School Board Meets Tomorrow

The Lincoln Parish School Board will meet tomorrow (Tuesday, September 7), 6:00 PM, at the Lincoln Parish S. T. E. M. Center, 525 Tarbutton Road. Prior the the full board meeting, the Finance Committee will meet at 5:00 PM, at the same location.

Here are the agendas.

34 Responses to “School Board Meets Tomorrow”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Where is Heisenburger to tell us what to think?

    • Heisenberg Says:

      If Walt would put out some news, we might comment on it. But that newspaper up there the Ruston leader always seems to beat Walt to the story. Maybe he can get some news on how bad his boy Hyde is screwing up the marshals office

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Walter’s slacking. Lot going on in this town and he’s posting about once a month.

  3. Heisenberg Says:

    We are curious, if Hyde’s dad has such a great tax practice, why wouldn’t his son join?

    Instead, he chose employment where there is access to cash. West monroe, LPPJ, Ruston marshal…. Sounds like there are vices at play. But what do us dumb rednecks down here in south LA know? We’re still recovering from the hurricane while Hyde stumbles along

    • Anonymous Says:

      What’s the hang up with Hyde? Obviously the members of the pj and its administration don’t have the moral or social capital to persuade the actual decent people in Lincoln Parish government to believe what comes from their offices. I can’t believe you of all people are taking what they say at face value. Unless…you’re one of them and/or share their agenda and lack of morals.

      Can’t wait for the next election.

    • Anonymous Says:

      We agree. Seems sketchy . Wouldn’t he take over his dads office someday? Isn’t he a silver spoon child?

      • Anonymous Says:

        DAMN!!! Hyde’s got himself some fanboys!! 🤣🤣🤣. You go Chris.

      • Anonymous Says:

        No he’s ex-military covered in tattoos with a mouth like the sailor he was. That’s probably why they felt the need to get rid of him not all the other lies. no silver spoons there

        • Anonymous Says:

          And wasn’t he nvolved in some less than stellar?

          • Anonymous Says:

            Who knows. They want you to believe that anyway.

            • Anonymous Says:

              His dads firm is Hyde & Hyde. So is he one of them? But also working for Curtis?

            • Anonymous Says:

              I trust no words coming from any member of the pj or their administration. If they’re accusing Hyde of doing something they’re trying to cover up who the real culprit is. If he did indeed do something illegal they would have pressed charges. Hyde bailed for good reason. Just like the other four or five treasurers before him. That’s what everyone really should be concerned about. Why do they all leave? And don’t give me the “youngun” answer. Its a straw man argument. Give the Hyde thing a rest. Focus on the root of the problem.

              Curtis is no fool. But every member of the pj along with most everyone on the 3rd floor of the courthouse is.

  4. Heisenberg Says:

    Well Mr Hyde, you say everyone on the third floor of the courthouse is a fool, but you’re trying to play Walt’s readers as fools. Although this is the most hokey forum on the internet, you can’t expect us to believe there is anyone on it that would defend you, other than your mother….
    We have a feeling you quitting LPPJ in disgrace isn’t quite the end of your story

    Oh, and nice touch by throwing in the fanboy comment, we’d never guess who posted that one

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hyde didn’t say anything about fools. Your deductive reasoning skills need work. I don’t even know Hyde. But I grew up with Curtis. And I’ve known Postel a long time. I would trust Curtis’s decisions before Postel’s or any member of the pj any day.

      So you’re not a brilliant thinker like the physicist Werner Heisenberg, you’re the mediocre Walter White Heisenberg who turned out to be a meth dealer. You and your pj are peddling some pretty nasty sh**.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The fanboy comment wasn’t hyde. you’re batting about a zero.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I fail to see the connection to the school board meeting and the above comments.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Right, like you tuned in for the school board story Hyde

    • Anonymous Says:

      This police jury has made a lot of people angry with their shenanigans in the last year and a half. They’re hoping people will forget before the next election. We won’t. Hyde was not the problem. Hyde was a symptom of a dysfunctional organization that nobody seems to be able to fix. Those of you bashing Hyde instead of those responsible for the real problems are not helping the situation. You’re perpetuating the problem.

  6. Heisenberg Says:

    Cash and vices, they get to some folks every time. Hope the Marshall has a lock on the cash box

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