Burns: LSP Brass’ Phones “Sanitized”, Evidence Destroyed

From our friend Robert Burns at Sound Off Louisiana

Mike Noel, Gov. Edwards’ hand-picked Gaming Control Board Chairman and former Chief of Staff under former LSP Col. Kevin Reeves, abruptly resigned mere hours before facing a Louisiana Senate confirmation hearing.

We’re going to elaborate some on this one.  The night before the confirmation hearing, which was scheduled for 9:00 a.m. yesterday (Wednesday, June 9, 2021), we received multiple requests for any evidence we had that former Lt. Col. Noel’s phone had been sanitized prior to his departure.  We complied with the request shortly before 9 p.m. on Tuesday, June 8, 2021 by providing the requesting parties with this January 5, 2021 email from LSP Legal Counsel Faye Morrison in which she clearly states in writing that the phone was sanitized.

Let’s just say the requesting parties were stunned beyond words that LSP (via its legal counsel) readily confirmed that Noel’s phone was “sanitized” as he departed for the Gaming Control Board.  We were informed Gov. Edwards became actively involved late on the evening of Tuesday, June 8, 2021 immediately after we provided the above email to the requesting parties.  The next thing we heard (via another media outlet) was that Gov. Edwards’ office indicated that Noel opted to resign rather than face what had been described as an intense grilling over the Ronald Greene incident and any role he may have played in the coverup of same.

Also, while we cannot substantiate this assertion made to us, we have been told that former LSP Col. Kevin Reeves’ LSP-issued phone was also allegedly sanitized around June of 2020 during the same timeframe that Noel’s phone was sanitized.  That sanitizing was allegedly performed notwithstanding that, unlike Noel who departed at the time of the sanitizing, Reeves hung around for another three or four months.

Also, we’ve been told by one source that there is no such “LSP policy” on phone sanitization.  We were perplexed at the revelation that there was because the contents of that phone constitute public record.  Hence, if they can be sanitized so readily, it would seem LSP has carte blanche authority to destroy public records at its whim.

Is there a District Attorney in the State of Louisiana, or for that matter an Attorney General that has the spine to put a stop to this?

Anyone ever wonder why we don’t have news accounts of Organized Crime activity any more? It’s because Government, at all levels, has adopted the Mafia’s business model and the Mob just cannot compete.

39 Responses to “Burns: LSP Brass’ Phones “Sanitized”, Evidence Destroyed”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Louisiana is a crooked state and Lincoln parish is a crooked parish run by corrupt rich politicians,

    • Anonymous Says:

      In Lincoln Parish many of our elected officials are not “wealthy” per se, but are controlled in the background by those that are. Favors for favors you know? That situation last summer was a prime example of that.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What happened last summer?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Could a forensics person recover any of the sanitized records from the phone?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Another red herring. Governmental agencies typically sanitize phones and reissue them to other employees. There’s nothing removed from the phones that can’t be acquired through service provider records, which remain public records. Making a big deal out of nothing.

    • Robert Burns Says:

      Then why didn’t they retrieve the records and fulfill the public records request rather than using the sanitized phone as an excuse not to fulfill the public records request he made?

      • Anonymous Says:

        Lots of loopholes. They are not going to bend over backwards. Ask for what’s on the phone and nothing’s there, they have complied by responding ‘nothing there.’ Have to specifically ask for the documents.

        • Robert Burns Says:

          Did you even click on the link and read the response to my PRR? It might help you even though you seem prone to making “shoot from the hip” commentary with little regard for any facts the matter. I DID ask for the texts and not the contents of anyone’s phone!

          Who is the custodian of LSP’s public records? It is LSP, and you know darn well it is LSP! The service providers (phone companies) are NOT the custodian of LSP’s public records! If those texts exist, it is LSP’s responsibility to provide them, and they cannot say, “We deleted them, and they are now housed with the phone company!” The reality is that, if there existed texts responsive to my request (and I feel quite certain they exist as I requested any text with the word “Greene” in it), I am entitled to a $100/day penalty (personal liability of the Custodian of Record) for failing to provide those texts in a timely manner, and phone sanitization is not an excuse. Unlike you who apparently likes to be an arm-chair expert on the matter (without even supplying your name), I consulted with a knowledgeable attorney on the matter who said, “Sanitizing that phone was a blatant destruction of publc records!”

          You are also wrong in stating LSP has no obligation to “bend over backwards,” and judges in 19th JDC have repeatedly said the very words you just quoted in stating that they DO have an obligation to “bend over backwards” to comply with public records requests. It is so stated in Article XII, Section 3 of Louisiana’s Constitution: https://www.legis.la.gov/Legis/Law.aspx?d=206355.

          The biggest reason I am not even making a fuss over it is because LSP has made an already-massive mess even messier by “sanitizing” these phones (and Reeves’ was reportedly sanitized months before he resigned and only approximately a month after Ronald Greene’s Federal lawsuit was filed!).

          The bottom line is that, once a legislator, whom I have declined to name, showed Gov. Edwards that email wherein LSP admitted Noel’s phone was sanitized, Noel lost any support he may have enjoyed from Edwards who may have otherwise tried to fight for his nomination. Call it a red herring if you want, but the proof is in Noel’s sudden resignation with little commentary to accompany that resignation!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The man who runs Lincoln Parish never gets his hands dirty because his lackey does his dirty work as ordered

    • Anonymous Says:

      Parish and city

      • Anonymous Says:

        Here’s some speculation: Is Walker attempting to control what happens at the Parish level because he wants to change Lincoln Parish into the parish form of government that exists in some of the Southern parishes. If that happens, Walker (or whoever is elected) will control not only city finances, but parish finances as well. Whoever is in that role needs to make sure that any bureaucrats in place are loyal to him. Yes men, if you will. Put the pieces together. Ask Postel. He’s the Social Studies teacher.

