warranted.

    Recall that when the Fire Board sought to increase the Fire Tax by applying it to every structure in the Parish in violation of the original 1991 agreement, it took the removal of several members of the Fire Board to remedy the situation. Assisting in that effort was the discovery that Tom Thompson was never reappointed to the Fire Board by Vienna. It was Thompson and Parish Fire Chief Ford who were driving this effort to fund an expansion in their little empire. If we had concentrated merely on one aspect of the problem and allowed that to distract us from the big picture, we would never have solved the problem.

    For Lincoln Parish, I believe these compensation packages are out of line with the realities of unemployment and uncertainty faced by Parish residents. Lincoln Parish has little crime, and this is not due to some super policing efforts on the part of Sheriff Mike Stone, but to the makeup of the Parish. Stone has done really nothing other than to occupy the office and continue Wayne Houck’s legacy.

    Lincoln Parish has some of the highest filing fees in Louisiana, yet it remains it dire need of modernization. There is no computer system linking the Clerk’s office with the Assessor’s office or the Sheriff’s office (tax collector) for land issues. Where is the money from these fees going?

    The point is that merely publishing the compensation packages is misleading unless, of course, there exists a situation like that of Bell, California where the City Council was conspiring to inflate the compensation packages of city officials far in excess of similar sized municipalities to the shocking discovery of residents. If that is the case, then let’s find out!

  3. HereWeGoAgain Says:

    what about the Sheriff’s association justifies almost $1000 a month for membership???
    The whole bunch ought to go to jail.
    You people STOP voting for taxes.

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