2017 Sterlington Coach Incident Revisited in LSP Hearing

The Ouachita Parish School Board (OPSB) and the Fourth Judicial (Morehouse, Ouachita Parishes ) District Attorney apparently failed to completely investigate an April, 2017 incident where Sterlington High School students were supplied beer and liquor by a football coach, and was involved in an altercation with a student.

A Thursday, August 9 Louisiana State Police (LSP) disciplinary hearing was covered by Sound Off Louisiana reporter Robert Burns of Baton Rouge here, and includes sworn testimony of people who were involved. The Monroe hearing was to review the actions of LSP Trooper Joseph Jones at that incident. The Louisiana State Police Commission serves as the civil service review board for the LSP.

According to hearing testimony, the incident began with a student party that ran out of beer. The party-goers contacted Sterlington HS Coach Jack Goode, who lived nearby. Goode voluntarily supplied the students with more beer and then vodka, according to Jones’ then 16 year-old son.

The younger Jones resisted drinking the hard liquor, he said, but was forced by Goode to drink until he got sick. Goode then struck Jones several times in the face and chest.

The elder Jones, who was not on duty, arrived on the scene at the same time as two Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office (OPSO) deputies. He had been contacted by a deputy who was the parent of another student at the party. That student was fearful that events had become too unruly.

Goode was arrested by the OPSO deputies, and charged with battery and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The deputy that testified said that Goode appearted highly intoxicated.

However, DA Steve Tew negotiated a plea bargain with Goode for misdemeanor battery and a $300 fine.

Trooper Jones’ hearing was to review discipline administered because of his intervention into the OPSO investigation.

The commission said they would be forwarding a letter to the school board expressing their profound disappointment of their handling of the matter.

6 Responses to “2017 Sterlington Coach Incident Revisited in LSP Hearing”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Goode is quite a role model for his students. A slap on the wrist and keeps his job TEACHING kids. Who does he know in the DA’s office and at the school board.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The coach should be fired and SUED!

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