Key Pleads Guilty, 5/9/14 Sentencing Set

Gibsland Mayor Odell Key perpwalk @ Bienville Parish Court House - 2/26/14

Gibsland Mayor Odell Key perpwalk @ Bienville Parish Court House – February 26, 2014

Town of Gibsland Mayor Odell Key plead guilty to one count of Malfeasance in Office in Second Judicial (Bienville, Claiborne, Jackson Parishes) District Court in Arcadia early this afternoon. Sentencing is set for 11:00 AM, May 9, at the Bienville Parish Court House, pending a pre-sentencing investigation.

Flanked by his attorney, Monroe’s LaValle Salomon, Key listened as Division C Judge Glenn Fallin explained the consequences of his guilty plea. One of the conditions of the plea deal is that Key resign as mayor.

See here the Bill of Information.

Key was originally charged with several counts when he was arrested last December.

Louisiana Attorney General Criminal Division Director Kurt Wall said that his office would not make any recommendations as to sentencing, instead leaving that to Fallin’s discretion.

Fallin said the maximum sentence could be five years and $5 thousand fine, but that the law did not specify a minimum sentence.

Speaking to assembled reporters after the court proceedings, Wall said the successful prosecution was the result of “good police work on the part of the Bienville Parish Sheriff’s Office,” and Sheriff John Ballance.

Asked if pleading his client guilty was difficult, Salomon said, “Always.”

Salomon said that the prospect of of a long trial, considering Key’s health and age (73), plus a desire for the community to move forward prompted them to “resolve the matter in this fashion.”

Key had no comment.

A Fiscal Administrator was appointed to run the town last year.

6 Responses to “Key Pleads Guilty, 5/9/14 Sentencing Set”

  1. sunrisesunset Says:

    What goes around comes around, doesn’t it, Mr. Odell Key?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    At least Gibsland had a mayor who had enough internal fortitude to plead guilty instead of spending his town’s money on a frivilous suit as Thompson did. But having known Thompson for a long time, I knew he didn’t have the guts to plead guilty nor the intelligence.

    What became of the Contempt charges on Jonesboro ex-Mayor Thompson, Alderman Cottonham, Flowers & Mason? That’s right, we haven’t forgotten nor are we likely to.

  3. Henry Says:

    Let’s go for Mayo…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe he can share a room with Leslie Thompson and they can share stories of back in the day….

  5. GrayBarsForever Says:

    What about Charles Jones: who is rooming with him?

  6. Says:

    If Jason still allowed himself being angered by Blake’s words, who is in charge of Jason’s life: himself or Blake. Let your reader in on what things were before this key shift of power occurred which includes changed the hero’s life.

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