Squire Creek to Host Faircloth, Jindal

Squire Creek Country Club will be the setting Tuesday night for a fundraiser for Louisiana Supreme Court candidate Jimmy Faircloth. Special guest will be Governor Bobby Jindal.

The fundraiser could be an ominous sign for Faircloth’s opponent, Marcus Clark. Squire Creek is owned by Ruston businessman James Davison, a major political force in the region. When Clark announced his candidacy several months ago, Davison was rumored to be a supporter. The Squire Creek fundraiser may mean that is no longer the case.

Adding to Clark’s woes is a Sunday News-Star story alleging that Clark supporter Ouachita Parish Sheriff Royce Toney violated state campaign finance laws by using public money to endorse Clark. LPNO will be contacting the Louisiana Board of Ethics later today to see what their position is on the Toney/Clark controversy.

The News-Star story could signal another potential Clark problem. If the newspaper intended to support Clark for the seat, it is probable the story would never have been published.

LPNO had earlier reported on Clark’s suspension by the Louisiana State Supreme Court in 2004.

UPDATE: 12:40 pm – Invitation PDF

LPNO has obtained a pdf copy of the invitation to Tuesday’s Faircloth fundraiser.

7 Responses to “Squire Creek to Host Faircloth, Jindal”

  1. MM Says:

    These threads seem to be slanted in favor of Mr. Faircloth. If you’ve lived and worked in this area you would know that Judge Clark has a reputation of being a hard working and respectable judge. The operative word being judge.
    The sanction from 2004 came from cases that fell behind when the judge was in his first term, you can see that when you read the full document. This does not excuse what happened, but I believe we are all human and have made mistakes, haven’t we? The judge has addressed the sanction and talks about it openly.
    Has Mr. Faircloth talked openly about being a trial lawyer who has sued businesses in our communities that provide jobs and pay taxes?
    Has he talked about the Coushatta Indian tribe that he represented?
    No. He wants to focus on the past 18 months of his life rather than the past 18 years.

  2. Walter Abbott Says:

    Which is why we leave the comment section open and welcome comments from all who wish to post.

    We thank you for reading and posting.


  3. MM Says:

    I searched the archives and did not see where you wrote about the turnout of over 400 quests and posted the PDF of Judge Clark’s event at Charline and Sydney Wilhite’s home. This was posted in the News Star and other publications…did I miss the article you wrote?

  4. Davison Jet Flew Jindal to Faircloth Fundraiser « Lincoln Parish News Online Says:

    […] By Walter Abbott Davison Transport’s corporate jet flew Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to a fundraiser for Supreme Court candidate Jimmy Faircloth last […]

  5. fotos.david Says:

    great detailed reporting

  6. structuredsettlement Says:

    Hi!! Thank you so much for the kindness and support!! I look forward to sharing our thoughts, feelings and areas of interest through your blog!! Blessings,


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