What Ruston utility customers pay for

For the budget year of 2023 (10/1/22 – 9/30/22) Ruston’s electric distribution system will spend about $10.3 million to buy power from outside suppliers.

A new seven year contract was negotiated in 2020 at a time when power costs were historically low.

That power is budgeted to be sold to Ruston’s utility customers – residential, commercial, and industrial – for about $18.4 million. This price includes $10 million in “fuel adjustment.”

That represents a mark-up of almost 80%.

So where does the $8.1 million in gross profit go?

Here’s the 2023 proposed budget with all the revenues and expenditures.


8 Responses to “What Ruston utility customers pay for”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Please, just say no.

  2. Common+Sense Says:

    Payment in lieu of taxes 450,000
    Indirect costs 515,000
    General Fund 3,500,000
    RPAR 52,000
    Airport 10,000
    Sports Complex 695,000
    Section 8 1,000
    Health 200,000
    Warehouse 235,000

    There is where the profits go. Seems like the Ruston Electric Distribution fund is more like a Ruston Slush Fund.

    • Anonymous Says:

      good eye. that stuck out to me when i reviewed the budget as well. the general fund amount is a $2M increase (and of course an extra $170k for the sports complex)!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Ruston is paying significantly more for electricity than they have to.
      The RDL quoted one of the councilmen as saying it was due to increase in maintenance costs. We know that’s bull; the City administration skims money from the utility income to spend around, mostly for RonnyWorld.
      Tge key to stopping this unnecessary rate increase is to lean on your council member. Hard.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Check out Note 9. on page 61 on the most recent audit report. Electric Fund owes Water Fund over $9,000,000 and Sewer Fund over $8,000,000.

  3. Common+Sense Says:

    They should be voting to reduce the price for power in Ruston since there is over a 5 million dollar surplus. But instead they are raising the rates for power to increase the slush fund. Ruston needs to wake up and see what is happening right in front of them.

  4. RavenMad Says:

    Ruston can’t handle another term of this magnitude of madness; funding whatever whim he has next will surely kill any chance of turning this disaster around. It’s time to show Walker the road out of town.

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