2nd Circuit Slams Monroe PD on False Arrest Case

Louisiana’s Second Circuit Court of Appeals this morning reversed a district court and held that the Monroe Police Department falsely arrested, falsely imprisoned, and maliciously prosecuted Annette Brown in 2009.

The court also awarded her $20 thousand in damages, money that the taxpayers of Monroe will have to pay.

This court concurs with plaintiff’s argument that because Det. Dowdy’s investigation was substandard, he failed to perform his duty to correctly identify the suspect prior to her arrest and incarceration and this was the cause-in-fact of the Ms. Brown’s wrongful arrest at her place of employment in the presence of her co-workers. The law imposes a duty on law enforcement officers to correctly identify a suspect prior to arresting and jailing her specifically in instances such as these to prevent injuries of the exact nature that Ms. Brown suffered.

See here the complete document.

The plaintiff attorney in the case was Anthony Bruscato. Defending was City Attorney Nanci Summersgill.

2 Responses to “2nd Circuit Slams Monroe PD on False Arrest Case”

  1. Jane Says:

    Go Anthony Bruscato. Proper leadership in the city could have prevented this. She deserved much more. This shows how important the best department heads for the city is a must or must not in Mayo’s case. Why would the city fight this case? City should be ashamed. Mayo should be made to apologize.

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