K-2 reading scores improve

Reading proficiency for kindergarten through second grade has improved markedly from the fall of 2021, English Language Arts Facilitator Michelle Thrower told last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish School Board.

At the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, only 38% of students were proficient for their grade level, while 34% were a year behind, and 27% were more than a year behind in proficiency.

Said Thrower, “We’ve got to get kids reading at proficient levels by the end of the year. We set a goal that we wanted our proficiency rate to increase to 80%. We did get pretty close – so we did get our proficiency rate up to 73.5%.”

She added that the goal was to get that number up to 80% by the end of this school year and 95% by 2026.

Lincoln Schools uses the American Reading Company curriculum, Thrower said.

In other business, the board heard the monthly personnel report and approved the November salary supplement checks. Employees with a current teaching certificate will receive $3,200 and all other employees will be paid $1,600.


4 Responses to “K-2 reading scores improve”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Teachers are severely underpaid. That $3,200 is a joke. Lincoln Parish you can do better. It used to be that teachers from surrounding parishes pursued jobs in Lincoln. Now we’re a joke. Get it together.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The average pay for a Lincoln Parish teacher is over $50,000 with many making over $60,000. Obviously the starting pay is much lower.

  2. Common+Sense Says:

    Teacher’s pay is always an interesting topic. Are teachers payed enough? So if the average teacher pay is over $50,000 (as stated above), is that a fair salary?

    They start in early/mid August. Off for Labor day. Off a week for Fall Break. Off for election day. Off a week for Thanksgiving. Off two weeks for Christmas. Off for MLK. Off for Presidents Day. Off a week for Spring Break. Off for a 2 days for Easter. Off for 11 weeks for Summer break.

    That is 17 weeks off. That is a third of the year. So $50,000 for working 2/3 of the year would calculate to $75,000 if they worked all year like other jobs.

    And yes other jobs get vacation during the year but not 17 weeks.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The good teachers work over summer break. It’s the only way we can work a normal day during the school year. Plan and get things together ahead of time.

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