Council delays softball/tennis facilities rental to school board

A rare thing happened at last night’s meeting of Ruston’s Board of Aldermen – near unanimous pushback from the council on a plan to lease the softball fields and tennis facilities at the city’s sports complex for use by Ruston High School.

As presented by City Attorney Bill Carter, the resolution was for a five-year term as requested by the school district, but when Ward 4’s Jim Pearce made the motion, he specified that the term should be for one year.

Moved Pearce, “…to approve the cooperative endeavor agreement with the term being one year, and the fee to be negotiated with the school board by the mayor.”

Some discussion ensued on how next to proceed, and Carter suggested that the resolution be postponed and brought up at the next meeting with all the terms spelled out in the document.

Said Ward 1’s Carolyn Cage, “I totally agree with you Jim, on it being one year.”

Carter and Mayor Ronny Walker agreed that almost all the city’s agreements had one-year terms, and they preferred them.

When time came to introduce the ordinance to hike the city’s electric rates, there was another interesting event.

After Walker asked “who would like to introduce this ordinance?,” there was a deafening four-second silence before Ward 5’s Bruce Seigmund spoke up and said, “I would love to introduce this ordinance.”

That ordinance will be voted on at next month’s meeting after a public hearing for citizen input.


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