Jonesboro Alderman Arrested

Town of Jonesboro Alderman-at-Large LaStevic Cottonham was arrested yesterday on a misdemeanor charge of interfering with a police officer, Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) has learned.

A Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office (JPSO) deputy was answering a call for an altercation near Pearrie Park when the alleged incident occurred.

Cottonham was released on $10 thousand bond, it was reported.

54 Responses to “Jonesboro Alderman Arrested”

  1. L.J. Says:

    when are they going to make arrests for the perjury or is that going to swept under the rug just like all the other things that have occured during the reign of the king?

  2. abcdeFG Says:

    God’s time! It will all happen on God’s time. He sees all and knows all and hears our prayers for help for our town. He knows when He has seen enough and will deliver us.

  3. wondering Says:

    Wonder if he will be at the special called meeting today?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Surely the majority of the people in Jonesboro are disappointed in what they have seen in the past two and a half years, even those who voted for Thompson and his three stooges.

  5. JustMe Says:

    You know, we all like to get on our soapbox now and then and tell everyone what’s wrong, make judgment calls, and whatever. But I have to stop and just ask this very simple question – as it relates to the Town of Jonesboro and its’ problems as well as the problems with its’ elected officials — is there anything we (the public) can legally do to end this charade?? If just doesn’t seem possible that all this “mess” can continue. Our Town (financially and Morally) is at stake! Can anybody answer this simple question – “what can we do to stop this?”

    • Shannon Says:

      file a Federal Class Action Law Suit against all the ones that have the authority to actually do the job they were elected to do…..but have repeatedly denied the rights of the citizens…..and get someone from outside the good ole boy network to file it otherwise you get the same thing you have now, just a bunch of hot air excuses about why they can’t do anything.

      • abcdeFG Says:

        Shannon, that is a great idea, but like the lawsuits that are on-going with the town and such, it would take forever.

    • Power to the People Says:

      Maybe go out and vote? Voter turnout has been woefully low in the last two mayoral elections. Only 57 percent voted last time, and even fewer voted the time before that. And before I hear how Leslie controls the town, only half of Freddie Brown’s precincts came out and voted. Know who’s real good at getting his supporters out? Leslie. So next election, get people to go out and vote. There’s a legal option that doesn’t rely on anyone but the voters. How much does it mean to you? Are you willing to go door to door for a candidate? Fundraise for a candidate? Call people for a candidate? Instead of complaining about what all the elected officials aren’t doing, organize a movement of citizens to make sure people go to the polls. And while your there, throw out ALL the elected people that refuse to do their jobs.

      • open wallet Says:

        you might want to figure out a way to thwart all the magnificent “donors” that have lined up n the past to line the pockets that were listed as “canvassing” that included the infamous individuals that have somehow been in the wings off stage during this epic production of “The Saga of Jonesboro” manipulating all the inaction and providing favors one after another. You must remember there are several upcoming elections that will require a vote and only one can provide that voter base and they will gladly pay that “canvassing” fee to get that support in order to stay in office.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    That is the same council man that helped get rid of the JB police dept. right.

  7. Ruby Flowers Says:

    Is he the same that was arrested in Winn Parish a couple of years ago?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    To answer that question, No!
    The only way to stop it is to vote it out.
    Yes, Ruby, same one.

    • Anonymous Says:

      u people are dumb as a rock if u think renee or mr brown can beat leslie. it doesn’t matter who turns out if leslie is able to run again he will win again. in the black’s mind he hasn’t done any wrong and also in the black’s mind the town is made of money and its about time we the black’s got some of it.

      • A black person Says:

        My dog can beat leslie in the next election. Only the ignorant blacks (those that don’t understand fiscal responsibility) and those that are benefiting from him being in office will vote for leslie. You will see. leslie will not get the black vote again. Everyone knows he is an idiot and a crook.

        • Leslie is KING and the rest of you are FOOLS Says:

          OMG are you serious? Leslie will win again and again!

          • A black person Says:

            You must be one of the ignorant blacks?

