City Council Approves Downtown Project

At last night’s meeting of the Ruston City Council approval was granted to move forward on Phase 6 of the ongoing Downtown Revitalization Project. This part will involve about seven blocks along and either side of Trenton Street south from West Alabama to Georgia Avenue.

The work will involve sidewalk and parking construction, burial of utilities, street lighting, and plantings.

Public Works Utilities Manager Andrew Halbrook said that Amethyst Construction of West Monroe was the low bidder. He also said that construction would begin after the first of the year, and would take about 20 months.

Another project about to begin is the second phase of obstruction removal at the Ruston Regional Airport.

Public Works Director John Freeman said this part of the project would acquire the grants from the Department of Transportation, and allow the city to obtain permission from the property owner for tree removal.

The council approved a subdivision on the I-20 North Service Road that will result in a new restaurant between Whataburger and Don Chuey.

Panda Express is a fast food chain with a Chinese menu, and has about 2,200 location across the US.

11 Responses to “City Council Approves Downtown Project”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh wow. Lincoln Builder didn’t win.

    • Anonymous Says:

      James. Graham. Hunt. Davison. Do you really think any members of those families have your best interests in mind? If so you are delusional. They follow federal rules insomuch as it allows their businesses to make a profit without actually giving the people who do the real jobs any credit. Wake up sheep. You’re so focused on things that do not serve your best individual interests but the interests of the company? And it’s attached to a name?!?!

      • Anonymous Says:

        You are delusional and typical conspiracy theorist mad at the world and all the people who have been successful. If it were up to you everyone would be handed an equal stipend of 50k a year and we all just go along happy. I, in fact, work for one of the above mentioned families and you don’t know half of what these people do for our community. Without the names individuals above there would not be a Ruston as we know it. Period.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Lincoln Builders is not a utility/road contractor, they are a commercial contractor so they did not bid on this.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Amethyst has been around Ruston a long time.

  3. Anonymous Says:

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’m so confused about the Panda Express comment at the end. What does that have to do with anything else about the article?

    • Anonymous Says:

      The city council approved a zoning matter so Panda Express could built next to Whataburger.

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