Allee Bautsch Back at Work

Over the weekend, we got this invitation in the mail. Political fund-raising invitations in the mail are not unusual, as we’ve been politically active for years.

Please Join Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal For a Bobby’s Club Reception at Squire Creek Golf & Country Club

The invitation is unremarkable except for one thing that caught our eye – the name Allee Bautsch. She’s listed as the contact person for the event.

Recall she was the Jindal staffer who was the victim of a political terrorist attack last April, literally on the steps of the Louisiana State Supreme Court Building in New Orleans. Bautsch worked for Jindal as his campaign finance director.

Presumably, she’s back at work.

See here archived stories from The Hayride.
See here archived stories from Lincoln Parish News Online.

The case is allegedly still under investigation by the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) – the same NOPD that is under investigation by the Feds for their lawless activities during the Katrina crisis.

The last word from the investigation was this post at The Hayride.

Second Quote Of The Day
Posted on August 20th, 2010 by macaoidh

“I regret to inform you that we were unable to develop any viable suspects.” – Nicholas Gernon, the NOPD detective in charge of investigating the Allee Bautsch beating in April.

One Response to “Allee Bautsch Back at Work”

  1. krddurham Says:

    A respectable journalist would provide evidence to support their claim that this was” a political terrorist attack.” You have yet to do that, Walter.

    “It doesn’t help to insist on making this a partisan cause celebre and reducing the victims to political pawns when the evidence remains murky — and especially when one of the victims himself heard no politically-motivated taunts.”

    – Michelle Malkin

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