Northern Louisiana Medical Center Plans to Relocate to North Ruston

Northern Louisiana Medical Center has plans to relocate within the next few years on about 30 acres in the Celebrity Drive/Commerce Street area of Ruston, according to the Chief Executive Officer of Allegiance Health Management Services, the company that owns the hospital.

Allegiance CEO Rock Bordelon said Ruston needs a new facility, as the current building was first built in the early 60s.

“We already have land we’ve identified and we’re working on purchasing it toward that end,” he said. “It’s our goal, in the next four to five years, to build a brand new replacement hospital. We’re going to be buying roughly 36 acres of property to be able to accommodate the new hospital and two new medical office buildings that would be attached to the hospital,” he added.

Allegiance Executive VP Scott Prouty also spoke about the plans for a new facility.

“We’re talking about a $100 million project for your community. Our goal is to build a new hospital in this town. We’re negotiating a land deal somewhere around Celebrity and Commerce – in that area,” he said.

Asked about the current building located on East Vaughn Avenue, Prouty said that they would like to keep some health care facilities there. He added that some of the property might be donated to the city or the parish, or to Louisiana Tech.

Prouty noted that the original construction was in 1962, and some of it was not up to code.

The revelation came during discussion of an ordinance that would empower the jury to assist Allegiance in securing federal matching funds to be distributed among rural hospitals in Louisiana. Bordelon said about $900 million in total funds would be distributed, of which the Ruston facility could receive about $2 1/2 million/yr.

The jury and the Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office would each get about 5% for acting as the collection agents, Bordelon said.

The jury approved the ordinance with nine votes for and two nays (Cranford, Straughter) and one abstention (Scriber).

The jury’s Personnel and Benefits Committee tabled the appointment of a member to the parish’s library board until the next meeting, saying that some citizens had expressed an interest in serving on the board, but had not yet applied.

The library’s Board of Control had recommended that present board member Augusta Clark be reappointed. That vote was 5 votes for, with four abstentions.

8 Responses to “Northern Louisiana Medical Center Plans to Relocate to North Ruston”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Obviously there’s a problem if 4 of 9 of the board aren’t willing to vote for Clark’s reappointment. And the police jury sees there’s a problem and won’t confirm her.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The police jury is a problem in and of itself.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Does regulatory capture occur in local governments, and is it applicable to any local police juries?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Word is out Clark resigned from the library board. Perhaps the drama at the library is ending.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Have we forgotten the bs the LPPJ has perpetrated in the last two years? Are we still giving them any respect? Especially Pullin, Hunt, Cranford, and Henderson. Let’s vote these jokers out. They do not deserve our respect. Every time they walk through the court house I throw up a little bit in my mouth.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Well, the new hospital collapsed, this time. I believe it is inevitable though. And that it will be north of I-20.

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