Lincoln Hall now Part of Exhibition Center

On a 8-1 vote, the Lincoln Parish Police Jury last night decided that it could run the heretofore privately operated Lincoln Hall, and make money doing it. The plan is for the 8400 square foot meeting hall and kitchen to be run by North Louisiana Exhibition Center personnel.

The jury will pay leaseholder Carl Burton $210 thousand for the remaining 10 years on the existing lease.

Voting for the proposed agreement were: Wyatt, Durrett, Cranford, Scriber, Pullin, Henderson, Melton, and Straughter. Russell voted no.

Hunter, Hunt, and Mayfield were absent.

Parish Administrator Doug Postel said many individuals and organizations called the Expo Center and tried unsuccessfully to rent the venue, as it was run by Burton and his wife.

Said Postel, “She (Expo center director Angela Manning) gets calls on a weekly basis from individuals that would like to use the building for various events.”

He said schools, companies, bingo groups, family reunions, and quilting clubs were examples of who had expressed interest in renting the venue.

Postel said the estimates for revenues and expenses for the operation were “conservative.”

See here the hoped for payout.

Manning said she was willing to book and operate Lincoln Hall.

“If I had the book, I would know what’s going on at the expo and what’s going on out there (the hall), we could actually make it more user friendly,” she said. “I think it would work well together,” she said.

One juror asked about potential maintenance issues, to which Postel said he wasn’t aware of any, and thought the building had been well maintained.

Russell noted that since the lease had but 10 years to run, after which the juror would get the operation for no cost, it wasn’t a good deal.

We asked why no one had encouraged Burton to fulfill his part of the agreement and actually operate the facility, Postel said that his wife had suffered recent illnesses.

In other business, the jury elected Richard Durrett as president, and Milton Melton as vice-president.

25 Responses to “Lincoln Hall now Part of Exhibition Center”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have faith that Mrs Manning can make Lincoln Hall a money maker. She keeps the expo booked! Mr Russell knows that also.

    • Anonymous Says:

      She will do a great job, not the point. Tge police jury had no obligation to bail the lease holders out of the bad deal they created for themselves. Andvthey paid too much; the lease holders havevtried for ueard to dump that lease with no takers; mostly because alcohol cannot be sold at Lincoln Hall

  2. Anonymous Says:

    At least one sensible vote; thanks Mr.Russell

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Surprised Skip decided to go against the majority. He likes to do that.

    • Anonymous Says:

      You know…only vote with the majority. He must have been the first one to vote and nobody discussed it beforehand.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Another bonehead decision by this jury?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Should we list all those bad decisions in the last two years with this “new” jury that everybody thought would make things better? Just more favors. There was a personal connection with someone in this jury to have them make such a poor financial decision. In case no one has noticed, that’s how things are done.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I heard an opinion that Mr. Postel and Mr. Durrett favored this and promoted it to the other jurors.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Burton must go to Postel’s church. That’s how things are done in Ruston.

      • Anonymous Says:

        so durrett is not as squeaky clean as he wants people to believe

        • Anonymous Says:

          Now, now: the jury may take actions U or I disagree with, but it’s not dishonest in my opinion.

          • Anonymous Says:

            wrong there have been a few things coming out of the lppj since the new members took office that show they completely lack a moral compass the way postel was appointed was just one of them

            • Anonymous Says:

              I think about that every time I see him walk through the metal detectors. He shouldn’t be here.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Really easy to spend. Other people’s money. Why would you pay $25.00 per sq ft for a building this old and without warranty of any kind?

    • Anonymous Says:

      The police jury already owned the physical building; it was built on PJ land by the Burtons at their cost and donated to the Jury in exchange for a 30 year lease during which they were to operate and maintain the facility. For whatever reason, the Burtons have sought for several years to end their arrangement early without success. The Jury was approached by them several years ago and the remainder of the lease was offered to the Jury but no Juror seemed interested so the matter was dropped. What’s different now is … Mr. Postel. Maybe he talked them into it; I have no inside knowledge.
      I have no doubt it can be operated better by the Jury and that Angela Manning will do a great job; that is really not the question. My interest is in keeping government as small as possible; tgrift of operation, and ultimately keeping government out of poeple’s business and leaving people alone. Big government is always intrusive and a threat to individual liberty.

      • Anonymous Says:

        The Swedes, Finns, and Norwegians love their big government. They’re the happiest people on the planet. Universal healthcare, food is not a commodity to buy or sell, but a human right so nobody is hungry. Higher education is a right as well that you don’t have to pay for. 5-6 weeks of vacation time plus government holidays. This country has become a joke to the world and it’s not because of Biden. Or Trump. It’s because of our citizen’s willingness be slaves to capitalism and to put themselves in a position of no power by not taking government officials to task for wrong doing. Wake up sheep.

        • Anonymous Says:

          No sheep here. Have awesome Finnish friends and also totally support Biden. Trumpsters are dying off due to no vaccines. Republicans won’t have voters left.

          • Anonymous Says:

            You get?

          • Anonymous Says:

            In Finland you will be prosecuted for posting Christian verses on social media. Finland have never witnessed freedom as the USA Has

            • Anonymous Says:

              Finland and Iceland are woke. That’s a good thing. They don’t allow people who think they’re GOD to run things. They took their government to task when we in the US accepted the notion that “they’re not one of us so we don’t take care of them”.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I would not give him the respect of calling him Mr. at all. He doesn’t deserve it.

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