2023 Jury meeting dates to remain 2nd Tuesday

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury will for 2023 continue to have its regular monthly meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, as has been the custom for many years, it was decided at last night’s meeting.

A proposal by Parish Administrator Doug Postel to schedule the March and October meetings on the third Tuesday so as to not conflict with Lincoln Parish School’s spring and fall breaks was met with an active discussion and was defeated on a 4 to 8 vote.

Voting for the proposal were Cranford (District 4), Hunt (District 5), Scriber (District 6) and Pullin (District 7). All other jurors voted no.

Said Postel, “I recommend that we establish the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM as our regular meeting time, with the exceptions of March and October, and I recommend the third Tuesday of those months for that. The reason for my recommendation on this is mainly is because the majority of our staff have school age children. For us to do without staff on a meeting week is complicated.”

Several jurors disagreed.

Joe Henderson (District 9): “I don’t think we should move tradition based on what anybody wants. It needs to be the second Tuesday every month at 7 o’clock, like it’s been forever.”

Hazel Hunter (District 2): “We been doing this for a hundred years. I don’t we should change.”

Theresa Wyatt (District 1): “I think it’s wrong to confuse the public like this. I don’t think we should change.”

Juror Logan Hunt supported the proposal.

Said Hunt, “My thought process on this is the staff being able to travel with their children on those particular weeks.”

Scriber also supported the change, “I don’t care if we change two meetings. I don’t think that’s a make or break situation. If we are setting the calendar right now for the year 2023, I don’t have a problem with changing a couple of dates.”

After the motion failed, Henderson made a motion to have all the meetings on the second Tuesday at 7 PM. It passed 11-1, with Cranford voting no.

The jury also discussed and voted to proceed with architect’s plans for a new health unit for the parish.

That process had been ongoing for some time, but recently Allegiance Health Management, the owner/operator of Northern Louisiana Medical Center, suggested that the jury may be interested in acquiring one of the buildings that will become vacant once a new hospital is constructed on Celebrity Drive just east of Lowe’s.

A couple of juror suggested that remodeling of an existing building would be more economical than a new building.

Postel said he had a discussion with Allegiance, and the timeline for construction of the new hospital and vacating the old buildings could be as much as four years.

The jury’s consensus was that was too long a time horizon.

In a related bit of news, Lincoln Parish News Online has learned that an LLC with ties to Allegiance has purchased 32.5 acres on the north side of Celebrity Drive between Lowe’s and Commerce Street.

Ruston Real Estate Holdings, LLC last moth paid $3.6 million for the parcel, according to records from the Lincoln Parish Tax Assessor.

That company has the same Bossier City address as Allegiance, and lists Rock Bordelon as manager, who is also the CEO of Allegiance.


4 Responses to “2023 Jury meeting dates to remain 2nd Tuesday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    $110,769 per acre to james davison if i’m reading that correctly…let me put on my shocked face…i’m sure they couldn’t find anywhere cheaper

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Surprise, surprise. Hunt, Pullin, and Cranford agreed with the proposal. Could it be that he’s their mouthpiece? Maybe there’s a reason some jurors wanted him gone. He doesn’t play fair.

  3. Rick Godley Says:

    The Bold, The Brave, The Anonymous speak…..

    • Anonymous Says:

      Rick, if you knew who the anonymous are you might be surprised…love your content

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