            • Anonymous Says:

              actually i’m white, i’ve watched many races and the one certain thing is that blacks stick together. there isn’t a white in jonesboro that can come anywhere close to leslie. i wish i knew who you were so i could make a bet with you and take your money, if leslie is allowed to run for office again HE WILL BE ELECTED!!!!!

      • a non a mouse Says:

        I think they are still looking for that 20 acres and a mule promised to them by a long dead president.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Well I m glad to hear that there are some black citizens tired of what Leslie has done to the whole town of Jonesboro. But you must also remember that those three immature council members have to be voted out as well.

    • anonymous Says:

      you keep forgetting lumpkins, what has he contributed to the mix but affirmation or abstention, he needs to go too!

      • no free passes Says:

        Exactly..he is an idiot and was an orchestration of the mayor. He votes with him..he always has…but he always gets a pass in being mentioned. Is it because he is white? He is just as guilty as the others so I would hope you people would start saying FOUR council members. No free pass for the white guy.

  10. Unlnown Says:

    How can they keep being arrested and still hold their seat on the board ,

  11. Anonymous Says:

    That’s what you call a government job if it was a real job with a real boss you would be fired.I would like to think if everyone who had a concern about this would call Fannin or Stewart and tell them we have a problem with the way Jonesboro is being run after a while it will get on their nerves and they might mention it to the right people to put a stop to it,

    • anonymous Says:

      dream on……..many calls have been made, many visits……all to naught……..just another call to warn him about who called or came by and why they were there to complain…….it’s a circle, ya know like filthy water in a toilet that never goes down the drain….it just circles and leaves a nasty stain.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    We don’t talk about Lumpkins because he want run again. He knows better.

    • I. T. Says:

      so he gets a by because he won’t run again…….he is there now and doing just what his king and his associate tells him to do……just because you “think” he won’t run again, don’t buy that……..he will do as told and smile all the way to the trough… wait and see.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    First, yes if leslie goes unopposed by another black candidate he will win everytime he runs. It doesnt matter what the black community says about him in public, when it comes time to cast that vote they will vote for him. We need an honest black candidate to take the position from him. That is the one and only way you will ever see a new mayor.

    Secondly, the district Sam represents might as well be unrepresented right now. The way he is conducting himself, he is serving no purpose what so ever! I mean seriously, the people elect their councilman to be their voice. If that person abstains every single vote on every single matter. Those people have no voice. He serves absolutley no purpose the way he is doing whatever it is he calls himself doing. I hope he makes the wise decisuon and does not run again. If he does I honestly will be shocked! I do not know why anyone would want to serve on that council as long as the puppets hold the majority vote!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    James Bradford is the man!

    • J.BECK Says:

      who the man,James bradford he’s nobody leader, Mayor L. Thompson IS THE MAN .

      • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

        Mr. Beck, I agree with you – Les Lie is the man, the laughing stock of all of Louisiana. Les Lie has all but destroyed the beautiful town of Jonesboro, my hometown. Les Lie could not lead a group of hungry piss ants to a fresh pie at a picnic and Les Lie certainly doesn’t have the intelligence to lead a town of nearly 3500. I don’t know this for certain but from all that I read about Les Lie, he is enriching himself at the expense of the citizens of Jonesboro. I just want to know where the $800,000 from the police department went. Mr. Beck, you just keep on supporting Les Lie and maybe after August you can attend one of those special meetings that he calls except this time it will be at the grey bar hotel. Let’s hear it for Les Lie!!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      In which District does Mr. Bradford reside? Just wondering which council person is his.

      • E. Jackson Says:

        If sister runs for Flower’s seat and her daughter is the Magistrate and the new enforcement man is their kin folk what do you think they will do? Just watch that unfold……yall aint seen nuthin yet. you will be beggin for the king to come back with his 4 stooges.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    We also need to know who Bradford is going to support for alderman at large. If no change is made there, we will be back in the same boat, no matter who is elected mayor. I don’t think Stringer will support the present one.

