Higher Ed Roundup – 5/27/12

Grambling could suffer from proposed budget cuts

Barry Erwin: Cutting higher education not a solution

2 Responses to “Higher Ed Roundup – 5/27/12”

  1. Dee Says:

    Barry Erwin made two significant statements , in my opinion,bearing on costs of education that does need addressing considering the financial situation our state and even our nation faces. ” Salaries for college professors, which many think are too high, are actually the fourth lowest among the 16 schools in the southeast region.

    And yet while many call for major structural change and even the closure of some universities, the Legislature has no appetite for any of that”
    1. Salaries are 4th lowest among 16 in the southeast region…..
    It seems some politicians think if we are near the low in spending ( in this case for salaries) then , horrors, we must not go any lower! But I ask, how do we rate in Louisiana among the 16 in poverty ? What is the average income of the taxpayers in La. vs the other 16?
    2. The legislature has no appetite for “structural change” or “closure” of any university”.
    I have read there is no resident in Louisiana farther than 35 miles away from an institution of higher learning.
    Why then would they hesitate to make needed cost saving changes even if it meant closing some schools? Can we only assume it is their personal greed? They know they would not be re-elected if they closed that economic purse for their district. Never mind it is costing every parent throughout the state more each year to send our young to college , who upon graduation usually have to leave the state to find employment. Is it reasonable to put the blame for some of our financial woes on the legislature?

  2. GothicArc Says:

    Barry Irwin is wrong: cuts to universities is the perfect solution, if the problem is recalcitrant taxpayers who refuse to give politicians more money. Hit ’em where it hurts!

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