V-Car Tax Vote Breakdown

We have constructed a spreadsheet showing the V-Car tax vote breakdown by precinct, location and Police Jury District.

According to the vote totals, Juror Mack Calhoun’s District B voters were against the tax 3 to 2. The vote in Charles Jackson’s District A was almost even, with about 100 votes more for the tax than against.

If someone were contemplating a run against either of these two incumbents next election, these vote totals would be a good place to start building a base.

2 Responses to “V-Car Tax Vote Breakdown”

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    […] year Ouachita parish voters approved a 1.8 mil property tax placed on the ballot by the OPPJ. Several days later the Jury passed a […]

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    […] Parish Tax Collector to discuss a process for refunding the V-Vehicle bond ad valorum tax. The tax was passed last October 17 and was supposed to fund the local contribution toward the company’s […]

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