Lincoln Parish Police Jury Tuesday

The Lincoln Parish Police Jury will meet Tuesday, October 12, Lincoln Parish Library Events Center, 910 North Trenton. Here are the agendas:

Insurance Committee, 5:45 PM – agenda

Public Works Committee, 6:00 PM – agenda

Personnel/Benefits Committee, 6:15 PM – agenda

Finance Committee, 6:30 PM – agenda

Police Jury, 7:00 PM – agenda

15 Responses to “Lincoln Parish Police Jury Tuesday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I see nothing about audits here. Is that because when they publish those, Hyde will not be the bad guy? Someone else will have to own up? Come on leaders. I mean public servants. Where are those audits? About 4 months late. Weren’t those supposed to be complete by the end of June?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Just the opposite. Be patient. Not time to release yet.

      • Anonymous Says:

        What are you doing to them before you release them? Attempting to spin as much as possible? To distract everybody from the truth?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You boys just be patient…..

  3. Heisenberg Says:

    Easy mr Hyde at 3:51 pm. You sure have a lot of free time to be able to post on this hokey platform. That marshal up there must have left the office to take a break from keeping an eye on you. Anyway, I’m sure Walt will be posting a link to that audit report as soon as it’s available. Hope he gives us all page numbers to reference as well

  4. Augusta Duffer Says:

    The audit report has to be reviewed by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor before it can be made public and issued. No other agency has control of this. From my experience they typically issue on Wednesdays.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Leftwing democrats always accuse others of what they are doing.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    All I’m gonna say is that nobody trashes your name harder than somebody who knows you’re gonna tell the truth.


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