Monday Morning March


Mauricelm-Lei Millere


60 Responses to “Monday Morning March”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Has a proper permit to march been issued or is this just more illegal activity by mayors cronies, proper notice, closure of streets, businesses notified, etc?

    • anonymous Says:

      Call the compliance officer or will he be a cop that day and who would enforce it if it weren’t properly permitted?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    who cares? its getting old everytime the mayor is in trouble he claims its cause he is black…
    its because he is a crook…the end

  3. dirk Says:

    Perhaps he wants to influence potential jurors. However, the jurors are not scheduled to arrive until 1:30. Much ado for nothing. It would be interesting to know if these speakers demand appearance fees as does the Rev. Al Sharpton.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    There wont be a trial. He will probably go check himself back in to the hospital.

  5. hmmmmm Says:

    Who cares….March on. Everyone is entitled to express their views as long as it is civil and not violent. Marching for a crook might even be comical. Bring a lawn chair and popcorn.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    This “guest speaker” has some pretty extreme racist stuff on Youtube. Apparent follower of Nation of Islam’s Louis Farakhan.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I will insist that my elderly mother stay inside on Monday….pay her water bill on another day….this guest speaker looks really radical!!!

    • anonymous Says:

      That’s the whole point, intimidation. People have the right to access a Public Building and the business of the Town should proceed without interruption or that will be just more evidence. She has the right to pay her bill just like anyone else that day.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Wonder who gonna rally for Ray Nagin in New Orleans? He’s got a federal trail coming up in October….field trip south, folks?

  9. Fred American (@FlFred224) Says:

    Jonesboro must have the dumbass clown like we have in the white house. Black mayors are just crooks aka: Port Allen.La., New Orleans, Detroit & Washington, D.C. What a scumbag themayor is.

  10. Billy Sundy Says:

    Better do your history on this guy! He is not just a talker and all the blacks in America knows it! He is very dangerous! he is the advisor for the New Black Panther Party Chairman, Malik Zulu Shabazz. He has violent gangs at his beckoning call, and a host of violent security. He advises a many black organizations. And is one of Louis Farrakhan’s top lieutenants! He is a lot like Khalid Abdul Muhammad, Malcolm X, or worse and rising through the ranks!

    • Billy Monday Says:

      God is bigger and on the job 24/7 and even sees what is going on in Jonesboro, La. Intimidation will not stop Him nor will a march lead by your leader. There will be many people in Jonesboro come Monday morning, the biggest and most powerful will be God followed by many men and women that are employed by the Government to keep peace and observe people that are on a “watch list” so please don’t think that those people don’t already know when, where and how, they knew before you wrote your comment. They know who contacted him and how he will travel here, your Government knows everything, better do your history on God and the Government.

  11. Billy Sundy Says:

  12. Billy Sundy Says:

  13. Billy Sundy Says:

  14. Billy Sundy Says:

  15. Billy Sundy Says:

  16. Billy Sundy Says:

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I sure hope he does not plan on saving time by flying in and landing in Jonesboro. He may find out he has to land in Ruston and miss the rally. Oh, and the mayor cannot just say “Yeah, he can land” once an airport is closed, the FAA is the controlling agency until such time as the NOTAM is removed.

  18. dirk Says:

    The videos evidence a man of violence and not one of peace. In one he blatantly encourages felons who are prohibited by law from possessing a firearm to ignore the law and arm themselves. This man is dangerous. I agree with the comment that this is a march of intimidation and would like to add that it is born of desperation. A person’s true character is revealed in times of extreme stress.

    • Marshall T. Says:

      A person trying to see action taken vicariously reveals their character as well and stress has not always been the motivation.

  19. Billy Sundy Says:

  20. Billy Sundy Says:

    He is the advisor for this guy! Dr. Malik Zulu Shabazz is the chairman for the New Black Panther Party. The guys are violent.

  21. Billy Sundy Says:

    He is the organizer and advisor for many of these campaigns!

  22. Billy Sundy Says:

    Have you seen his facebook?

  23. Country Gentleman Says:

    It appears that Leslie is playing hardball to keep his grip on local government finances. Why would a guy like this bother with a two-bit town in rural Louisiana? The progressives and their acolytes in the black community fear America turning against them as their precincts of power collapse into bankrupt ruins. Thompson is a straight up crook in the worst sense of the term using race to deflect criticism and further his time in office. If he were white, he would have been removed from office and prosecuted for fraud a long time ago. Americans are sick of the black community throwing race up as an excuse to break the law and behave abominably. Outrage over the self defense shooting of Trayvon Martin has given way to deafening silence over the senseless murder of Australian Chris Lane by bored black teenagers with no sense of morality or the brutal beating murder of 88-year-old WWII vet Delbert Belton in Spokane, WA by two black males.