  16. Brenda Ann James Says:

    at least he turned himself in and that does not uphold what he did but you do have to wonder about a misdemeanor charge with a warrant and a Judgement that spells out Perjury for two individuals and they are walking free and unless the code has changed that might just be a felony……..allegedly the illustrious powers that be are going to put that before a Grand Jury……so, if the councilman had the stash perhaps he too could just walk around and wait on his Grand Jury decision…..but it’s just Jackson Parish where justice is met around the corner and behind closed doors. Thumbs up to Teat for manning up and writing the facts as they were presented via their evidence, but again why are two alleged potential felons still walking the streets? Money talks and favors walk……..

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Bradford has enough money to live on he should not have to take the pocket change Jonesboro has left after the leslie rein. Heck he might put some back in the town. James Bradford is the man.

    • anonymous Says:

      if ya need help gettin a sex pervert off the hook…………..kissin the feet of the legend in their own mind whites….oh yeahl…….he da man and put some pocket change back in……how much change did a our community get…..still waitin on that $$$$$$$.

    • J. BECK Says:

      JAMES BRADFORD ,ain’t nothing ,but a poor excuse of being a black man,he’s really a white man flunkee so he’s not the man, MAYOR THOMPSON IS THE THE MAN , AND EVERY BODY KNOWS THAT,BECAUSE HE’S TRYING TO PUSH THE TOWN FORWARD AND MOST PEOPLE WANT THE TOWN TO STAY IN 1950 AREA.

      • anonymous Says:

        just what direction is the 1950 area -top cop aka god child aka educated one……..

  18. Anonymous Says:

    leslie is driving in the rearview he is going in the wrong direction

  19. Anonymous Says:

    To J. Beck: Jonesboro was a better town in the 1950’s than it is now. In fact, you can’t name a single year in the past that was in the condition this town is in now. It can all be blamed on Leslie Thompson and his three stooges.

    • J. BECK Says:


      • J. BECK Says:



        F Y I -here is the definition of progress… look closely and read this and then let the world know what you or your idol has done for the Town of Jonesboro that vaguely resembles the defintion of the word progress:.
        Movement, as toward a goal; advance,
        Development or growth-the only thing you two have grown is the debt factor, steady decline of revenue and the only constant in the equation is DECLINE. Good job mate!!!

    • B. Jeck Says:

      Top Cop aka God Child aka Educated One……FYI the people are not being represented…..ya idol is the only thing ya represent and ya bobble ya head and grunt every time he says jump…..back door deals are being made…..and ya stand guard at the back door so they can make them…….uh yeah…..that’s right. no, ya idol and you are to blame……ya two are the ones in charge eva day…..ya two have really made some huge changes and progress……ya two have managed to break a town and work toward a goal of destroying everything that was eva good about the boro….yes bro…..ya have changed the town and ya can mark that right by ya name on the log at the gray bar hotel when ya check in with him…….maybe ya can be in the same cell and have all the head bobbin grunting meetings ya can stand……..uncle tom…….ya have to be able to read to be able to understand the book and ya must not read the book…..uncle tom.

    • anonymous Says:

      4 stooges

  20. anonymous Says:

    poor folks have poor ways…..dont keep sayin you the rep of the people cause you acting in poor ways.

  21. voting Says:

    Bertha gonna beat flower child…….all the way all the day………..early votes already coming in………..

  22. Anonymous Says:

    To J. Beck: Had a hard time understanding what you were trying to say in your recent post with all the misspelled words, but I believe it was something like this: “For your information, they are not stooges, they are human beings…” The dictionary description for “stooge” is “one who plays a subordinate or compliant role to a principal, a puppet.” Seems hard to find a better definition for three of the aldermen, and there is no reference to such a person not being a “human being.” In fact, the only accurate statement in your message is that they were elected by a majority of the voters in their districts, and even that doesn’t apply to the alderman at large, who was elected by voters from all districts. As for the rest of it, I have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe you or somebody else who does will explain. . .

    • Mrs. Bradley Says:

      Get a life

      • cop top Says:

        top cop aka god child aka educated one aka j beck…..get a dictionary or pictionary……..or something to help you write a complete sentence…….gray bar hotel has books you can check out…….if you can cash an extra check in the canteen like you like to do………

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