DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office LACE Update

From the Louisiana Legislative Auditor:

The audit was begun after we received complaints that DeSoto Parish sheriff’s deputies may have been paid for hours they did not work while on Local Agency Compensated Enforcement (LACE) details. Under the program, which is overseen by the District Attorney, deputies were paid to write traffic tickets while working the off-duty details, while the DPSO was reimbursed for its operating costs and wear and tear on vehicles.

We found that 23 deputies were paid $15,075 for 335 hours of LACE details they may not have worked from January 1, 2017 to June 2, 2017. Of the 23, we found seven deputies received more than $1,000 each in compensation for hours they were not logged in to the electronic ticketing device they were to use for LACE details. In total, the seven deputies received $11,385 for 253 hours.

If the 23 deputies submitted erroneous time sheets and accepted pay for hours not worked, they may have violated state law. In addition, since the DPSO billed $10 per hour for the use of its patrol units for LACE details, it may have overbilled the District Attorney by $3,350.

The accompanying report presents our finding and recommendations as well as management’s response. This is a public report. Copies of this report have been delivered to the United States Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana, the Louisiana Attorney General, the District Attorney for the 42nd Judicial District of Louisiana, and others as required by law.

See here the complete report.

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