GNLCDC Grant Money Drying Up

A major source of funding for Jonesboro’s Greater North Louisiana Community Development Corporation (GNLCDC) – taxpayer-funded grants – has declined precipitously from calendar year 2009 to 2010, the organization’s tax returns show.

GNLCDC received $48,504 in government grants in 2010, down from $368,768 in 2009.

Total revenues also have plunged, from about $512 thousand in 2009 to about $222 thousand in 2010.

However, salaries, compensation, and benefits of current officers, directors, trustees, and key employees more than doubled from 2009 to 2010 – about $58 thousand to about $125 thousand.

See here the documents:

2010 Form 990
2009 Form 990

The GNLCDC is organized as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt public charity, and as such, their Form 990 (Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax) is public record.

Prior to 2009, total revenues for GNLCDC had grown every year since at least as far back as 2005.

In 2005, total revenues were about $90 thousand. By 2008, that number was about $583 thousand. Revenues declined slightly to about $512 thousand in 2009.

2005 Form 990
2006 Form 990
2007 Form 990
2008 Form 990

Last week, GNLCDC’s chairman, Herbert Simmons, Jr. – a close political ally of Jonesboro’s controversial mayor Leslie Thompson – wrote a somewhat disjointed letter to the editor of The Jackson Independent that some observers say was indicative of funding problems for the organization.


48 Responses to “GNLCDC Grant Money Drying Up”

  1. Renee Stringer Says:

    Well, let’s look at the facts. 1. The Town of Jonesboro has not had a complete Audit in 3 years-FACT. 2. The Legislative Auditor sent a team of auditors up to complete a Compliance Audit that had numerous findings-that if a Business-which the Town is supposed to be, not a public handout station and personal money dispensary- were found within the Public Sector-the Federal Government would have already stepped in and indicted the CEO or CFO-whomever would have been at the helm of said Business at the time of the findings, but the Town of Jonesboro has been protected and unscathed at the hands of the State and local Government including the current District Attorney. 3. Stunning revelations that one man that can come to a Council meeting and demand that a piece of property be “donated” to his Government Subsidized operation and then paying less than agreed upon by a vote of the Council which, yet again, this was also a finding in the Compliance Audit-had this been conducted in the Business Sector or any other place other than Jackson Parish- there would been an in depth investigation and may have been prosecuted, but that issue falls into the actions as defined above. 4. Tax Payers Dollars utilized to mow a segregated cemetery- how does one know what race is buried in a cemetery that was created long before the 1940’s? The oldest part that the Town of Jonesboro owns has markers that have been obliterated by the elements and are some of the original markers. How does one not know there were people of all races, including Native Americans interned in the ONLY OFFICIAL JONESBORO CEMETERY? The so called Well to Do families have donated money to have the Cemetery mowed for years, some years it exceeded the cost to mow, so the Town was not incurring debt related to mowing the so called Segregated Cemetery but since the current administration has proven the inability to handle the Finances of the Town, that source of revenue has dried up but I guess those so called Well to Do families were wrong for the expectation of having their money utilized for it’s intended purpose-defined as Financial Accountability. 5. Rumors-there are all kinds of FACTS that abound-Numerical FACTS-those are the things that Business utilizes to track the MONEY, those are the things that Government is SUPPOSED TO UTILIZE to KEEP RECORD OF THE PUBLIC’S TAX DOLLARS THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE UTILIZED TO CONDUCT THE BUSINESS OF THE TOWN FOR ALL THE TAXPAYERS, not just the chosen few. 6. Work together-that is defined as you will do what( I want) or it is not defined as working together. Public Funds are just that-PUBLIC-if you run your business with Public Funds, the Public has a right to know what you do with the money-again defined as Financial Accountability-so if someone wants to know about how the taxes that they pay are utilized by an entity that is supported by those taxes-they have the right to question and do research relative to those tax dollars including requesting a copy of a public document which has been an ongoing issue that yet again, the District Attorney has never addressed, but fortunately the Federal Government does provide that information to any individual that requests it relative any entity that receives Federal Funding, so complaining about any person that has contacted the Secretary of the State of Louisiana for Public information regarding the Corporate holdings is a moot point, any State Funding that has been provided is PUBLIC money and information relative to that or Federal Funding can be obtained. Why would anyone complain about providing PUBLIC information that should show how well a tax payer funded entity is running? When you have an inordinate amount of debt, when you have Federal Tax Lien placed against the assets of the Town, when your Health Insurance is cancelled three times and you fail to pay your Worker’s Compensation and Liability insurance, I don’t think that qualifies as a bad RUMOR-those are cold hard facts and they will stand as facts no matter how hard the Administration or his allies try to persuade the Public that all is well and great and wonderful things are happening in Jonesboro.

  2. JustMe Says:

    Amen Renee!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What has happened to the fiscal administrator that was coming to Jonesboro to run things?

