Bel Edwards Mask Order Doesn’t Cover Much

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office says it will not enforce Edwards’ mandatory mask order going into effect Monday

By Zach Parker

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office says it will not enforce Gov. John Bel Edwards’ mandate issued Saturday that anyone in public must wear a mask as of Monday, though people could still face criminal charges in certain circumstances.

The Sheriff’s Office noted Edwards’ order was a mandate, not a law.

“Many are questioning the enforcement guidelines that will be taken regarding the mandate,” said Glenn Springfield, the sheriff’s public information officer. “This is a mandate, not a law. In announcing the mandate, Governor Edwards himself says it will not be enforceable by law enforcement agencies.”

Livingston Parish won’t enforce the state’s mask mandate, Layton Ricks says

By Youssef Rddad

Livingston Parish will not penalize people people who don’t wear a mask in public, local leaders said Monday, even though the parish’s coronavirus caseload is four times the rate needed to be exempt from a new state mandate requiring masks be worn in public

Livingston Parish President Layton Ricks said in a statement Monday that while he encourages people to take precautions from getting sick, local authorities will not “strictly enforce” the state mandate, including citing people.

Face mask mandate likely won’t be included in Louisiana school reopening rules

While Louisiana’s top school board meets Tuesday to approve emergency health safety rules for the reopening of public schools, the panel is expected to stop just short of mandating that students and adults wear face masks.

The state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education is expected to approve guidelines that mostly mirror minimum safety standards issued by the state Department of Education on June 25 to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

That report recommended, but did not mandate, that students in the third grade and adults wear face masks “to the maximum extent possible” in schools.

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