2020 LPPJ Audit Cites Findings

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury audit for calendar year 2020 was made public early this morning, and the report has several findings:

  • As of December 31, 2020, the bank statements had not been reconciled since March 2020, including the main operating account which is the pooled cash account for several of the Police Jury’s major funds.
  • The biweekly payroll transfers were not reconciled since May 2020. Also, the payroll transfers were not recorded since May 2020.
  • Numerous cash and checks were held in the Police Jury offices and not deposited for several weeks after receipt. In addition, multiple deposits were made with no backup or receipt. Cash was also deposited without the evidence of a count sheet.
  • During the audit, it was noted that the Treasurer’s office made purchases for office supplies and small office equipment circumventing the Purchasing department’s procedures. In several instances these purchased items were shipped to an address other than the Police Jury. The treasurer’s office purchased new office furniture without getting the approval of the Purchasing Director.
  • During the audit, it was noted that sales taxes collected on the revenue from RV spots had not been submitted nor had the sales tax reports been prepared since October 2020.
  • Funding from Rural Development for construction of the Detention Center Dormitory was delayed due to the annual certification process through the System of Awards Management not being performed.
  • During the 2020 year end audit, it was noted that the prior year audit adjustments had not been recorded.

In each case, management has acknowledged the problems and claims to have put into place procedures to prevent future issues.

See here the complete report.

The audit was performed by Monroe CPA William Hulsey, and dated September 27, 2021

131 Responses to “2020 LPPJ Audit Cites Findings”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    And there it is

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “What is it that you say you do here?”

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Heisenberg what’s next ? Authorities looking into it?

    • Heisenberg Says:

      Well well well, we knew something stunk when Hyde disappeared the way he did. Cash not reconciled, property purchased without authorization, property delivered off site, seems to me the DA should take a look. We just hope that Ruston Marshal is taking a look as well…..

      • Anonymous Says:

        Was the off site the Hyde house?

        • Heisenberg Says:

          One would have to assume, we’re sure the purchasing director could verify that.

          By the way, where are all those Hyde defenders now? Guess enjoying new office furniture provided by the taxpayers of Lincoln parish

          • Anonymous Says:

            The purchasing director was probably in on it. Probably instructed the administrator on how to circumvent…

      • Anonymous Says:

        If the DA takes a look they’ll probably uncover more than the jury or it’s administration would want.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Bad you’d think any business, or in this case a govt agency that collects sales taxes, would have sense enough to remit them to the sales tax commission. Just how dumb is this clown

  5. In the know Says:

    That furniture and office supplies was for the new administrator. He had “security” and design “issues” he needed to fix and didn’t get it approved by the jury. Hyde’s behavior on the rest of this stuff is a convenient cover for that.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hyde was there prior to new administrator

      • In the know Says:

        By about three months right? I stand by what I said. I work in the courthouse..

        • Anonymous Says:

          Three months is long enough ( especially if he was the young buck pro they assumed when hired him ) It’s all on Hyde. Now where was the offsite stuff delivered to?

          • In the know Says:

            I agree. With every except for the fourth bullet point. For the reason I mentioned earlier.

            • Anonymous Says:

              So you are saying ( since you work in courthouse ) Postel told Hyde to buy personal furniture for Postel? Deliver it offsite? To where? Postel’s home? A good treasurer would refuse that.

              • Anonymous Says:

                Really? The person who is positioning himself as your boss and you refuse? How do you win in that scenario?

          • Anonymous Says:

            That’s the real question. I’d like a reporting of those addresses and who they’re linked to!

            • Anonymous Says:

              Aren’t the reports public records? Request at courthouse?

              • Anonymous Says:

                That the administrator controls and can deny the request if he feels it incriminates him in any way.

            • Anonymous Says:

              Exactly. I bet we don’t get that because it fingers some people who are doing their best to keep their name out of the chaos.

            • Anonymous Says:

              You won’t get that because that would tell the truth of who ordered the stuff. Just sayin’

  6. Common Sense Says:

    WOW as a tax payer I am appalled. What has been going on with the Police Jury? No accountability. Not following procedures. Not correcting the 2019 findings. Basic Accounting not followed- reconciling bank statements, payroll and handling of cash.

    Who is in charge of this circus?

    You elected officials are ultimately responsible. We elected you to handle our business.

    • Anonymous Says:

      They hired him. Then got rid of him when they realized he wasn’t capable .

      • Anonymous Says:

        Took them a long time to figure that out.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Can you imagine if he had said bitches in his interview like he just did here? No he attempted to put on some charm and snowed them.

  7. Hyde Says:

    Wasn’t me, bitches.

    • Heisenberg Says:

      Oh yes it was buddy, all you. All of the treasurer office staff is still there but you. You got caught and you got run off. Then the auditor did his job exposing you. You’re a hack and the marshal should take a good hard look at his past hires and future candidates from now on.

      • Anonymous Says:

        You are a total idiot to fall for that. Or you’re a stooge who’s involved in it. Either way—no matter how much you mouth off here? Nobody respects you.