    • Renee Stringer Says:

      Call the Attorney General-the ball keeps getting bounced back to his court as all calls relative to the Financial Administrator go unanswered by the Legislative Auditor and that also includes calls to the District Attorney. Good luck.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    How many employees?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Just like ol Les, the employees of GNLCDC must be fattening their pocketbooks regardless of the money flow that apparently is drying up. Shameful day in Jonesboro that there is so much corruption happening in here and ABSOLUTELY spineless jerks will do NOTHING to help bring Jonesboro out of the depths of the abyss.

    They are enablers to say the least. What a disgrace these elected officials are.

    • Paul B. Says:

      well, when that well runs dry they will just move to the next place and set up camp and reinvent themselves to get more funding.

  6. Doctor, Doctor, gives me some news... Says:

    I like how Hebert Simmons calls himself Dr. Hebert Simmons (see the tax report preparer). It makes me giggle! To bad your mayor does not have any more education or you could call him “Dr. Mayor Thompson” ….or the Rev Dill could be “Dr. Rev Dill”

    Next time you at your local pharmacy, please address your pharmacist as “Dr.”.

    They both has higher education degrees but neither have been to med school.

    Hey do not forget about any local teachers with PhDs or the local attorneys…..they have the same degree of Mr. Simmons so, please feel free to start referring to all these local folks as “Dr.”…..just use caution when you are ill and need A REAL DOCTOR!!!

    • Costly Job Says:

      Next time you see he, see if he will give you a check up! Gonna cost you a little money though….he is a doctor you know!

    • Ed. Central Says:

      The way you use your English? Sounds to me like you need higher education. Why don’t you start with 8th grade and see how that works!

      • Costly Job Says:

        Thanks…Dr. Ed Central…you make us giggle too!!!

      • Donald M. Fowler Says:

        I think that starting at the 8th grade level would put an undue burden on Costly Jobs. He sounds like a fourth or fifth grader to me. And if Rev Dill is in a bind, would Dill Pickle be a better name rather than doctor?

  7. Does Segregation only go one way???? Says:

    Wait a minute…Dr. Mr. Simmons might know about segregated cemeteries….I think his father ran a segregated funeral home business.

    • Bea Goodman Says:

      Leave Herb Simmons alone…he is a hard working man….take a look at the report …he works 40 hours a week at the non profit, grant ran office and is an assistant professor at Grambling….poor man…don’t leave much time for fun or spending money does it?

  8. I'll Show you the MONEY...later....lots later! Says:

    Is this a SEGREGATED non profit? Any of those directors white?

    Interesting that the treasurer is from Lafayette and a retired school bus driver…can’t find a person in Jonesboro to keep up with the money? Wait, I get it now….the treasurer is Janice Simmon’s father….oh yeah, keep the money in the family.

    Think Janice Simmon’s has a brother that is a “Bishop” at his own church in Lafayette….Google Bishop Jarvis Harmon.

    Also, the 2010 report has a section about a hotel….maybe the Simmons will build a hotel with the Mayor!

    • Anonymous Says:

      I googled Bishop Jarvis Harman. All I have to say is WOW. I will let you read the arrest report and watch the video on youtube from the Lafayette news reporting on it for yourself. It just keeps getting better and better.

  9. Ben Dover Says:

    Good news to all….the Rev Dill aka The Fount is back…he has been gone for the past four months on his website….looking for reporters if you want to apply!

    • Dont Care Says:

      and just who in the entire world cares except the one he caters to?

    • Messy Says:

      I care…he, as a man of the Bible, will report the whole truth about the happenings at the Town of Jonesboro.

      • Tom P. Says:

        Raise your right hand and repeat after me: the Whole Truth is about to emerge like a L Train flying through New York City on a cold winter night and the conductor will be none other than the one that has been sitting in the seat next to the king.

        • Messy Says:

 are not correct.

          The truth is all is well in Jonesboro.

          No missing money. All is good.

          More money is coming. All will continue to be well.

          Lestevic & Devin….please show these folks…write your letter to the editor like Dr. Simmons did…you tell them!!!

      • AAA Says:

        Is this person on Crack?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Hey now, leave the Simmons alone. They needed that money to send their son to the barely segregated Cedar Creek School. All the while screaming black power down in the black neighborhood.and getting “donations” for them to go on a family cruise. They are playing everybody, blacks and whites, and are smarter than we give them credit for.

    • Latisha J. Says:

      Correction, they aren’t playing everybody, some of us have seen through the facade all along. They aren’t playing the Feds anymore either, obviously Rhino Rodney must have seen the light, the Federal Fund switch has not been moved to the “pour the money out” position as of late as evidenced by the 990 that was filed.

