Ouachita DA Creates National Firestorm

From the New York Post

DA: I didn’t charge Alabama stars because they play football

By Howie Kussoy

Play football, avoid prosecution.

District attorney Jerry Jones of Louisiana is declining to press charges against two Alabama football players — left tackle Cam Robinson and safety Laurence “Hootie” Jones — who were arrested in May. While the filing from the Ouachita Parish District Attorney’s office cites insufficient evidence, Jones stated he was reluctant to hurt the players’ careers.

Both players were arrested in their hometown of Monroe, La., and were potentially facing charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance. Robinson also could have been subject to a felony charge for illegal possession of a firearm.

“I want to emphasize once again that the main reason I’m doing this is that I refuse to ruin the lives of two young men who have spent their adolescence and teenage years, working and sweating, while we were all in the air conditioning,” Jones told KNOE-TV.

062016 Decline

Robinson arrest

Recall that neighboring Lincoln Parish District Attorney John Belton disobeyed a Federal Judge’s order regarding school attendance zones for his kids.

30 Responses to “Ouachita DA Creates National Firestorm”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jones has been lenient with me on drug charges. And I am no famous athlete. Just sayin.’

  2. Blue Says:

    Too big to fail.

  3. Oldman Says:

    Black, the privileged race,also being football players,they surely could do nothing bad. I’m not a racist,just calling it like I see it. What is the use of laws if you don’t follow them,our country is in trouble when we let this happen. The gun charge should have some jail time to serve as it is a felony charge.

    • Bluegumm. Says:

      A felony.
      Also, I was sweating while the DA was in the AC.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Old man I just figured out where all of your racist comments come from,” a jealous heart” I see your wise enough to know that blacks are the privileged race decided by God him self. And because of that you hate blacks.

      • Oldman Says:

        Let me make it clear,I do not hate anybody. I might not like you but I do not hate anybody. If the blacks would quite playing the race card every time,we as a country would be better off. You people need to quite thinking the white race owes you a living,we do not owe you anything. Get your lazy butt up and pull your part and then maybe we can get along together. Also God did not make your race the privilege race by a long shot.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Lazy? Look around you we built this country and all the thanks we get is to be mistreated. You need to come to terms with who and what you are. For you not to think you are a racist tells me you have some deep mental issues going on. You use the name old man, though i dont know how old you really are but for you to keep talking about, lets make America great again you want to go back to the days of oppressing and murdering innocent people. I also noted you are against hun control, you know Control, control. You and i both know who owb arsenal ‘s of guns and its not us. You people are some evil people to prove that we, blacks have a nature more like Gods when our ancestors were cooking and feeding your white ancestors, they could have easily killed a family witj a pot of soup, but our hearts dont work like that. You people dony care how you treat others and i feel sorry for you. You really dont even love your own kind, you all will desert family quickly if they dont share your values of hate. May you find God.

          • Oldman Says:

            you are sick

          • Oldman Says:

            Anonymous,please tell me what part of our country that you built. How are we mistreating you,it seems you get just about anything you want. I do not have any mental issues about being a racist for I am just about as far as I can get from being a racist. My parents taught me to get along with everyone. Yes I am 73 yrs old so I’m a Oldman,and I do want to make America great again. No I’m not for gun control. There a lot of blacks with guns,that I’m not afraid of. You always want to go back and say how bad you were treated as slaves,were you a slave if not how do you know? Your own race caught and sold the slaves to people in America,north and south. Your race is far from being gods race,all people are. I do care how other people are treated. I am beginning to wish we had left your race in Africa,maybe you would be happy there. You people are the ones that don’t like your own race ,if you did you would keep your race pure and not be some mixed breed. May You be the one to find God,with all the hate you show ,that will be hard. I wish you a good day.

  4. Sam Devereaux Says:

    With more DA’s like Jones in this country there would be no criminals.

    • Oldman Says:

      Too much power. If the DA can get a guilty man off,what can he do to a man not guilty ? Any other person he would problemly throw the book at. Tell him you are black and play football then you will be ok. Trump is going to have his hands full making America great again with things like this going on.

  5. Shady Bill Says:

    DA searching for votes. Ouachita’s first black acting DA.

  6. HereWeGoAgain Says:

    Come on; it’s for football, after all…

  7. Mr. E Says:

    Let’s hold on a minute before rushing to judgement just because the mainstream media screamed “DRUGS!” Attitudes towards “controlled substances” such as marijuana are changing rapidly across the country as Americans figure out that the man has been doing some pretty serious lying to us on a whole range of issues. If these players were caught with marijuana, I can easily understand Jones’ reluctance to prosecute them. Perhaps he could have worded his statement to merely explain that there was a lack of evidence instead of adding the part about not wanting to ruin their lives. That would have settled the issue with no firestorm.

    The fact is that marijuana was originally demonized by the government in the 1930s due to racism since it was used by blacks and Mexicans. In the 1920s, there existed cannabis clubs where wealthy white patrons enjoyed recreational use of cannabis, and the drug was widely known as cannabis. When cannabis was outlawed with the Marijuana Stamp Act, the name was changed from cannabis to marijuana because that was the Mexican slang name for the drug.

    Marijuana has a multitude of medicinal uses including its use by cancer patients to settle the stomach after intense chemotherapy sessions so the patients can eat food. I’m as conservative as they come and I do not use cannabis under any circumstances, but I am an American who has seen my government lie to me far too much over the past few years to believe what the man has to say. I did some research and found a host of lies perpetrated by the government when it comes to cannabis. There’s a wonderful tool out there for discovering the truth known as the Internet, and the man has lost control of it.

