Police Jury Revamps Job Descriptions

Most of last night’s meeting of the Lincoln Parish Police involved the Personnel/Benefits Committee hearing a report from Personnel Director LaTonya Lacey. She reviewed changes in job descriptions and classifications.

Lacy referred to a draft job description document and noted that strike-throughs were deletions of positions or duties, and highlights indicated additions.

For example, Lacy noted that the classification of ‘secretary’ were all changed to ‘administrative assistant.’

“Instead of secretary we’ll now say administrative assistant,” she said.

At the end of the report a budget projection was included to show 2021 wages and benefits, and the projected 2022 wage/benefit costs. It was said that the total number of employees won’t change.

During the full jury meeting, District Six juror Glen Scriber said that the archery range at the Lincoln Parish Park would be ready for use in early September.

Said Scriber, “We will meet that date. On August the 21st we have a group of people to cut all the lanes where the targets will be. The next week we will actually set the targets.”

“This thing is about to become a reality,” he added.

There was discussion about a formal ribbon-cutting later in the fall when cooler weather arrives.

Also, the jury heard the monthly financial report from Laura Hartt.

22 Responses to “Police Jury Revamps Job Descriptions”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Badass Lacy. You know you are girl. Total respect for dealing with Jeri Lynn and Postel and being a total professional throughout the process.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Why is Scriber talking about archery and not what the citizens are actually concerned about? Fix the problems with the trash stuff already. I know I don’t care about archery but I DO care about making sure trash is taken care of. They’re depending on volunteers (slave labor) for the archery course. What are they doing about the trash site situation??

    • Anonymous Says:

      Scriber is on the Park Committee & simply reported what the park staff is doing. it’s called communication, keeping the citizens informed. Has nothing to do with addressing trash which is an entirely different department.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Will they keep the citizens informed about all the trash that happens behind the scenes? No. They have not been forthcoming about a lot of things. Are they public servants? Do they have the hearts of true servants that Jesus would have approved of? This entire jury has a lot to answer for. I know I won’t be voting for Matt Pullin again.

      • Anonymous Says:

        It’s called not measuring up. Run on a platform. And follow-through.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So we got a archery range so now we need a rifle range

    • Anonymous Says:

      My police chief brother once said “why do you think WE won and not the Indians? “. His answer? Because we had the guns . The bows and arrows didn’t cut it.

  4. Heisenberg Says:

    Dang Walt, your minions got bored with this story quick. Try lifting another story from the Ruston leader or Monroe news star…..

    Ouachita citizen could show you how to write a story if you need some help. We understand that mask might be fogging up your glasses, so we understand why it’s not easy to write your own story…

    • Anonymous Says:

      Dang Heisenberg your minions can’t keep you in office very much longer.

      • Heisenberg Says:

        Now Walt, you got to have a better come back than that 🙄. You folks up there in LP are hilarious

        • Anonymous Says:

          Maybe. But my hope is they’re smarter than you think they are. And will show you soon. And I’m not Walt.

  5. Heisenberg Says:

    Ah an English major….we knew this might not be Walt because he couldn’t possibly be up this late. He’s got to wash his masks

    Go to bed my friend, Postel has this under control

    • Anonymous Says:

      I move to your town/county/parish/whatever find a church and try to be civically engaged then find out all these things that our public servants should be ashamed of but are not because they have this idea in their heads that they are leaders and do not answer to anyone. You are not leaders. You are servants. And you are not even good at that. Get off the high horse.

      • Captain Underpants Says:

        People ought to tend to their own business and be responsible for themselves and theirs.
        They expect government to take care of them
        And fix their problems. Things they won’t do for themselves.
        Guess what? Government is people, with all that implies.
        “That government is best, that governs least”

        • Anonymous Says:


        • Phil Says:

          Sounds like Rand objectivism: so tell me. The people who get an ago trip thinking they’re our leaders in Lincoln Parish. Are they first-handers, second-handers, or part of the completely incompetent class?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Names of those PJ members who voted down a roll back of property taxes.

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