Tarbutton Truck Traffic Causing Issues @ KCSRR Crossing

Truck traffic off Interstate 20 via the Tarbutton Road exit onto Louisiana Highway 818 is causing issues at the Kansas City Railroad grade crossing near the old Diamond Industries plant, last night’s Ruston City Council meeting was told by Ward Five Alderman Bruce Seigmund.

The problem is that eighteen wheeler trucks with low ground clearance sometimes get high-centered on the crossing, and literally are stuck blocking the rail tracks. Trucks are apparently using that route more frequently since the completion of the Tarbutton exit, likely trying to bypass the congestion of downtown Ruston.

Said Seigmund, “This is a serious issue. If this continues to happen, there will be a bad train wreck right there.”

The resolution would prohibit truck traffic southbound only on hwy 818.

An ordinance was unanimously adopted that would re-institute parking time limits in downtown Ruston, and provide for enforcement.

Mayor Ronny Walker said enforcment would begin on January 1, and would be accomplished by employees that are not Ruston Police Department employees.

Also adopted was an ordinance that would lease or sell property on McDonald Avenue that formerly was the site of the old city electrical generating plant to a Texarkana, TX business.

The prospective business is GSE, LLC, and markets sunflower seeds and popcorn.

6 Responses to “Tarbutton Truck Traffic Causing Issues @ KCSRR Crossing”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Finally Ruston has a bypass loop!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Did any of you click the link for GSE in the paragraph below this fascinating story about the trucks bypassing downtown. What are your thoughts and opinions about a Police Jury member negotiating a property deal with the city?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The problem at the RR tracks has existed for decades. I recall trucks hanging up there 40 years ago.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    What’s really funny about all these comments on this blog on any article is that people are prepared to skewer the peons—but when something comes up like the Cranford thing people are silent. No one is calling that out. Is it because he’s an elected position as juror with an aura of perceived power? I have no clue. But until the public cares enough to ferret out the real problems with this local government, they deserve exactly what they get. Peace out.

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