Police Jury approves Capital Plan for Roads and Bridges

Four parish road bridges are scheduled to be replaced in 2022, according to the capital plan that was approved by the Lincoln Parish Police Jury at last night’s meeting.

Two bridges on Mondy Rd in the southwest part of the parish will be replaced, a bridge on Mitchell Rd. north of Simsboro also, and a bridge on Shady Grove Rd southwest of Simsboro will be replaced with two 10 foot rail tank car culverts.

Parish Administrator Doug Postel noted that the two bridges on Mondy Rd will be done simultaneously to save costs.

“We’re doing those at the same time because there’s a considerable cost savings,” he said.

See here the complete plan.

Several budgets received final approval including:

Road Superintendent Jerry Doss reported that right-of-way mowing had been completed for the year, and that next month the mowing crews will begin trimming tree limbs along parish roads.


31 Responses to “Police Jury approves Capital Plan for Roads and Bridges”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Those ladies at the HELP agency are a waste of taxpayer dollars. Please make good hiring choices.

  2. HB Says:

    We hear the Amazon driver stuck on the tracks stopped by the LPPJ meeting to ask for directions to Hyde’s house…..weird 🤔

    • Anonymous Says:

      And yet to me Hyde doesn’t seem to be as sketchy as the entire pj and its administration…weird.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Are you Hyde’s gf?

        • Anonymous Says:

          Just someone who has been watching this pj closely since the last election. Hyde’s a symptom. Not the problem.

        • HB Says:

          It’s Hyde’s gf/wife, who else would defend that clown

          • Anonymous Says:

            That’s most certainly it. But which one? First wife? Second? Girlfriend #?

          • Anonymous Says:

            Not defending Hyde, and I also want to know where that furniture/those supplies went. But I don’t think we’ll ever know.

          • Lindsie Hyde Says:

            This is Hyde’s wife. If he is such a clown, why are you waisting so much time trying to run his name in the ground? My last comment got deleted but we know who you are. We know that you also play fantasy football under the name you use on here. Get over whatever issue you have with my husband. Spend time with your family. It is the holidays! Be happy. Quit commenting as my husband and about my husband. A lot of the people in this town know he is a good man. I’m sorry you do not think so or have some sort of underlying problem with him. If you want to talk about it, I’m sure you have his number. Confront him. Get over your issues with him. It is only making you look like a fool. You are most likely commenting to yourself under anonymous. You are wasting your time. I will pray for you.

            • Anonymous Says:

              When did you marry?

            • Anonymous Says:

              Girl, don’t let these people bait you. A lot of people out here have been watching this police jury for the last couple of years. I suspect a lot of them will be replaced in the next election. I also suspect the man that is so obsessed with your husband is a juror who is trying to take the focus off of the jury, its administration, and their lack of honesty and competence.

  3. HêíšeñbürG Says:

    Walt, you trying to block us from commenting? Our feelings are hurt. The people want to know the truth on what’s happening in Lincoln parish. We would’ve figured a lib like you would be all for freedom of speech….guess not

    • hęìsênbg Says:

      Just so everyone on this hokey forum is aware, Walt is trying to block us from commenting on his articles. Which is weird bc we get the most comments and likes which brings traffic here.

      Walt, if we promise to stop calling you out personally will you stop trying to block our comments?

      • HeéberG Says:

        Walt, don’t tell us Hyde got to you, unlike those Amazon trucks filled with LPPJ property that couldn’t bc of the RR tracks. You’re bigger than that buddy

  4. Hhbbeerrgg Says:

    Just put us in timeout for a week, we promise we’ll do better Walt

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Walters gonna have a fit when he wakes up tomorrow

  6. h ë Weinberg Says:

    Not sure but we’re thinking Walt is making up about 90% of the comments on this site. Good grief Walt, that’s pretty desperate to comment on your own stories. Now it appears it makes sense why there are no comments after we called you out. Pathetic

    • heeIisenbbeeg! Says:

      We’re done with this bullshit site. Walt is the only one commenting. You and Hyde have fun with each other because we’re only interested in serious news. We’re out

      • Anonymous Says:

        I’m neither Walt nor Hyde nor Hyde’s g/f nor Hyde’s wife nor Hyde’s dad, mom, sister, brother, great uncle, 2nd cousin twice removed, etc.; however, I am overjoyed that Hindenburg and his cronies have given up their stupid, degrading, and unnecessary diatribes against everyone that Walt writes an article about. Keep up the good work, Walt!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Lincoln Parish is messed up on a level not seen since The Inquisition.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Because everything is about what church you attend or if you even attend a church. Make no mistake. That’s how hiring decisions at the local government are made. Illegal and unconstitutional, but nobody has to know if you talk about it outside parish work time.

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