Sparta Meeting Minutes Don’t Reflect What Happened

In reading through the meeting minutes of the Sparta Groundwater Commission for the past year, we discovered what appears to be a serious omission of fact.

The January 10, 2018 meeting in Winnfield was attended by several visitors, including representatives from US Senator Cassidy’s office and from US Senator Kennedy’s office.

What WASN’T in the minutes was any mention of an hour-long illegal executive session held to discuss wording in the proposed legislation that became House Bill 430

One of the other visitors was Ruston Daily Leader reporter Nancy Bergeron. She noted the executive session in her report and in a subsequent editorial.

Sparta Commission expected to pursue legislation – 1/11/2018

The panel spent an hour in a questionable closed session Wednesday before voting to look at changes commission Chairman Zack Spivey said “would put us back to the original legislation as drafted.”

Shine light on Sparta process – 1/12/2018

We applaud the Sparta Groundwater Commission for what appears to be its decision to move forward with drafting proposed legislation that would give it the management authority it should have had from the start.

We say “appears to be” because the commission spent an hour during its meeting this week discussing their legislature druthers in a session that was ill-advisedly closed to the public and the media. In fact, more than one attorney and several sources with long careers dealing with the public bodies have said the executive session was simply illegal.

Failing to show in the official minutes what material action the commission took in their meeting may put the commission in legal jeopardy.

LA RS 14:132 – Injuring public records

B. Second degree injuring public records is the intentional removal, mutilation, destruction, alteration, falsification, or concealment of any record, document, or other thing, defined as a public record pursuant to R.S. 44:1 et seq. and required to be preserved in any public office or by any person or public officer pursuant to R.S. 44:36.

LA RS 44:1 is the Louisiana Public Records Law

LA RS 14:133 – Filing or maintaining false public records

A. Filing false public records is the filing or depositing for record in any public office or with any public official, or the maintaining as required by law, regulation, or rule, with knowledge of its falsity, of any of the following:
(3) Any document containing a false statement or false representation of a material fact.

3 Responses to “Sparta Meeting Minutes Don’t Reflect What Happened”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! Good work Walter!

  2. godleyworks Says:

    Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, stay focused, you want to get home to Kansas, is that right?

  3. Toby Sissman Says:

    Sparta Meeting Minutes Don

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