Port Allen, LA Update – 5/30/13

Judge seeks clear definition of Port Allen official’s job duties

PORT ALLEN — The court battle between Mayor Demetric “Deedy” Slaughter and city Chief Financial Officer Audrey McCain has been once again pushed back to another day.

The development came Wednesday as a state district judge asked McCain’s attorneys to file legal documents clearly defining her job duties for the court.

Attorneys for both McCain and Slaughter met in chambers with District Judge Alvin Batiste to review state statutes outlining McCain’s job functions as the city of Port Allen’s chief financial officer, municipal clerk and tax collector.

It was the second time Batiste delayed proceedings in the litigation. Wednesday’s scheduled hearing had been reset from April 30.

“Basically, it was an informal discussion with the judge, myself and the counsel for the mayor as far as reaching a stipulation as per the statutory duties of Mrs. McCain,” Cy D’Aquila, one of McCain’s attorneys, said after the court session. “It’s not a win or lose situation. It’s basically trying to find that happy medium between Mrs. McCain and the mayor.”

McCain has asked the court to grant a permanent injunction nullifying Slaughter’s February attempt to fire her.

Letter: Normalcy needed in Port Allen

May 29, 2013

Rarely do I feel the need to clarify or defend my words or actions. But, the May 26 article by Advocate reporter Terry Jones concerning the salary of Port Allen Mayor Demetric Slaughter is an exception.

In her first five months in office, Mayor Slaughter’s actions have created an atmosphere around City Hall and West Baton Rouge unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed — with her salary being the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

I did not simply and unequivocally agree the salary the mayor and her “chief of staff” erroneously set for her was justified! The mayor’s salary is to be set by council vote, not by an in-house memo/directive delivered by an unpaid “chief of staff!” This is only one of the many bizarre actions that have occurred since Jan. 1.

Looking back on my phone log, my conversation with Jones lasted five minutes and five seconds. To have two sentences cherry-picked from a five-minute conversation is disappointing. I stated clearly to Jones that by law the mayor’s salary was something the City Council should have addressed. The fact that is was not brought before the council raises serious concerns about how City Hall is being run, and by whom.

I hope this somewhat clears up my opinion on this topic. I also hope, in the near future, some sense of normalcy returns to Port Allen City Hall.

Hugh Riviere – Port Allen city councilman

2 Responses to “Port Allen, LA Update – 5/30/13”

  1. Renee Stringer Says:

    Normalcy at City Hall……how great a dream of all the residents of the Town of Jonesboro, especially those that cannot get an accurate water bill, water leaks fixed, resolution to their issues and most of all those that pay taxes and expect them to be utilized for their intended purpose not for personal gain as indicated by the salary increase for the mayor and the proposed increase by the Council for the Council.

    Normalcy at City Hall……financial records that can actually be audited and a definitive answer to simple questions for example: Is the Town of Jonesboro Solvent?

    Normalcy at City Hall….. the ability to ask questions of the Legal Counsel that is paid by the Taxpayer to represent the TOWN not the Mayor and allow elected Officials to do the job they were elected to do which it to represent the people and not to be a member that sits and bows and follows the dictates of one man that has with considerable help been allowed to bring a once thriving Town to it’s proverbial knees.

    Normalcy at City Hall…….the ability to request PUBLIC RECORDS without having to file a FOIA and or pay an exorbitant price per page.

    Normalcy at City Hall……the ability to discuss the needs of the TAXPAYER without having to have a signed Affidavit by the TAXPAYER to discuss their problems.

    Normalcy at City Hall……..a staff and employees that can actually do the job required of them-balance a check book or pass a test that would provide the TAXPAYER with assurance that a pesticide can be applied to kill those dreaded mosquitoes that were the topic of a dissertation that was given last year at a Council meeting.

    Normalcy at City Hall……..people that follow the Lawrason Act and the Revised Statutes of the United States and Louisiana, but in the Town of Jonesboro it appears that all the above is not considered NORMAL, it is just an inconvenient expectation to assume an elected Official will do what is required of them which would be to serve the TAXPAYER not themselves.

  2. Renee Says:

    Reblogged this on Renee Stringer 2014.

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