    During WWII, the government actually exempted farmers and their families from military service if they grew cannabis to make rope for the military. Yeah, do a little research and discover just how much the man has been lying to you. But, I digress.

    As the DA, Jerry Jones enjoys a wide latitude in bringing charges against someone. Just because he exercised discretion in this particular case doesn’t mean he’s allowing criminals to roam the streets. These two defendants didn’t emulate the vast majority of self-indulgent kids out there by developing an entitlement mentality and causing trouble. They did put in long hours learning to play football to the point where they were good enough to be recruited to a top football school like Alabama. That fact deserves a little consideration, and I’m sure that is what Jones meant and not the implication behind the media headline that they were just famous football players.

  8. Shady Bill Says:

    What about stolen gun?

  9. Oldman Says:

    They were already criminals when they were caught with a stolen weapon. There are already too many deaths related to stolen weapons. These boys had criminal intent just by having a stolen weapon along with drugs. Did they steal that weapon,did they know it was stolen and what were they doing with it in their car along with possession of marijuana? Very little is said about a stolen weapon. Drugs along with a weapon carries a bigger sentence than drugs along most of the time. There are a lot of people in the pen that were put there with a stolen weapon with drugs charge,do we say sorry and let them out. Anytime you go out and about with a stolen weapon and drugs in your possession then you are up to no good,you are a criminal no if ands or buts. Also possession of a stolen weapon by itself is a criminal offense is it not? This marijuana was not used for a medical condition ,it was used to get high and along with the stolen weapon to break the law ,which is a criminal offense .If they were such good boys they would not have been put in this position to start with.

  10. Mr. E Says:

    My point was not to defend these two football players, but to point out that the media can take a perfectly reasonable situation and portray it in a way that totally misleads the public as to the reality of the situation by allowing their bias to run rampant with their word choices.

    We’ve seen the media lie to us repeatedly about the Obama administration and the Clintons’ myriad scandals over the years. The media is quick to scream doom and gloom because that sells papers and gets attention, but it also creates an ethically challenging environment where bias is allowed to misconstrue the reality of a situation. We the public need to stop falling for the old headline inclusion of drugs to bias us into believing that the subject of the story is automatically guilty.

    In America, one is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but does anyone actually believe that to be the case? When you see a headline screaming that someone was arrested for drugs, is your first thought that the person is innocent as you wait for the judicial process to play out, or is it a belief that the guy is just guilty and ought to go to jail? Now, what if you were the one arrested? Would you want the presumption of innocence, or the rush to judgement brought on by the media?

    Stop buying into the lies of the man by playing his game. Think for yourself and stop allowing the man to think for you. If these football players are determined to become criminals, that will catch up with them soon enough. I can’t determine their guilt because I don’t have all the facts from both sides. I just have what the paper said about the situation. Therefore, I will continue to withhold judgement.

  11. Dan Johnson Says:

    roll Tide. Here is to the players and DA that make a great football team. Remember Little Feather who got 20 years for trying to warn the Bastrop Sheriff’s Department their deputies were going to get killed. Where is Sinyale Morrison? “Defender of the corrupt destroyer of the weak.”

  12. Bob Sherunkel Says:

    Its a shame that ONLY NOW does Belton’s defiance of the law as it pertains to school be talked about.

    Lets see, just since the election we have seen on here…
    He was on the BOD of Southern University as it spun into chaos and <5% graduation rate.
    He defied the law and sent his children to school out of town.
    He has passed off on headline murder cases to the state.

    Yeah, I'd say he's qualified.

  13. Anonymous Says:


    • Anonymous Says:

      I see you too have a case of selected anemia. Go back in history and tell me how many whites walked free after raping and lynching innocent people. Belton has done no more than those who held the office before him. He’s a very intelligent black man who knows how to play the white mans game of corruption. Now you mad. Get over it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You;re not very perceptive, are you.

      • Cowboy Says:

        Now see, there’s the source of your problem. You think all white people have been playing some kind of con on black people because white people obey the rules and get ahead while blacks ignore the rules and fall behind. You’ve bought completely into the progressive Democrat narrative that has rewritten history to cast all black troubles as the fault of white without any responsibility on the part of blacks. You don’t even see that the progressives (Democrats) have divided you against other Americans and that they are oppressing whites just like they are oppressing blacks. This is the classic Roman divide and conquer strategy, but you don’t recognize it because you refuse to study history, another progressive tactic employed to keep you from learning the truth.

        The truth is that the progressives (Democrats) are playing you blacks against us middle class whites by convincing you that we are well off at the expense of blacks. The reality is that the progressives (Democrats) are seeking control over both blacks AND whites and using blacks to accomplish their goal. While blacks are busy pointing the finger at whitey, the progressives (Democrats) are busy consolidating their power over all of us! Gun control is their way of denying ALL Americans the ability to fight back against government tyranny, and they use blacks and their idiotic Black Lives Matter campaign to stir up trouble so they can enact gun control under the pretext of public safety. Meanwhile, black on black crime continues to explode and take orders of magnitude more black lives than white on black crime, but blacks ignore that reality because the progressives (Democrats) have convinced you all that it’s a conspiracy from whitey.

        Grow up, study some history, think for yourself, and get a clue!!!

  14. Oldman Says:

    Well thought out and said,Cowboy. If only the blacks could only see they were still slaves,slaves to the government. They need to look at what the government done to the Indians and were the Indians are today,slaves. They are doing the same thing to the blacks.

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