Francis ‘The Fee’ Thompson Awakens

Like a North Louisiana version of Rip Van Winkle, Louisiana Senate District 34’s Francis ‘The Fee’ Thompson has awakened from a forty year slumber to discover that Grambling State University (GSU) has financial issues and has been getting bad audit reports, and now he wants the state to take a more hands-on approach with financial oversight.

Where in God’s name has this man been?!?!

For thirty-five years, John Hays (the cranky old bastard that publishes the Morning Paper) has been writing about this issue. He’s documented, interviewed, examined and investigated time and again, but Baton Rouge always chose to look the other way. Now The Fee is interested and we’ve got to do something.

Give me a break.

Here’s the story in The (Monroe) News-Star.

Thompson: State should look at GSU

And while we’re on the soapbox this morning there is this whining editorial complaining about all the bad publicity Monroe is getting as a result of alleged criminal activity among the local political class.

Speedy trial best for all

We suggest the folks at the News-Star need look no further than the nearest mirror to find who is partly responsible.. Had they bothered to do proper investigative reporting and kept watch over the politicians, much of this type stuff would have been nipped in the bud.

But they instead prefer to publish puff pieces about politicians deifying them as “problem solvers” and “statesmen.” Can’t risk endangering that “official journal” status and the corresponding government revenue, doncha know.

2 Responses to “Francis ‘The Fee’ Thompson Awakens”

  1. Jim Schmidt Says:

    Amen and Sic em!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mr. Abbott, One Six year term for all elected officials would solve a world of problems. P. S. – You can’t run again for any elected office.
    Experience does not help.

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