Detention Center Budgets Introduced

Amended 2021 and proposed 2022 budgets were last Thursday introduced to the parish jail’s governing committee, the Lincoln Parish Detention Center Commission. That body is charged with overseeing the facility’s budget and operation. It is composed of two police jurors, the sheriff, the district attorney, and Ruston’s police chief.

Expenditures are predicted to increase almost $100 thousand, from $4.86 million in 2021 to $4.94 million in 2022.

Revenues are projected to decline from 2021’s $4.47 million to $4.38 million in 2022.

Warden Jim Tuten said that for 2021 the food costs increased.

“Our food costs are going up. It’s hard to lock in pricing on food. We anticipate that it will continue to go up,” he said.

Police Jury President Richard Durrett asked about the significant increase in personnel retirement costs, and Tuten said that the jail budget assumed all of those costs for 2021, part of which had formerly been paid by the sheriff’s office.

Tuten told the group that he plans to retire at the end of this year and that Assistant Warden J. D. Driskill will be taking his place.

Driskell said that the estimated fund balance at the beginning of 2022 should be $1.96 million.

A December 15 meeting and public hearing is set to finally adopt the budget. No one from the DA’s office was at last week’s meeting, nor the previous 9/30/21 meeting.

19 Responses to “Detention Center Budgets Introduced”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jim Tuten = Good man. Sorry to see him go.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    40% of cops are domestic abusers which is 4 times the rate of domestic abuse in the general population. Domestic abuse is the single greatest predictor of general gun violence. Do. The. Math.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Unverified claim with no citations.

      “It’s what I say it is!”

    • Heisenberg Says:

      Ok Joy Reid, show proof that 40% of cops are abusers. We haven’t heard this much fake news since President Trump got robbed out of office.

      • Heisenberg Says:

        Let’s try again. Walt, quit putting fake comments about 40% of cops being domestic abusers on your hokey website just to get comments. You may need a policeman one day, probably sooner than later..

    • Anonymous Says:

      More garbage.

      • Heisenberg Says:

        Then if this ain’t you Walt, you need stop letting folks put this garbage on your garbage forum. Just say no Walt, and let’s all be the cheerleaders for the police

        • Heisenberg Says:

          Just think how many cops are possibly reading this website (none). But they see you letting an AOC comment like that get thru. Don’t drink and drive Walt

      • Heisenberg Says:

        No garbage here Walt. Lets talk more about Hyde stealing parish property. No more police bashing

  3. Heisenberg Says:

    Walt, word of advice. You’d get more comments posting about your boy Hyde having LPPJ property shipped to his house than this garbage. Leave the cops alone

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Heisenberg is like those old gossipy ladies everyone knows at church: Their lives are over so they have to be in everybody else’s business.

  5. Rick Godley Says:

    To the Anonymous one who has the ‘courage and conviction’ to throw out the 40% figure of domestic abuse ‘fact’ smear, wouldn’t that make you complicit? Own it and help the abused out.

    • Heisenberg Says:

      Yeah Walt, own it. And if you didn’t post that bs about the police then shame on you for letting that post stay on your pathetic forum

    • Anonymous Says:

      Apparently not a smear. Just the facts.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I’ll help him out. Here are two original studies:

    Click to access ED338997.pdf

    Click to access 5528df2d5b5c33cfeaa930146cfe20ccb5cad0cd.pdf

    Here is some commentary that references those studies:

  7. Anonymous Says:

    He said google it so I did. I found the studies that were presented in a congressional hearing where this was brought to light in the ‘90s. Has it changed as the authorities became more aware? Who knows?

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