        • Heisenberg Says:

          We ain’t here for your respect old buddy, we’re here to shine a light on a person like Hyde who grifts his way thru life, much like Walt’s friend Brad Leblanc

    • Anonymous Says:

      Your parents must be very proud of this comment

      • Lindsie Says:

        My husband would not make this comment, nor does he read the garbage on this page. His parents know it isn’t him.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Somebody’s gettin’ thrown under the bus by another somebody who has a long history of doing just that.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Can you imagine being a juror or working for them? Coming on to this forum to defend the goings-on of this jury and its staff because you know people don’t trust you because of the sketchy shit you have done in the last year and a half? Knowing that other government entities ( the Marshal, etc.) don’t trust ANYTHING that comes out of your office and can actually think for themselves and see past your bullshit? Looks like Hyde messed up. No argument there. My bet is that the people who are doing their best to ruin his name are the people in the pj offices that have something to gain by doing so. Peace out.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    As PJ Uncle Skip once said I’m a politician I have the right to lie. Enough said!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    i wonder how many of those bozos will be re-elected

  12. Heisenberg Says:

    Walt, we been thinking about that old boy Hyde. Now that online gaming is legal in Louisiana, that’s gonna take up much too much of Hyde’s time to scheme up ways to defraud the Marshals office. So maybe this is one way that will actually save those taxpayers of Lincoln parish money. Unless he uses taxpayer funds to patronize that new Caesar’s website we been seeing on tv. Word on the street is the old boy has a bit of gambling problem….which explains a lot

    • Anonymous Says:

      Weeks and months ahead should be interesting for him. But he will probably show up shortly & cuss you out openly Heis for all the world to see.

      • Heisenberg Says:

        Nah we ain’t too worried about that happening. We’re not an office full of women being intimidated and bullied. Besides, we’re hearing there’s a few more
        nuggets of info out there…..city of west Monroe anyone….?

        • Anonymous Says:

          West Monroe please step up. He’s bounced around quite a bit . And yet doesn’t work at Daddy’s office .

          • Heisenberg Says:

            West Monroe don’t read this site, they read that boy over at RDL…..as a matter of fact, has there been an article about Hyde’s sticky fingers over there yet? If not, you should be asking

    • Anonymous Says:

      You’re a tool. And not for good.

  13. Heisenberg Says:

    Oh and let’s not forget that marshal is gonna have an audit soon, history always repeats itself we reckon

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds like a training issue. The previous administrator was leaving and trying to convince the jurors to rehire him in another role after he retired. He was too busy to train Hyde on anything because he was trying to figure out how to milk the parish out of more money. Then the new administrator came in and had no idea what the hell he was doing. Now they need a scapegoat for bad decision making. All of it is the jury’s fault. Replace them.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Previous administrator had no treasurer knowledge. He’s not an accountant. Also he was amazing.

      • Anonymous Says:

        So any treasurer hired for that position has to do the job without proper training? No wonder they go through treasurers like they do!

        • Anonymous Says:

          A treasurer with enough experience would only need minimal if any training . Hyde did not have that but as is obvious now fooled them . They should have checked his past history as Heisenburg has pointed out. The other recent treasurers quit. They were not told to leave as Hyde was.

      • Anonymous Says:

        He wasnt

  15. Anonymous Says:

    A treasurer with enough experience to handle normal accounting functions is not the same thing as a government accountant. True– bullet points1-3 and 6 are typical accounting functions Hyde should have completed. Bullet point 4 is all Postel and Webb the purchasing director. Bullet point 5 can’t be done unless the director of the park Ramseur(?) sends the information. Not saying he didn’t, but it’s a possibility. Bullet point 6–No dates are given here, but it’s a government function Hyde may not have had training for. It’s convenient for the pj that Hyde didn’t perform the way he should have. That way they can cover up some of the sketchy shit that has happened that he had nothing to do with. Hyde is guilty but he’s also a scapegoat for both the pj and it’s administration for not knowing squat about what they’re doing. Don’t be a sheep. Vote them out.

    • Anonymous Says:

      They never ever should hire someone to do governmental accounting with no governmental accounting experience . Look what they got. Jokes on them.

  16. Heisenberg Says:

    Ah 11/10 at 8:01 pm, this must be the girlfriend/wife. There wouldn’t be any other females on this story defending Hyde but you. Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m sure your man will grab enough out of marshal petty cash to keep your bad habits rolling…..

  17. Heisenberg Says:

    Excuse us, 11/11 8:18 am. I’m sure you were up early thanking Hyde for his military service.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    @11/11 5:56 you’re right. Get rid of them. Not a decent, moral one in the whole bunch.

  19. Heisenberg Says:

    We were hoping Hyde’s wife/girlfriend would wade back into the conversation. She brought a little different vibe when she finally got done helping Hyde celebrate his military service. By the way, how much cash did your man come home with tonight?

  20. Anonymous Says:

    She opened the door, Hyde should’ve reigned her in

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Regardless of what they find out about Hyde, the problems still remain.

    • Anonymous Says:

      But he sure didn’t help them so they deserve what the downfall is . They hired him.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Comments are off the chart on this one. The sheeple are doing best to distract. Whoever points out the real culprits get deflected. Wonder who’s doing that?

    • Anonymous Says:

      The real culprits? I think there’s only one. He got fired. So who is really deflecting/ distracting?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Who hired him

        • Anonymous Says:

          Yes!! THIS!! Ultimately everything that comes from that office and happens in that office is the responsibility of the pj elected by us. We need to fire THEM! they didn’t fire Hyde anyway he left

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