Reagan Sutton’s public service recognized

LPPJ Administrator Courtney Hall, President Richard Durrett, Karen Sutton Sanders, Jennifer Sutton Farrar, Joey Sutton

Long-time Lincoln Parish Police Jury Secretary-Treasurer and Administrator Reagan Sutton was recognized at last night’s meeting of the jury as a public servant who was honest, forthright, dedicated, and committed to good government in Lincoln Parish.

On hand to receive a resolution of condolence and recognition were Sutton’s two daughters and son, and several other family members.

Said Interim Administrator Courtney Hall, “As I was writing this resolution it was really profound to me that I was sitting at his desk in his office.”

Among the Lincoln Parish institutions and services Sutton had a hand in developing were the Lincoln Parish Library, the Lincoln Parish Solid Waste System, the Lincoln Parish Detention Center, and the Lincoln Parish Park.

See here the complete resolution. Sutton passed away in February at the age of 87.

Earlier, the Finance Committee approved language that will amend the law that governs the Lincoln Parish Hospital Proceeds Fund.

Said Treasurer Michael Sutton, “This bill will allow to invest the funds in more prudent investments, which would allow a more stable revenue stream. That statute has a longer list of instruments that we can invest in compared to the way we are currently doing it.”

The principal – about $10 million – won’t be spent, but the interest from investments would be used for health related projects.

Also, requests for proposals will be solicited for management of the fund and its investments.

See here the draft of changes to the law. The full jury approved the committee’s action.


4 Responses to “Reagan Sutton’s public service recognized”

  1. Sheila Bordelon Says:

    Reagan Sutton was indeed a very fine gentleman!

  2. Rick Godley Says:

    The current clown crewe isn’t even worthy to invoke the name of Reagan Sutton.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    One of the reasons “litter is out of control” and they “need to hire another litter crew” for $100,000 per year: one of the litter crews was hiding under the LA 151 bridge over Bayou D’arbonne this morning. I was driving behind them and stopped to pick up a full trash bag that had fallen into the road, which they drove right by. They drove past three dumpster sights on the way to their rest stop.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Didn’t Cranford in particular run on a promise to fix the problems with the dumpster sites? Failed promises. I won’t be voting for him this next election.

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