Ruston Board of Aldermen Monday

Ruston’s Board of Aldermen will meet Monday, September 13, 2021, 5:30 PM, Ruston City Hall, 401 North Trenton Street.

Here is the agenda.

26 Responses to “Ruston Board of Aldermen Monday”

  1. Heisenberg Says:

    We know Chris Hyde is thankful another monthly story dropped from Walt so we’d stop talking about him and his vices

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The real story always comes out eventually. I just hope Hydes parents are ok when it does. They’re good folks

    • Heisenberg Says:

      We’re not gonna let the Hyde story go away until you folks up there make him go away. That Ruston Marshall sure is hard headed…..hope he’s got hold of the cash lockbox key

      • Anonymous Says:

        Hard-headed or has an epic bullshit detector? I bet that bs alarm of his goes off every time you’re near him. Up there in Lincoln Parish, down there in lincoln Parish, whatever. get your story straight. if you’re going to lie about who you are in an attempt to ruin someone’s reputation at least keep the lie consistent so you don’t look like the idiot you accuse everyone else of being. If your not in Lincoln parish why do you care anyway? We know.

    • Anonymous Says:

      if that story comes from the mouth of anyone associated with the pj don’t believe a word of it

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t believe the Hyde issue is still ongoing. The truth of the matter is simple. Hyde, caring about his position as Treasurer, wanted to set the third floor back on the right path so to speak. He had many innovative plans that ultimately fell on apathetic minds. So he chose to do what most people would do, resign and eventually work for an employer where he can make an appreciable difference.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Are you blind? He’s too young, too entitled and too inexperienced to handle such a large task. His ego got in the way and he demanded more money. Out the door son.

      • Concerned Citizen Says:

        I hope Klepzig has a backup plan for the time when the backstabbing reaches him too. Seems to be a good guy but it’s gonna happen. As soon as that office has to take the blame for something that goes wrong there will have to be a fall guy. Mark my words.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Put some names to where the comments come from or shut up you cowards.

  5. Heisenberg Says:

    No idea who the person is posting at 12:01 today but have a pretty good idea. That has to be the most nonsensical thing ever posted on this hokey forum. Isn’t there some legislative auditor report coming out soon? Even with all Walt’s faults, he stays on top of that sort of thing. How bout we reserve judgement on mr Hyde until that report comes out

  6. Heisenberg Says:

    “Innovative plans”….we’re sure those plans didn’t include helping yourself to the cash box when no one was looking

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Where’d everybody go? Surprised the Hyde comment scared everyone off

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hate to see the city sell the Federal Building. To be considered at the meeting tonight. Will be the first time in 100 years the property will be privately owned if sale is approved. Who knows what might happen then. Seen too many historic buildings sold off and either neglected or destroyed.

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