School scores reported

Lincoln Parish School District scores have improved overall from last year, it was reported at last night’s meeting of the school board.

Chief Academic Officer Dana Talley said that Choudrant High School and Simsboro High School scores declined just slightly from last year, but she was optimistic about 2023 scores, based on progress so far this year.

“So we essentially had the majority of our schools improve, and we had a couple of schools that declined a little bit” she said. “Hillcrest and Glenview are now both B schools when prior to that they were C schools. I’m feeling better about this year even than I did last year, in terms of results in student work,” she added

See here the complete report.

The personnel report showed less than a dozen staff changes.

See here the report.

District Superintendent Ricky Durrett remarked about this Friday’s state championship game where Ruston High’s Bearcats will play Destrehan in the Superdome.

“We are celebrating all week Ruston High School playing in the state championship game Friday night. Kids getting to play in the Superdome is quite an honor and a real memory that they’ll have for a long time,” he said.


One Response to “School scores reported”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Higher scores? Fewer MAGA assholes. The right REALLY doesn’t like education because it exposes their weaknesses. Here ya go…wide open to debate…

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