        Who was the better yes man out of all those candidates last year?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I have discovered Mr. Abbott is not the sharpest tack in the drawer. It appears instead of actually reporting, he wants to created controversy over napolliantic law that our system is based on. Please do your homework and teach your self to the powers invest into law enforcement agecies and that of the DA. You might learn something and stop embarrassing yourself. He has been a good laugh at your ignorance .

    • Anonymous Says:

      So says the person who doesn’t even know how to use basic English grammar, syntax, and spelling.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Agree Abbott is throwing out crap without any real research to see what sticks. His bias is obvious. Simply seeking the truth objectively would be refreshing.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Seeking the truth objectively is not in the wheelhouse of most elected officials or bureaucrats regardless of which level of government they serve.

        What’s wrong with the public having access to records? Because it may implicate someone in power? Ideally the press exists to hold those in power accountable. That can’t happen when records–in whatever form–are destroyed. The public needs to know. That’s what the press is for. Unless you want a Pravda. Get over yourself.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Completely apart for the subject of these messages, I am amused by someone writing “napolliantic” and referring to someone else as embarrassing themselves in the same message.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    When the population is enlightened the powers that be resort to name calling and degrading the messenger of the truth.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Once again, this incident took place in another parish and Lincoln Parish nor the City of Ruston has anything to do with this.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Yes the both parishes are in the Third Judicial District but that is the only thing in common. But that does not make it a Lincoln Parish or city of Ruston matter. Lincoln Parish and Ruston have no jurisdiction in this case at all.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Lincoln parish residents voted overwhelming to elect the DA so anything the DA does reflects on Lincoln Parish.

    • Anonymous Says:

      The DA that serves the 3rd Judicial District. Which includes Union Parish AND Lincoln Parish. LPSO? Not involved. Ruston Poluce Department? Not involved. The Lincoln Parish DA? Involved.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Does LPSO officers have body cams? If not why?

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Why don’t you write about the serious crime problem developing in Ruston?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Why don’t you look a little harder and see the pattern? Law enforcement nationwide— not just in the 3rd judicial district of Louisiana—is becoming militarized and ready to defend themselves against any wayward citizens who dare question them. Greene was black. That’s NOT what caused his death. They would have treated anyone who dared send them on a chase like that the way they treated Greene. Not saying racism/racial profiling isn’t a problem. It is. Everything about the way this happened is wrong. But there’s a much bigger problem here. This pushback by LSP is just a symptom of that much larger problem: “We are the POLICE godammit!” Do what we say or else! You have no right to question us because we are the authorities.”

      It’s a birth of a police state. And it’s happening now. You just gotta see it.

      The police I know—and I know a lot—are great people. Usually. They should be there to help people. Not kill them.

      • Anonymous Says:

        What does this have to do with my comment? I’m referring to the crime increase in Ruston that the media is apparently ignoring. Has nothing to do with Greene.

        • Anonymous Says:

          So you made a comment and expected a response based on something that had nothing to do with the original article?🤣🤣🤣

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Sociality as a whole has become a nightmare. Red,yellow,black,brown and white and all colors in-between are not exempt from the evils of the devil and his angels. The governments on all levels seek to divide, conquer and control every aspect of our lives for benefit of government. The church associations of all dominations have been corrupted by the devil and his angel of the leftwing. Marxist,communist,BLM and Antifi are all anti Christian organizations seeking to overthrow the USA and replace our Christian values with their demonic values. And a great percentage of elected and unelected employees of government agree with these organizations. Church pastors should speak out about the evils of these un-Godly organizations and some do. When government and National church organization condone abortion,same sex marriage,sex change operations,etc, we can expect more divisions and control of our lives by the government. The need to return to our GODLY values is of great importance if we are to survive as a nation under GOD. Please pray for our leaders that they will open their hearts to GOD and commit to doing righteous things.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Despite the fundamentalist Christian attempt to paint the US as a nation UNDER GOD, it most definitely was NOT created that way. The founding fathers attempted to make sure that was NOT the case by separating “the” church and state. They separated religion and government. For a reason.

      Is it because it’s too easy for power hungry individuals to grab power by using the religious sensibilities of truly good people who are faithful and actually believe what the Bible (or Koran, or Talmud) says and try to live their lives they can be proud of? Maybe.

      My almost 60-year experience as a Baptist preacher’s progeny leads me to the conclusion that people use religion/God as a way to show who they are. The good people are still good and they use their religion to help people. And then. There are those that use their religion and their churches to socialize and control those around them. The English monarchy’s past of insisting on the “divine right of kings” is a blazing good example of that.

      The more educated a populace is, the less likely that is to happen. Know your history. Don’t depend on what your preacher says. Charlatans abound. Think for yourself. The founding fathers separated religion and government for a reason. There is no “the” church.” There are many beliefs and churches/religions. Christians–especially around here–just seem to think theirs trumps everything else.

      Neither your comment or mine have ANYTHING to do with the content of this article. Greene’s family is grieving. Bow your head and respect their grieving instead of using it as an excuse to proliferate your own beliefs.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    GOD’s church is his people. It’s not a building nor any denomination.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    People talk about separation of Church and State. To those people, please read the 1st amendment and educate yourself on what it states. England had a established religion ” the Church of England” that’s why the pilgrims left England. No such clause or amendments mention separation of Church and State.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Grow a brain

      • Anonymous Says:

        English common law precepts are not the be all end all of everything. But it can be a start.

        Do your research. Know what you believe. Don’t let anyone else’s argument sway your belief.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Bow your head to a grieving family that has every right to grieve.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Some people continue to believe that laws do not apply to them and continue to do as they please and this thought brings bad results sooner or later.

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