School Board Meets Tonight

The Lincoln Parish School Board will meet tonight (Tuesday, October 5), 6:00 PM, Lincoln Parish S. T. E. M. Center, 525 Tarbutton Road.

Here is the agenda.

15 Responses to “School Board Meets Tonight”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The amateur propagandists in this town/parish want you to focus your attention on anything that is not evidence of their failing you. Your police jury has been involved in some pretty shady sh**. They are doing everything in their power to take your attention off of it. Anything. News that does not focus on them is a boon to them. Because it takes the focus off of them. Demand better.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Are you Hyde?

    • Heisenberg Says:

      And Hyde makes an appearance! Seems you’d rather lie low knowing that audit report is about to drop….word on the street is things aren’t going to bode well for you….

      • Anonymous Says:

        And posting at 9:06 am, mr Hyde, shouldn’t you be busy working trying to scheme up ways to defraud the Marshals office or you taking a break? Im sure that will be in his audit report next year

      • Anonymous Says:

        I hope they reveal lots and all his secrets

      • Anonymous Says:

        Not Hyde genius.

        • Anonymous Says:

          Do you really think that anyone who calls out the pj is someone they are trying to destroy? No bae. Just a concerned citizen. Trying to hold elected officials accountable. Seems nobody else will.

          • Heisenberg Says:

            We think anyone who would call the police jury out on a school board story call themselves out every time mr Hyde. And use less comments like bae, those Lincoln parish folks don’t take kindly to woke folks taking their money

      • Anonymous Says:

        You getting that information from your pj friends? Who no one trusts ?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hyde and watch

  3. Sticky fingers Says:

    Tik tok mr Hyde…

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