LPPJ Attacks Taxpayers – Votes for High Bid

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury (LPPJ) tonight voted 8-4 to attack the parish’s taxpayers by okaying the high bid for hauling solid waste to the Union Parish landfill.

Voting for the contract with Jackie White, Inc. and against the taxpayers of Lincoln Parish were: Theresa Wyatt, Mike Franklin, David Hammons, Roy Glover, Jody Backus, Joe Henderson, Annie Brown and Mickey Mays.

Voting against the contract and with the taxpayers were: Hazel Hunter, Bobby Bennett, Skip Russell and Sharyon Mayfield.

The price differential between White and Waste Connections, Inc. was some $165 thousand/year based on 2009 hauled tonnages.

See the tabulation spreadsheet here.

Sources told Lincoln Parish News Online (LPNO) that Waste Connections would have reduced their price an additional $1/ton, had they been allowed to rebid or negotiate. That would have made the price differential close to $200 thousand/per year.

We will have additional reporting on the meeting in postings tomorrow.

One Response to “LPPJ Attacks Taxpayers – Votes for High Bid”

  1. D. Bryant Says:

    Top Ten Issues In Dealing With The Louisiana Public Bid Law
    Police Jury Association of Louisiana, December 6, 2007

    Click to access Bid%20Law%20Handout.pdf

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