    We are sick to death of being forever labeled racist because we are white while blacks are allowed to pillage and murder at will with nary a peep from the black community refusing to admit the world has changed and their own worst problem lies within their own community. Blacks are much more likely to be killed by other blacks than whites. Scum like Leslie Thompson use the Civil Rights movement and the black animosity against whites to loot and pillage public finances that are then not available to help the black community under their jurisdictions. There should be a special place in hell for these race hustlers and poverty pimps constantly indoctrinating the black community to believe it can never rise above the stigma of victim to live as free Americans demonstrating personal responsibility!

  24. Billy Sundy Says:

    These guys know something we don’t! They would be down here unless this guy has been cleared from some of Barack’s boys in Washington and Louisiana.

    • Nellie Tuesday Says:

      You must have your head up your nether region to associate our president with this gang of SFB’s.

  25. Billy Sundy Says:

    This a setup!

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Lock the doors, close your drapes….hide under your bed…and PRAY

  27. Billy Sundy Says:,d.eWU

  28. Billy Sundy Says:

  29. Billy Sundy Says:

    Mundy you there!

  30. SoulPlane Says:

    If people were as racist as some race-baiters claim, a guy like this would not last 5 minutes in rural north Louisiana.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    Put them to work getting the airport back open,

  32. Anonymous Says:

    blacks these days are so lazy, they are only marching from city hall to the court house, LOL. I imagine some of the will ride instead of walking!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    “Although, I admire his work and contribution to the ‘Negro Problem.’ I am not, neither do I desire to be, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr!……hate Is a natural emotion and, if not, God would not have supplied It. I do not want, to exercise the power, to love someone (white racist) who murder, lynch, and beat black women, men, and children in the streets; and misrepresent us through de’facto laws, legislation, and political intergration. Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere – Independent African Associated Press – April 4, 1999.

    • johnson Says:

      Hatred is not from God, it comes out of the pits of hell where the devil-the defeated foe lives with his imps. Hating is choice and to want to hate folks just that, a choice just like following God law. Sad when folks can be cloathed in their right mind and have health just waste it on hate. Many babies are borne sick and don’t have hope but a young person like this to hate so much is just sad. God have mercy on the haters and the liars and save their heart. This foolish stuff needs to stop.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Its ashame to see men of God in this and then preach his word.And you wonder why there is so many problems.The word says humble yourselves and turn from your wicked ways. And then you will hear from heaven.

        • johnson Says:

          How you of God if you agree to not walking in the law? Preaching folks will be held to higher account than other folks. More foolish stuff. God is not happy with foolish stuff. Jezebell spirit.

        • TWT Says:

          That’s so true! For people that claim to be Christians that align themselves with haters. You don’t have a clue what you are getting yourselves into and what you are doing to your own TESTIMONIES. You will wake up one day, I promise, and you will realize that the mayor has led you down a path to hell. The devil has seared your conscience and covered your eyes with scars and you refuse to see the wrong that has been done to our once prosperous town and to you and your people!!!!

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Main Street sure is looking good …your mayor has got it cleaned up and sparkling for his important company!

  35. No Hating in Jonesboro Says:

    “Let no man pull you low enough to hate him” MLK, Jr

  36. All we need is love Says:

    The guest speaker does not sound very loving and kind…

  37. Anonymous Says:

    KNOE-TV Saturday evening news reported that there would be a rally in Jonesboro Sunday evening. Don’t know if they got it confused with the Monday morning one or if there are going to be two. Didn’t give time or location.

  38. TWT Says:

    Check out Mr, Flowers Facebook page. He is a member of a group called “JONESBORO, LOUISIANA: RACIST AND INJUST PLACE TO LIVE”. Most of the members of the group have Islamic names. Pathetic and sad!!!!! If it is such a racist and injust place to live Alderman Flowers, why don’t you pack up your perfume and move???

    • MJJ Says:

      But he sure does like to get that check from “Jonesboro, Louisiana: RACIST AND INJUST PLACE TO LIVE now don’t he?

    • Donald Marion Fowler Says:

      Mr. Flowers, you don’t have to (and we don’t want you anyway) to stay in a place you don’t like. 167 goes north to south and 4 goes east to west. Haul ass if you don’t like the place. Go join your diaper head friends.

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