LPPJ meeting details

Yes, it was a cold, dark, and stormy night. Yes, the meeting was at the Lincoln Parish Court House instead of the Library Events Center.

Still, it was a surprise that almost no one, save four or five diehard gadflies, showed up at last night’s Lincoln Parish Police Jury meeting to witness a unanimous vote to hire former administrator Courtney Hall for his old job.

We were not the only ones surprised, as evidenced by the number of extra chairs set up for the meeting, and that remained empty for the hour long meeting.

The five-member Personnel Committee began by discussing Hall’s salary which was set at $75/hr for working days only. That is no pay for holidays, no vacation pay, nor medical or retirement benefits.

It was also revealed that Hall would be employed as a contractor through an employment agency. It was estimated that the overhead would be in the 30% to 35% range.

District Five’s Logan Hunt noted, “I do very much respect Courtney’s leadership. I have the utmost respect for the job he did in this office.”

He added that he was surprised at the pay rate that was being discussed. “That just caught me flat-footed,” he said.

District Ten’s Milton Melton made the motion to hire Hall, and District Eleven’s Sharyon Mayfield seconded.

There was a bit more discussion about transparency and the duties of the personnel committee, with general agreement that those goals would be pursued.

The full jury unanimously ratified the committee’s decision without discussion and then went into executive session to discuss a pending lawsuit, Jones v LPDCC.

Notably present was The Lincoln Agency’s Randy Graham. That agency is the insurance carrier for the jury.

It is unclear what liability the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Department might have in the litigation, as that agency hires and trains the personnel alleged to have neglected a prisoner’s health issues that resulted in his death.

We will have more reporting on this issue as we obtain more information.


15 Responses to “LPPJ meeting details”

  1. Rick Godley Says:

    What’s the name of the ‘employment agency’? I’d like to talk with them.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It was a completely different atmosphere in this meeting. The younguns must have gotten schooled and their wrists slapped by the law and those who know what they’re doing. The mob the other night has moved on to another shiny new thing anyway and will forget the problems their friend has. Good act on the part of the four though pretending they didn’t know what was going on.

    • Anonymous Says:

      bullshit. Wait until election time.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Don’t count on it.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Excellent letter to editor in Leader today. Glad someone finally gave kudos to the eight that deserve it.

        • Anonymous Says:

          There’s one on Lincoln Parish Journal too.

          • Anonymous Says:

            The writer fails to explain the jury did not follow even the simplest rules of dealing with an employee issue. Postel was essentially fired and if something justified his firing, it should have been handled at that point in time, not months later when is the contract is up. No matter how you spin it, this was handled in a shoddy, back-room deal method.

            • Anonymous Says:

              Indeed it was. But Postel needs to tell his sheep/followers to stop with the threats disguised as moral outrage. He is not a modern day prophet. Just a man who didn’t perform as he needed to perform to keep his bosses happy. God’s will was done. God doesn’t need the help of humans to make his will happen or known. That’s just man’s ego getting in the way.

            • Anonymous Says:

              That was the same way he was appointed so this really should come as no surprise to anybody.

            • Anonymous Says:

              Simple: his contract expired and was not renewed. Apparently he was told it was coming. The Jury had NO OBLIGATION to renew or continue his employment.

              • Anonymous Says:

                True, but a poor way to run an organization. How do you get highly qualified people to come to work for you if there’s a risk you’ll be run off without explanation.

                • Anonymous Says:

                  All companies can do that now . At will hiring .

                  • Anonymous Says:

                    Just because you can don’t make it wise management. You can only attract the best if there’s some semblence of job security.

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