Jury Finance Committee Reviews Budget Requests

Last night the Lincoln Parish Police Jury Finance Committee voted to review and consider 2022 budget requests from the several area agencies that depend partly on jury general fund monies for their operation.

See here the request letters.

Most agencies did not address the committee, but the three Third Judicial District (Lincoln, Union Parishes) were there and did speak to the committee. Among their requests were COLA raises for court reporters, renovations for the courtroom balcony, and a share of American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 monies.

Division B Judge Tommy Rogers said that in light of recent court decisions, court funding from fines and court costs will probably decline in the future.

Said Rogers, “Recent federal and state appellate decisions have indicated that its going to be increasingly hard to help fund the court system in Louisiana with fines and court costs. And that is a huge chunk of our budget, the money that we get from the criminal court fund.”

One decision that appears to be pertinent is a 2019 case in the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, Cain, et al Vs Orleans Parish District Court.

The plaintiffs in that case alleged that the Judges’ practices in collecting criminal fines and fees violated the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment partly because the defendants ability to pay was not taken into consideration.

The Fifth also cited pertinent cases that examined the ways in which judges have an institutional interest in their judicial expense fund. It observed that the fines and fees revenue goes into that fund, over which the judges exercise total control.

In other words, the courts have a direct pecuniary interest in how much is collected in fines and court costs.

The full jury convened as Property Assessment Board of Review and unanimously voted to uphold Tax Assessor Billy McBride concerning a challenge from Regency Interstate Gas, LLC.

They also certified the assessment list to the Louisiana State Tax Commission.

During the reports, Parish Administrator Doug Postel briefly mentioned the upcoming November 13 library tax election and the narrow window available to certify the results before tax bills are sent to parish property owners.

Said Postel, “The library millage election that was originally to be held in October – statewide elections were moved by the Governor because of Hurricane Ida. That election will be now held on November 13. We have been working closely with Mr. McBride and the Sheriff on the timing of that election, making sure that we can get the votes canvassed and get the tax bills out. We will have a joint press release announcement about how that will unfold in the coming days.”

19 Responses to “Jury Finance Committee Reviews Budget Requests”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hope the Ruston city Marshall has a budget line item for public funds shrinkage because he’s gonna need it given who his bookkeeper is

  2. Anonymous Says:

    When is the 2021 property tax certified? Before or after the nov election?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Tax payer watch your back when ” The Nut” McBride and ” the worm” Williams get together.

    • Anonymous Says:

      How can they screw that situation up anymore than the library board and the pj already have? All they do is execute the plan.

    • LPMC Says:

      Dear LPPJ and its office employees,

      Trust the citizens of this parish when they say, “We will give this statement the acknowledgement it deserves.” This amateur propaganda to undermine the good names of the elected officials we actually trust should be beneath you but apparently isn’t. Get your own house in order and then maybe you can throw stones.

      Wait. No. Not even then.


      Lincoln Parish Moral Compass

  4. Anonymous Says:

    After Postel asks “Who are we going to blame for making this late.” Then the sheriff will have to do a pre-emptive article in the RDL—just like this past year—to ensure Postel doesn’t attempt to pass the blame onto the sheriff or the assessor.

    That is how our parish government works right now.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Something sketchy going on at the old sink factory…

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Once property taxes has been certified, which has already happened, it is against the law to change after the certification date.

  7. Heisenberg and lots of friends Says:

    Tic tok mr hyde, times almost up….9/30 and we all will know what happened in 2020….that is if Walt or RDL do their job. Doesn’t matter, we’ll post the link to the LLA website when it’s official

    • Heisenberg and lots and lots of friends Says:

      We haven’t seen a 2020 audit report yet so we assume one is on the horizon…tic tok

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