  11. anonymous Says:

    Very interesting family operation on taxpayers dollars. Serving a six parish area but is each of the parishes represented on the board? Wait…daddy treasuror from Lafayette, son-in-law director, wife/daughter of director and treasuror highest paid employee, nepotism regulations should crash this operation . Wondering how many actual people became homeowners with their help in each parish? How many youth programs in each parish? How many minority/women businesses started in each parish? How many persons have received training to open businesses and from which parishes? Web site out of date with info so what are the actual numbers? Sounds a little hinky, I’m thinking

    • Anonymous Says:

      Please, Dr. Simmons, write another letter to the editor and give out the numbers so these naysayers can move on. Show how great you doing spending the tax dollar grants to help so many other folks. Publish your success stories… the folks of Jackson Parish you are not out to make your family rich…you taking care of hundreds of folks in our area.

      You are out serving the public…not serving yourself!

      • Ben 2 Washington 2 Says:

        Please pass the Pepto, I think I am going to barf………

        • WalMart Says:

          Don’t worry Ben, maybe we need some of that “Stuff” they sell on Leon Drive, out of the “Clown Cars”, and by the way, I’m going to start wearing my pants half way down my a?? and see if I can, “Gets mes sum Monies cuz it’s owed to mes”!

          Heard that at JB WalMart this morning? Enough Said!!

          Show respect, Respect others, and You Get RESPECT!!! That is the way I was Taught!

          • Ben 2 Washington 2 Says:

            Unfortunately, some folks think because they went to D.C and Baton Rouge and other metropolitan areas and learned how to milk the system….they are owed something. Then on the other hand you have the one that thinks because they are a certain color they are owed something and more importantly they don’t have to adhere to the law or any other criteria. Put the two mentalities together and you get just what you have in Jonesboro……..a formula for total failure. But, there will always be people on the fringe that are provided a minor freebie from the time spent at the taxpayer’s well, so they tend to be drawn in by the allure of a free ride. Sad to say, but the well is drying up, on the National, Statewide and Local level. The people that should feel the most shame are the ones that have conditioned people to think and act as though they are owed something and that with that debt comes the entitlement syndrome. Pathetic.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yes indeedy! And, I do declare the Simmons family seems to be kind of racist if they are not employing whites at their beloved building on Industrial Dr.

      Come on Simmons family………are you racist? We need to hear from you very soon. If we do not, then we know the obvious…….you are RACIST.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    im curious as to how much he or his wife makes off these so called non profit gigs…i dont care how good of a person you claim to be, nothing is done for free anymore…

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Simmons family, Thompson family, Jefferson family (New Orleans) seem to be cut out of the same mold. Looking for a get rich scheme. Just like the previous blogger, it would be very interesting to have the entire salaries of the Simmons clan revealed.

    Anyone up for the task of making it happen?

  14. Messy Says:

    Jealous folks….move on!!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      im not jealous of anything…i just hate to see folks take advantage of the system.. trust me when i say this if he (simmons) didnt get any finanicial gain from GNLCDC he wouldnt be doing it…no way in hell you will ever make me believe that he doesnt get money from it…he not type of person who does anything fro free

    • AAA Says:

      Listen, you really need to put the Crack pipe down!

    • sunrisesunset Says:


      None of us are “jealous” as you refer to. We believe in what HONOR and TRUTH represent. Something these aforeto mentioned families do not.

      So, indulge us Messy to present the whole truth, & nothing but the truth, so help us, God!

  15. Proud American Says:

    Here is something to remember, a veteran fought for the rights of everyone that was an American Citizen, they didn’t defend the rights of the American Citizen based on their color, they fought for all, they sacrificed it all for all. The Jonesboro Cemetery has many veteran’s that are buried in it, someone put flags on their graves for Memorial Day, and the grass is higher than the flags today. I wonder if Mr. Simmons ever thought about how many veterans’ paid a price just so he could have the FREEDOM to start the issue about the “SEGREGATED” cemetery, as he refers to it. If you read this blog and you are a Veteran, please call 395-3955 and thank him personally for making an issue about a Cemetery that has Veteran buried there that sacrificed it all for him and his ally the mayor and now has grass growing over their grave, unkempt because of his instigation of an issue that irrelevant and has never been an issue until this administration. Please stand up for the men and women that fought for our rights as American Citizens. God bless America!

    • All gave some, some gave all Says:

      Perhaps the local VFW will help out with this matter….good points made!

    • sunrisesunset Says:

      I am well aware that Memorial Day was this past Monday, but since I did not get to Jonesboro, does anyone know if the proud American Mayor, ol Leslie, put flags out in downtown Jonesboro? I was in the nice city of Ruston, and they had them proudly flying high. Beautiful sight to behold.

      But, I doubt ol Leslie even had the forsight to display flags on Memorial Day. Disgraceful, if this is true.

      • Plot Owner Says:

        Disgraceful whether the flags were there or not, could care less about the ones that mark the graves of men and women in the Jonesboro Cemetery….why would anyone like that care about the American Flag on Main Street.

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